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Package - C.B.L. - 1

By resurgere
— About This Package;
Stock related to *pedroinacio's "Carbon Based Life-forms" series of photographs, we feel very lucky to get to share this with you as stock. So it's your lucky day this is really great / rare stock produced by a skilled hand.

When artists from the other sections of with a skilled eye and profound taste share their work with you as resources we believe it makes a special kind of stock of that has unparalleled value. Not completely utilitarian and perhaps not able to meet as many needs as some very practical stock, but wonderful in the uses it is apt to fill. That's what we think anyhow and we hope you agree and find arty stock like this useful. We are so happy to see the Legion facilitating this sharing process and making stock like this available, we have deep gratitude to all the guests like *pedroinacio or *photocrafter and the others from the art section who are sharing their resources for the first time via this project. [ Also have deep gratitude of course for the hardrocking guests like ^thespook and =Elandria and the others who are already established and skilled resource producers! ]

— Terms of Use!;
This stock is distributed under the Resurgere Stock License. As such, commercial use of this stock item is strictly forbidden, unless you have prior permission from the Resurgere Producer of the stock item. However, you are allowed to use Resurgere stock in your noncommercial projects.

Before using Resurgere stock you should be sure to read the the Resurgere Stock License until you fully understand it, this outlines all the terms of use for this stock. By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from Resurgere, you are accepting to be bound by the Resurgere Stock License.

If you have any questions, please look first to the Resurgere F.A.Q.. If you do not find answers there, then post your question on that page.

— Produced by;
© 2007 - 2021 resurgere
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:wave: thank you very much :love: Temptation by StarsColdNight
Andaelentari's avatar
used here: Enigma thank you! :hug:
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I used your stock here [link].
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I used images from this package here: [link]
Thank you!
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used here. [link]
Thank you.
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Wow. Very interesting!
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I feel lucky indeed to be able to see this.
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[link] thank you very much for the awesome resources... again.

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is it just animals?
Ogun-GodofIron's avatar
I'm sorry, what exactly does this specific stock of images contain?
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As we said it is work related to pedroinacio's CBL series of photos, so the best way to get a preview of what is in it would be to check his gallery [link]
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wow.. no idea whats in it! *DL to find suprises*
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the monkey one looks AWESOME in the preview
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:nod: He is pointing like, "yooooouuu!", it's great :D
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great!! Thank you so much!!!
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