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Package - Beauty - 1

By resurgere
— About This Package;
"The team is excited to deliver this guest package from =AsBeautyDies, in which she shares some of her beaming creativity, photo skills, and beauty with everyone. <3

This is another great example of how artists from the other sections of DA can come into Resources and bring superb content that will really help a lot of other artists and see wide usage :nod: Enjoy."
- `wroth

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Beauty Pkg 1 Preview

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— Terms of Use!;
This stock is distributed under the Resurgere Stock License. As such, commercial use of this stock item is strictly forbidden, unless you have prior permission from the Resurgere Producer of the stock item. However, you are allowed to use Resurgere stock in your noncommercial projects.

Before using Resurgere stock you should be sure to read the the Resurgere Stock License until you fully understand it, this outlines all the terms of use for this stock. By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from Resurgere, you are accepting to be bound by the Resurgere Stock License.

If you have any questions, please look first to the Resurgere F.A.Q.. If you do not find answers there, then post your question on that page.

— Produced by;
© 2008 - 2021 resurgere
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hello I have played with one of photo of this pack - just simple retouch practice [link]

Thank You for these photos!
Alkonybestia's avatar
I've used it here:

Thank you! :aww:
pandjimura's avatar
Hi used your stock Thanks : [link]
pooikies1's avatar
Hi, i used this stock here
I have to say, she is gorgeous!
She reminds me of Lady Gaga. Anyone else agree, or is it just me? :)
koox's avatar
i use this package here
Mep-Art's avatar
Used here : [link]
Thanks a lot for your beautiful stocks :D
haitran1989's avatar
Hi, i used your stock here: [link]
Hope you like it ^^
MissMorticia's avatar
This Package used in [link]

Eleyna1's avatar
THANKS ^_^ used it here [link]
EQDesigns's avatar
Such great stock! Used here: [link]

gaborcsigas's avatar
Thank you - again, for the 1000th time! :nod: - for the quality stock resources you provide us.

I have used an image from this collection for a book cover design practice (not an actual cover, nothing commercial, just practicing), I'd be happy if you checked it out here.

Thanks! :nod:
Jean3071's avatar
I used one off your photos.
LifeWithNoFriends's avatar
Hey! I told you I was going to use it and I did: [link]

Yiehtk's avatar

Used picture for: Story Title Card.
Lhanii's avatar
Lovely. Used it here: [link]

Thanks. :D
msweetamber's avatar
Hello and thanks a lot: Golden Kiss
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