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Brush - Sketch - 1

By resurgere
— About This Package;
"I painted the cover as a speed paint to demonstrate the type of brushes in this package, only used this brushes and it's all done at this scale and on the fly.

Photoshop 8 [CS] or higher, won't work in PS7 or lower.

This is more of an academic set because the sample size is too small for most digi painters, these are brushes I made for my composition sketches and my pre-vector sketches and so on. These are designed for use with a graphics tablet and pen, they will not do any good if you only have a mouse. These are not 'stamping' brushes, but stroking brushes. As you turn and press with the pen the real nature of their use will come to light. My hope is that by studying and using these brushes some of you will get a better understanding of brush design and will be able to use what you learn on your own designs. It would be too much to explain how to use each brush, you will have to figure it out with trial and error. Also see the related art scrap examples below. So good luck.

Also, ^bleedsopretty was the person wanting me to post these out of my scrapbook. So this pkg is dedicated to her since none of you would have got it w/o her saying I should post it, I can speak for myself and the team when I say we all hope she stays strong and her health improves :rose::nod:"
- `wroth

— Related Art;
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— Related Resources;

Making Natural Brushes for by `Duffzilla

— Terms of Use!;
This stock is distributed under the Resurgere Stock License. As such, commercial use of this stock item is strictly forbidden, unless you have prior permission from the Resurgere Producer of the stock item. However, you are allowed to use Resurgere stock in your noncommercial projects.

Before using Resurgere stock you should be sure to read the the Resurgere Stock License until you fully understand it, this outlines all the terms of use for this stock. By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from Resurgere, you are accepting to be bound by the Resurgere Stock License.

If you have any questions, please look first to the Resurgere F.A.Q.. If you do not find answers there, then post your question on that page.

— Produced by;
© 2008 - 2022 resurgere
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Thanks for this :) this is awesome :)
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cant wait to try these lovely brushes out in the near feature
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amazing job on this love it alot
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Used here : [link]
Thank you :love:
darkfool83's avatar
can't wait to get home and try these out :D
i---feel---sick's avatar
I have used these here: [link]

Thank you so much! :dummy:
i---feel---sick's avatar
I used these here: [link]

Thanks a lot! :tighthug:
these are very sketchy ^^
Zola85's avatar
Used Here: [link]

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Ty for this.. thisll be useful..
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great pack
tnx alot
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this is absolutely amazing.
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Thank you very much <3 all credits go to `wroth of course for creating this amazing package :heart:

Public Relations Officer
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thank you! ill definitely use this!!!
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how can i download these brushes ?
I couldn't find the link
Please help me :(
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Hello :hug: Sorry about the very delayed response.

Please load the link again for Brush - Sketch 1, and look to the left side of the image. You should be able to see a little button that says "Download". It is the third option under "Collect" and "Share This / Blog It". A pop up window should appear asking your permission to download a zip file.

If that still does not work, try this direct link to the zip file containing the brushes: [link]

Hope that helps! :heart:

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Oh thank you very much !
It's working :D
resurgere's avatar

Public Relations Officer
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just click the download button to the left of the picture.
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