Face Me

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How do you not see what your doing? Building pain and anger, bubbling just beneath the surface. I don't care who you are anymore, I wouldn't fight if i wasn't so sure. I'm more capable than you believe. I can life my life without so much interference from you. I don't need you so much as you think. Trust. Apparently that word doesn't ring so clear to you. She see's it, why can't you? Don't underestimate me, passion is the thing that drives me, an it's not so easily broken.
You don't know me I guess. If you did you'd know I could handle this. I won't drop it so easy. This fight will rage on, because even as you claim it done, I won't let the topic fall. You don't control me as you thin, and you never will. I'm my own person, I won't fall prey to the sick run of society.
Think it's gone? It'll just swing back around, I'm telling you, I won't let it go. Push me down, you may see me hit the ground, but again I'll stand. I won't be losing.
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