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I figured I'd finish off the year by picking out a few favourite fursuiting tweets. Enjoy, and hope you have a happy 2019!


I realise I haven't posted any official journal updates since Further Confusion in January. Since then, I've been to BLFC, Confuzzled and Anthrocon, and I'll do my best to write up a little summary about that in a few weeks!

In the meantime, Eurofurence 2018 is in just a couple of days and I'm stoked for it! I'll be touching down on Wednesday afternoon.

Like BLFC, this is a new one for me and the there will be a whole new crowd of non-US furries there. If you're going then feel free to poke me on Twitter, Telegram, etc. I'm very approachable and I'd like to find some friends to hang out with!
Hey scalies! It's been over a month since Further Confusion ended, and I have been too lazy to write anything about it until now.

As you may have seen from my tweets at MFF2017, I have 'acquired' some kind of raptor visage, made by the talented Beta Raptor Creations. With a whole 3 days to play around with it at FC, I was sure not to waste any time! Here are some images which link back to the relevant tweets...

Me messing around with Renn's steadycam (video)
Raptor messing with Renn's steadycam at Further Confusion 2018

Me and Niko causing mischief at Bree's paleo panel
Further Confusion 2018 paleo panel

Thorphax shows the raptor who's the boss!
Thorphax leading RestrainedRaptor tied up in public at Further Confusion 2018

Thorphax drags me into a photoshoot. Help!
Thorphax holding RestrainedRaptor on a leash at the Further Confusion 2018 photoshoot

I want to thank Solace and Drakeor for hosting me in their hotel room, since I was originally planning to skip FC due to it being so close to MFF. I'm glad I didn't! Niko Raptor was a bunch of fun too, on the convention floor and at the panel.

And of course, I want to thank Thorphax for the wonderful ropework and putting me through my paces out in public. This was something I've always fantasized about and I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon! Rest assured there will be payback time at BLFC. >:3
Hey scalie lovers! Once again, I'm not posting enough journals and I'm leaving this to the last minute, but I thought you should get an update.

I managed to get a last-minute invite to Midwest Furfest only one month ago. I knew it was always a popular con, but I didn't imagine it outnumbering the attendance of Anthrocon. Crazy! It's also where I ran into this...

Grey raptor fursuit for sale

I've been avoiding the thought of fursuits for a long time, because of several reasons... Intolerance of high temperatures, social skills, maintenance, etc. But I couldn't stop thinking about this one when I saw it on sale at Beta Raptor Creations' table. So...

RestrainedRaptor posing smugly with a wine glass

Previously I've tried a friend's dragon fursuit on (with a cool-vest) and I've also become Raptor Jesus for a bit thanks to Scotty the Minotaur. It was fun getting back into the swing of things with this fellow, and I'm delighted to be heading off to Further Confusion tomorrow to do it all again! This time I'll have 3 days instead of 1 evening, so the possibilities are endless. ^..^

Raptor fursuit packed in a box

Reply here if you're going to be there! If you want to keep track of my whereabouts at the con, I'm going to try a new experimental method via Telegram. At previous cons, I've found keeping in touch with, and sharing media with dozens of people is really difficult. What I intend to do is set up a group that people can join if they want to follow or arrange groups with me. If you want to me in it, leave your Telegram name here or in a PM, or on Twitter.
Edit: Thank you to everyone who helped me, including those who donated just after the run had finished! You got me up to £95 by the end of the day.

I'm aiming to raise roughly £100 for Zoological Society of London to help protect tigers, by doing a charity run with a twist.

I have done this run once before, so I know what's involved. You can support me, or even join me in London on 10th August as a participant or a spectator! (Send me a note if you do!)

Please visit my fundraising page on JustGiving and give whatever you can. I really appreciate it!
All funds raised go straight to the charity, and your donations can be anonymous if you wish.

ZSL London Zoo Streak For Tigers, 10 Aug 2017
ZSL London Zoo is calling on cheeky challengers to get their kits off and join the naked run in support of ZSL's tiger conservation work. Fearless fundraisers are invited to unleash their wild side and prowl as nature intended, after hours, in the heart of ZSL London Zoo in this unique event. 300 streakers will take on a new route for 2017 with the aim of raising over £40,000.

I'd also like to share this latest joint commission with you today. Oh my goodness - Sigma is a dom for once! :D All the characters featured in this piece are in the description.

The Trial by Prince-Petrichor

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Hey scalie fans! Long time, no journal.

Just letting you all know that I'll be heading off to AnthroCon again this year, from 29th June to 4th July. If you want to meet up and say hi, then leave a comment!

With luck, I'll be arranging some pool parties at the DoubleTree hotel, so if you want to be a part of that, let me know too! We have a Telegram group.

Photo of Doubletree pool

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This has become a real ugly discussion in the Furry Naturists chat tonight. A lot of you may know :iconsamareck: Samareck for his cheerful and family-friendly anthro art with a focus on naturism and freedom to express yourself, no matter what you are.

Today, his FurAffinity account was suspended for 3 days because of a supposed violation of the Acceptable Upload Policy (AUP).

"Acceptable Upload Policy: Section 2.12 - Content featuring minors is prohibited when nudity or sexual activity is present. Minors are real or fictional humanoids with a childlike body or younger than 18 years old, and any adolescent animals."
Here is the submission in question:

Mature Content

Samareck's Family by Samareck

While the violation of policy itself could be classified as technically correct, FA's own AUP is at fault here. What this basically amounts to is: any kind of young furry character, not wearing clothes, is instant grounds for a suspension or ban. It implies the naturism, nudism or or just being naked is equivalent to 'sexual content' which we all know NOT to be true! The difference is clear by the context of the scene. This is clearly not 'cub smut' or anywhere near it. The issue isn't with US law either, since sites like InkBunny allow all kinds of nasty things in that respect.

Oh, and did you notice the part about "any adolescent animals"? That technically means if you draw a picture of a puppy, you would fall foul of this rule too, unless you put a pair of pants on it!

We don't know who reported the image, but they are, to pardon my French, a fucking coward. They'd probably try and take down all the cherub sculptures in Italy too under the same argument!

If you want to find him on other websites for the time being, he's on InkBunny, DeviantArt, Tumblr. As John Gilmore would say, "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

In addition, remember that FA has a terrible history for policing users and submissions, as well as security, which is why everyone here should have at least one other account on another website such as DeviantArt, Weasyl and so on. There are tools to help you migrate while keeping in touch with friends, such as the Exodus Helper. Furry Network even has an automated tool to pull all your submissions over.

If you support him, reply here or repost in your own journal. If you know of an effective way to debate the AUP and get staff to listen or explain themselves, please also tell us. If you have questions or points to make about the intent of the AUP or US law regarding pictures of minors, then please feel free to discuss that too, especially if you know how sites like IB manage to skirt around the issue entirely.
I'm not one for writing up huge logs of everything I do on my vacations, so instead, I'll link you to Samareck's FC journal here.

I also urge you to check out his artwork he did for us three! Send that shark guy some love. :heart:

Three Bros by Samareck
Need more social media of the scaly variety? Got Twitter? Well, perhaps follow me! I pledge to post and retweet only the cutest reptiles and the most entertaining things I see each day. No drama and no politics, guaranteed.

Yes, you read that right. The 'geniuses' at Twitter decided that a username can only be up to 15 characters long, and since mine is 16, a letter had to get chopped off somewhere. (Slow clap) Thanks guys.
Part 1 | Part 2

This is getting rather annoying.…


The above F-List character is NOT me. My profile can be found at…

If you see any other characters on this person's profiles that you recognize as a friend of yours, you might want to let them know too.

Please do not harass them. I am providing this info as evidence only, and may take it down if he is reasonable and ceases to impersonate me. I am making an effort to contact them about it, and if that fails, I shall send a report to the F-List staff. My character is verified because of previous issues, so it's just a matter of time, whatever they do.

Thank you to Seraphis who discovered this and brought it to my attention. Us scalies need to stick together and help each other.

Edit: Thankfully, the user decided to heed my advice and deleted the character without any need to report him. However, I also found out that another person had also tried to impersonate my raptor at some point, but has since been banned. Wow... Does this ever end? Probably not.
A friend pointed me to this submission today. An artist is asking their followers if they should tag all their submissions as mature content because they feature, simply put, Pokémon creatures being tied up. As someone who's been through all this before, I'm happy to share my thoughts on this topic.

Let's talk about: Censoring Content by soupcanz

Their description hints at several questions and I thought I would adapt my response to make a general-purpose journal about this, which I can then use in the future to help others.

1. What is the Mature Content Tag? This is the setting that specifies whether your submission contains things that aren't appropriate for all ages, such as nudity, extreme violence, explicit language and other potentially disturbing content. Without it, underage users could see inappropriate things by accident, which of course isn't fair on them.

2. What is allowed on DA and what is considered mature content? This is the most important question, and the one most people get wrong. You should read and understand the following FAQs, and provide links to them for others when they try and tell you that your content should be marked as mature.
- FAQ #554: Is my deviation Mature Content?
- FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?
- FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be? (because literature and roleplays are also subject to the same rules)
- FAQ #305: Is posting 'Adult' oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
Consider that characters in kids' cartoons get tied up all the time, and that's not considered inappropriate. In addition, animals and creatures of this kind are not human, so they cannot usually be considered in a 'compromising' position unless the artist tries extremely hard to make the scene explicit.

3. Is bondage always mature content? Does bondage equal sex? The answer to both of these is: of course not! Ropes, cuffs, collars, chains and tape are just things. What matters is how they are used. Many bondage scenes are beautiful and romantic without being sexual. Naturally, bondage is often used in sexual ways, but that doesn't mean the two are inseparable. That's like saying all furries are sex-addicts, and we all know that's just media spin. You sometimes also need to consider that everyone has different kinks, and what seems completely mundane for most people (such as feet) is a turn-on for someone else. That doesn't mean you need to tag a picture of a foot as Mature Content, though!

4. What if people harass me over it? DA is just like any other website full of immature kids, trolls, haters and easily triggered individuals. Many of them will shout louder than the average majority and therefore appear to be more numerous than they actually are. It's also often the case that the louder they are, the more ignorant and wrong they can be, which is why they may demand anything containing rope to be marked as mature. Some of them make it their own personal mission to police DA and even the Internet based on their own beliefs. You should ignore them if they can be categorised as any of the above. I have been harassed in the past, including being targeted by a small group of furry haters, but I didn't cave in. I blocked them as soon as possible, reported the issues, and soon enough they either got bored and went away, or got banned (maybe for harassing me, or maybe because they continued to act badly towards others too).

So, in conclusion, carry on doing what you love and just stick to the official rules, not to what others try to impose on you. If you agree, you should leave a comment on the above deviation.

Have you had a dilemma like this before? Feel free to share it here, or create and link to your own journal.
If you'll be there and you're not square, then make sure you leave a reply below!

┗(^0^)┓ ヾ(・ω・*)ノ °\(^▿^)/°
I'm sure you're all aware of the IM platform Telegram by now. Some describe it as the 'Skype killer' and it seems to be pretty popular amongst furries. Having seen many people using it at furry conventions to communicate, I thought I'd finally give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.

The first obstacle with Telegram is the most annoying one, and immediately makes me question whether it's going to be a viable alternative to Skype for many people. Telegram forces you to register with a mobile phone number. You simply cannot join without one. This is what made me dismiss it completely at first, but I eventually got myself a new £10 SIM card and basic phone to use with it, in order to avoid leaking my real phone number (some furries like privacy, you know!) You can set an authentication password and a recovery email for your account, but that's just a backup. You always have to get an authentication code delivered to your phone to log in. Why do they force people to do this, and not just allow registration with an email/password like every other platform that ever existed? I don't know, and I don't like it.

After that, the next most stupid omission from the Telegram feature list is plainly visible. It has no friends list. Yes, you heard me right. No way to save contacts. If you have friends' numbers saved in your phonebook and you're using the app, then it integrates with that, but if you're using the PC/web client then of course there's no phone book. And, of course, most people will not have each other's numbers anyway, so the whole thing breaks down. The only way to keep people easily accessible is to NEVER close your conversation with them. For people like me, who want to close old conversations to keep their screen nice and tidy, this is absolutely awful. Even Discord, which has only been around for half the time and is primarily focused on gaming clans, has recently introduced a full friends list and PM feature.

Next on my list of annoyances is the status system. There are none! Yep, they couldn't even be bothered with that either. The only status is 'online' and that status only works when your contact actually has the app in the foreground. If it's running in the background, the online indicator disappears immediately, effectively rendering them as offline. You can check when a contact was 'last seen' but since there's no way to sort your conversations list (not a friends list, remember?) by status or last-seen time, this is practically useless, and I would basically need to manually scan through every single conversation to get an idea of who is (potentially) online before talking to them. Seriously, guys? As an aside, Microsoft has been doing a great job of screwing up Skype statuses on tablets and mobiles, but that's another story.

Finally, stickers. The one thing that makes Telegram sort-of special. They're basically images that you can throw into a conversation to spice things up. Once you see one, you can click it to see the full set, add it to your own sticker collection, and share with others. However, there's no way to browse or search sticker collections on Telegram! That means you either have to make your own, or ask your friends to throw a bunch of sticker links at you. Alternatively, you can use a bunch of third-party websites that people have made to work around the issue. You'd think they would make a bigger deal about their one 'killer feature'.

So, let's compare some more features. Let me know if I've missed something!

Feature                 Skype  Discord  Steam  Telegram
Sign up using email     Yes    Yes      Yes    No
Friends list            Yes    Yes      Yes    No
Statuses                Yes    Yes      Yes    No
Group chats             Yes    Yes      Yes    Yes
Voice chat              Yes    Yes      Yes    No
Inline images/links     No     Yes      No     Yes
Emoji                   No     Yes      No     Yes
Custom emotes/stickers  No     Yes      Some   Yes
Mobile apps             Yes    Yes      Yes    Yes

From what I've tested so far, I don't understand why this particular new-and-shiny product is getting all the attention. I have many more gripes about it, but that would double the length of this journal, so the TL;DR of it is: Telegram is a poor-man's attempt at instant messaging, and Telegram for PC is like a poorly made console port of a game to PC.

What do you guys think? Which platforms do you prefer?
Part 1

Those of you who have been watching me for a long time might remember the time when someone tried to use my ref sheet to commission a fursuit for themselves.

Well, it keeps getting better.


Some idiot stole my ref sheet to use as their YouTube display picture, and then ended up getting their comment featured in the latest Honest Game Trailers video for XCOM! It appears 3 seconds in.

I'm just glad he didn't steal my name too, and end up making me look like a complete fool. Sadly, I've been unable to find this guy 'Ryujin the Utahraptor' anywhere in the Internet. He may have changed his identity since the screenshot was taken. If you spot him, please let me know so I can have a polite word with him... Yeah. ;)

The above link to the video is also a link to the comment I left on the video, so please upvote it to get the message across! :thumbsup:

Update: I've found his Google+ profile now. I've sent him a message and hope he'll do the right thing.
Final update: They never responded, and the account appears to be abandoned. Of course, Google won't do anything about it because neither of us are using our real identities. Therefore, I'm just going to let it be.
2015 had a lot of ups and downs for me. I tried a lot of new things, but by the end of it, I was still depressed and generally unwilling to contribute to society. I didn't submit any artwork at all in 2015.

Well, I'm hoping to turn that around this year. I'm off to Further Confusion in California in a few days, but I shall submit a few things for your entertainment before I go. I'm not really in the mood to attempt proper drawing yet, but I have a backlog of lovely Second Life photography I'd like to share with you all. I hope there are a few of you still left out there to appreciate them!
For those of you who didn't see my last journal, see Charity Event: ZSL London Zoo Streak For Tigers

A big thank-you to everyone who donated, whether for me or for others taking part in the event. I must admit, once I was there, it took me a while to muster up the courage to get out there, but once I did, I ran and I kept running until nobody else was running! We only had to do one lap of the course (350 meters) but many of us went on to to more, much to the delight of the crowd.

My friend wasn't able to get any pictures of me amongst the other participants, but I have managed to find a YouTube video that shows me running by. Here it is! I'm the first guy to run past when it cuts to the view of the track. Yes, I swear that's really me. :-)

I hope we all get to do it again next year, and raise even more for good causes! ^..^
After my last journal, you might think I was crazy, but it gets crazier! In the spirit of YOLO, I proudly present...

ZSL London Zoo Streak For Tigers, 13 Aug 2015

Back by popular demand, ZSL London Zoo is hosting a very unique event on the evening of Thursday 13th August. We are looking for supporters to strip off and bare all for Tigers and streak around ZSL London Zoo! We hope this event will not only raise much needed funds for ZSL but it will also highlight and raise the profile of ZSL's work with Tigers.

I'm trying to raise at least £150 for this cause, but I've had trouble so far. I've raised a total of £55 from furries on Saturday by poking my friends until they finally cough up. At today's naturist swim, nobody donated at all, which was sad. So, now I'm extending my reach to everyone in the hope that I can raise the rest before Thursday. I have a JustGiving campaign that makes it very easy for anyone to donate.

The event is now over. See the follow-up journal.

If you can't afford real money, you can give me points and I will donate the equivalent value in GBP.

Everyone who donates gets a llama. :dance:

Wish me luck! ^..^
This year, to avoid falling into yet another pit of depression, I'm making a pledge to challenge myself and try harder, even if I fail, because trying and failing is still better than not trying at all.

Those of you that have known me for a while will probably know that I love casual nudity and nudism in the fantasy world, but what about real life? In 'meatspace' as it's otherwise known, I'm very skinny, and lack self-confidence because of that. However, I decided that I must cast that aside for the time being and try something new and radical anyway!

I started looking around online for something I could attend near me, and found a naturist swim event at an indoor pool in London that happens every Sunday, so I decided to take the plunge (literally!)

Unsurprisingly, when I finally got there, I was as scared as hell. I was trying (and failing) to act natural, unpacking and re-packing my stuff until I had a moment of privacy. It was finally time to strip down, shower and enter a pool of around 30 people who were already there. I'm pretty sure I had a deer-in-the-headlights look on me as I handed my attendance fee to the lady at the poolside desk, who, like everyone else where, was naked.

Once I got in the water, however, things got a little easier. People made conversation with me, and everyone was very friendly, which was just as I hoped they would be. Some were around the same age as me, and some were old enough to be my father (or maybe even grandfather!) but everyone intermingled without trouble. The phrase 'free and easy' comes to mind, and I guess it applies well to the whole naturist lifestyle! I even got a couple of compliments, so I guess being thin isn't all that bad after all.

My thanks to all the people that organize these events and the people who introduced themselves to me. I do plan to come back on a semi-regular basis... and to improve my swimming technique too! Oh, and if you want to catch me at one of these events, send me a message.
This is an interesting test and I've seen a few people doing it here, so I've done it too. You can take it too at

My results...

  • 89% Bondage Giver
  • 89% Bondage Receiver
  • 89% Switch
  • 80% Experimentalist
  • 73% Non-monogamist
  • 66% Submissive
  • 65% Brat
  • 63% Primal (Predator)
  • 63% Primal (Prey)
  • 54% Girl/Boy
  • 52% Brat Tamer
  • 49% Voyeur
  • 46% Dominant
  • 46% Vanilla
  • 41% Daddy/Mommy
  • 41% Degradation Receiver
  • 34% Degradation Giver
  • 31% Pervert
  • 29% Exhibitionist
  • 24% Slave
  • 19% All-Rounder
  • 9% Master/Mistress
  • 8% Masochist
  • 8% Sadist

See my results page to get definitions for all those terms.