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Because the world needs more raptors... and more raptor bondage!

I also run the @CaptiveCreatures group and Discord server! Join us!

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Sigma Reference Sheet

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Scaly and anthro artists
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Escapology. Tie-up games are fun!
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Dinosaurs, dragons and reptiles

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How to Counter DA's Terrible Image Resizing

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Thanks to the horrors of Wix and Eclipse, art you upload is now downsized to 1280 pixels and terribly compressed, unless you specifically tell it not to. Here's how you fix it... Step 1: Start uploading a new deviation or edit an existing one. Once the image is uploaded, open up the Advanced Options to see the stuff that DA is trying to hide from you. Step 2: Set the Display Options to 'Original'. You can also optionally enable downloads so that people can always see your work as authored, regardless of what DA does in the future. Hope that helps! Also see how to do the same thing on FurAffinity by reading this guide.
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It's nearly time for DA to be nerfed

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Eclipse is scheduled to be forced upon us some time in the next 24 hours. I'm going to spend this last day going through my messages since the new UI will make it almost impossible to keep up with submissions. I'll probably have to unwatch a few people and groups after that point.
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Tales in Scales the empty throne

If you like magic and Dinosaurs, try giving this book a read along with a review!

Thank you for the watch!!!!

Wow, really interesting design. Your ideas really inspire reupdate my reptile races designs. Thank you for your fantastic work!

Oh really? That's awesome. :D Which ones did you like?

I like your Utahraptor - Sigma, he is cute! His colors and face shape reminded me of my take on Tlaloc race. But he inspired me to change the species. Maybe make him a bit bulkier... I dunno... agh... YOUR ART IS JUST FANTASTIC!

Was this the link you meant to share? Tlalocs look fun. I'd love to be one of those too!

D'aww... I appreciate that! Many people have complimented how the anatomy of Sigma's ref sheet turned out. Sadly for me I'm just an average artist and a lot of the best work in my gallery is commissioned by other artists, but I do give a lot of direction when it comes to those details. :)

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Hey, there!

I got the ALL CRAZY REPTILES group refreshed and updated. I figured out where the submissions went and I'd like to welcome your artworks again.

Sorry! ^^