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Twilight Cullen crest

So...this is simple the CLEAN version of: FOR.EVER: [link]
no textures, no noise, no nothing...just the watermark.

My Cullen crest tattoo :heart:

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10/13 second
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5 mm
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Dec 20, 2008, 5:48:32 AM
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I want one!!!!!!!!! lol
how bad was the pain ??? xx
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hehe, well, that depends on how YOU tolerate pain, i´m pretty much a masochist so it doesn´t bother me hurts, sure, but it depends on the person, and this one took around 5 hours...longs hours.. :D
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quickpink's avatar
I want one!!!!!!!!! lol
how bad was the pain ??? xx
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My friend also has the Cullen Crest as a tattoo, but on her ankle.

I have to say, even though I'm not a huge Twilight fan, that crest is awesome.
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Thank you! well, yes, besides been from Twilight the drawing and all it´s quite awesome, i love how it looks :hug:
Thank you! :hug:
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I love this design and I'm not even a hardcore Twilight fan. I think that this tattoo is really, really smart. Because no matter how much you love Twilight now, there is always a chance that twenty years from now, or so, you are going to get sick of it. That's why I kind of frown upon the people who literally get the book cover and the words "Twilight" tattood on their body. I used to be so in love with Harry Potter but now, meh. I wouldn't want the logo on my body. But this is something that looks super awesome, and if I didn't all ready know that it was from Twilight, then I would have never guessed.
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Thank you!! i'm glad you understand, i didn't want to get something so obvious, like the cover like you said or "twilight" across my chest :p lol THAT would be hardcore! ha! so, it was the crest or a phrase wich is good too, the tattoo artist who did this is trully amazing, he did a great job, i just went with the basic ideas really, and he did the rest, and i wanted something timeless if you will, and people who don't know Twilight or the crest just see it as a cool family crest :) so it works! and i LOVE Harry Potter but not for a tattoo :p Twilight really changed my life so it means a lot to me...
Thanks! :hug::hug:
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omg i love your tattoo!!Twilight is the best :love:...i have a major fear of needles otherwise i would have got a Twilight tat a long time ago instead i resort to using sharpie but it fades so fast..i put the twilight crest on my binder and all my other twilight friends want one [link] ...the person who did your tattoo did an absolutly amazing job!
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Well Thank you!! :hug: too bad you`re scare of needles! that must suck! maybe some day you'll get one...
Sharpie`s good too though :p
Thank you!! :hug:
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You're awesome!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!
Happy Twilighting!!!
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Haha! Thank you!!!
glad you like it! :hug:
Happy Twilighting for you too! :dance:
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Wow! Now that's dedication!
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Haha! yeah :D that's me :D
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nice tat must be a huge!!!!! Twilight fan!
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Thank you!!! :hug: i am :D
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np .you rock for getting that tat.( hehe.. im gonna get one of the quotes done on my back .(No blood, no foul.) edward says this in book one .
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Really? that's a good quote!
post a pic and let me know when you get it :D i would love to see it! :wave:
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ill send it you way for sure!!
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I'm usually not for these types of tattoos, but seriously! You've got some kick ass dedication, not to mention that tattoo was very well done. I like it a lot.
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