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Read the T.O.S before ordering/commissioning! Buying from me implies you've read it!

 Commission Site

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Feral and anthro characters allowed.
Feral and simple designs are preferred the most!

Payment Method: (Paypal/ask if other options; if paypal it's always usd)
Pose/Expression/Etc: (Tell me whatever you think will help with your comm!)
Read T.O.S?

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Slots Available: 4

A single user can only claim 1 slot, 2 items at most!
If you have any questions please ask!

You can hold a slot for up to 3 days, after that it will go to the next person.


Check the progress of your commission here:

Let me know if you'd like to be pinged! :]
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In an attempt to keep things organized.

spicy boy

Please comment under here!

Thank you!

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Type: wiggle, but without the wiggle, i love the frame where the lines are thicker/darker, if thats all okay<3

Payment Method: paypal

Pose/Expression/Etc: anything cute, preferably an interesting or cute pose

Read T.O.S?: yes, if u do send wips for confirmation it might be faster to reach me on twitter or discord, but i still check dA every day (twt-vethirlove discord-zz#6783)

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Hello! I apologize for the delayed response!

The 'frame' link is not working. However yes I can do thicker lines for it but I do not think i'd be able to rid of the wiggling part.

Alternatively, I could do a chibi with the thicker/darker lines that you seek? :0

Either way, let me know what you'd prefer :>

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AHH sorry! basically i want a still chibi or drawing like these? pls lmk if its possible or not<3 (without the wiggle)

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Ohh! Yeah, I can do that as a chibi. Would you like me to shade it as well?

When ready you can send the amount ($10): here

I will be reaching out to you on discord to send you wips and the like :>

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no shading i think! sent, ty ty <3!

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sounds good! and confirmed! :>

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