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MLP: FiM Season 2 Soundtrack

Well... Yeah. I wanted to create MLP Seasons Soundtrack. Here's a Season Two Cover template.

You want your pony music in your Car? You want this for your collection?
Tottaly free MLP Season Two Soundtrack project with book full of PONY LYRICS!!!

You may ask why there are Instrumental versions. It's pretty easy! I had to find some more music because I don't want to close Audio CD session on a half way :I




Music (most part) was provided by CaptainComedy from EQD

Click Here if you want to see a book

.PSD files have been deleted accidentially... So no .PSD, Sorry :lonely:


And time for special credits:
*MoonlightFL - for colour advice
~Proenix - for mental help and trying to sue me because I used his cadence and flames vector in This Day aria and reprise :D

And rest of credits:
1 month monthiversary by ~Epic-Panda17
1 month old monthiversary by ~Epic-Panda17
A Photo For Celestia by ~melknin
Background by ~leopurofriki
Chrysalis by ~Yenshin
Cranky Doodle Donkey by ~SirCxyrtyx
Evil Cadence - ALL MINE by *The-Smiling-Pony
Fluttershy carrying Rainbow Dash Vector by ~scrimpeh
Joyous Flam by ~Are-you-jealous
I WUB PWOFIT by ~brainchildeats
Happy End by ~Vistamage
Mane 6 with the Elements vector by *Tzolkine
Miss Matilda by ~BonesWolbach
MLP Hearts Carol: Spike Applejack and Fluttershy by =mewtwo-EX
My Little Pony vector - Rarity by ~Krusiu42
Opening the Chrysalis by ~Ambits
Pinkie's Welcome Wagon (w/o Pinkie) by ~Ambits
Pinkie and the twins by ~AMidnightFlight
Pinkie Pie Smile Silhouette by *Fehlung
Pinkie Smile by ~sportsracer48
Ponyville, Chaos Capitol of the World by ~Zvn
PinkieDash: Hearths Warming eve by ~LazyPixel
Sad Twilight by ~Secret-Asian-Man
Princess Luna - Night ride by *abydos91
Spike.... What Are You Doing? by ~Demigod-Spike
Smart Rarity Approves by ~jlryan
Standalone Octavia by ~alexiy777
The Mane six: Group hug 2 - MLP FiM Vector by ~Kirklands-Girl39
Surprise Cake by ~SirSpikensons
The World Famous Flim Flam Brothers by ~Catnipfairy
then you wriggle your snout by ~brainchildeats
Twilight Sparkle - Tired by =Quanno3
Twilight Sparkle in water by ~JoeMasterPencil
Twitter: Hearths Warming eve by ~LazyPixel
What The Hay?! by *EMedina13
Where Am I? by ~nickman983

And other Vectors and backgrounds were gotten from :iconmlp-vectorclub: and belong to original creators.

My apologies for all people who I haven't mention there. There is just too many vectors and It would take me ALL LIFE to write it.
So I really want to thank you for your hard work and help me make such awesome resources to make this happen :)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
CD template and composition belongs to :iconressetkk:
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DJ-Tundra's avatar
I was just wondering how did you make these and what programs did you use? 
(I plan on making a Ruby Gloom soundtrack...if I can figure out how to make the little booklet insert...)
Ressetkk's avatar
I always use my beloved Adobe Photoshop <3
Making a booklet it's not as hart as it looks like. You have to remember that the number of pages in booklet must be divisible by 4.
aubry234's avatar
Ressetkk's avatar
kekekekekek :3
cimarronboy's avatar
Is there any way to turn the song download file to a zip like the other two, I'm having issues getting the rar file to work. Worked a miracle you and your partners did with these three soundtracks and downloads of the songs and I'm sure there will never be an end to the appreciation from bronys and pegasisters all over the world who see these. So you plan on doing one for the movie in the future?
Ressetkk's avatar
As we talking about RAR file. 7zip or just original WinRAR will open this file :P. Second thing If you looked at my lastest journal you would know that I'm working on EG soundtrack cover :P
cimarronboy's avatar
Must've overlooked it in the journal. Was also thinking about the ease of use for those who may not have those programs but I did get things worked out. I also have the eqg soundtrack from the username you had in the comments on one of the soundtrack pages.
rcmero's avatar
Surprised you didn't add This Day Aria reprise. Or is that in the full song?
Ressetkk's avatar
As I remember it is in the full song.
Amii-stuff's avatar
RainbowFlutterPie's avatar
Nevermind. Thought the .rar had the music on it.
Kitsunechild's avatar
When will you have a download link for Music like you do with Season 1?
Ressetkk's avatar
Yeah, I will... but I'm lazier than I thought :P I will do it today! Seriously! I swear!
Kitsunechild's avatar
Another April fools? lol Also, looking forward to the Season 3 music too. I'm putting together these soundtracks and all I need is the music!
Ressetkk's avatar
Nope. Seriously I will do it for season 2 and I will put this in description ;) About Season 3 I will have to rip them all by myself.
Kitsunechild's avatar
You've got skills! You'll get'em! :D
Ressetkk's avatar
Music has been uploaded. Link in description.
LeosSquirrels's avatar
Now we need season 3 and I all set :)
Ressetkk's avatar
It's in 99% of assembling :P I will upload it tomorrow (I hope) ;)
mewtwo-EX's avatar
:icondashawesomefaceplz: Great use of it! Thanks for letting me know!
ShmemilyEmily's avatar
So you don't have the songs in this one?

Aside from that this is really awesome!
Ressetkk's avatar
Tommorow I will compile songlist. Be Patient ;)
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