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Well now that i'm less miserable here's a thing!

The college I planned on going to.. I ended up not being able to go to (Being poor ROCKS \o/) so I'm going to a local community college (The same one as :iconaven17: actually :P)

Also, things: I'm writing a book now (Just got contracted!) but I can't talk about it much right now, unfortunately :3 and my college schedule and work schedule puts me in a "afhaskjldfa busy" state just like highschool (but with more contracts, money, and stress!)

I still like college more than Highschool simply for the fact that everyone isn't a douchebag :3

ANYWAY, I'll try posting sketches and doodles from my books when I'm bored (I spend about 6~12 hours a day at college between Monday to Thursday, it's great.)

(Also I miss my technical college, like a lot Q.Q)

Until then!
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Grats on being contracted to write a book! That's one of my goals in life is to get a book published, so I am super jealous, like.... a lot, man. >w<
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Hey! :T i'm still in highschool! who're you calling a douchebag?! :U i'm a troll...! //cries
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I wasn't talking about you :P It's obvious I'm talking about everyone outside the small group of friends I associated with XD