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Prices in USD.

                                 Head/Bust     Torso     Full body
Sketch                        5                    10            15
Char design b/w          10                   15            20
Char design color        15                   20            25
Paint                            depends ($25+)  

Comics/large group pictures: Ask. We'll talk.   
I accept money via PayPal. Commissions $50 and over shall be paid for at about 2/3 of the way to completion.
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Oh, right, I already sent you that link...

Well, did you get to read some of it?  

I have an idea for the cover, I think, but I'd like to hear what you have in mind, actually...  You're the artist after all...
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Well, I've read the thing! I've got a couple ideas, but it'll really depend on what you want- you're the commissioner! 
Take it to PMs?
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Well, I'm looking for a cover for my fanfic, Bird.

Found here:…

Check it out!

I'm not looking for anything too complicated, but I'd like to hear what comes to mind for you.  Covers can be a bit finicky, so I don't know if your chart will apply, in the strictest sense.  Um.  So I'm here talking.

Um.  If you're looking for specifics, I do have some ideas, but you might want to take a look at the material a bit first.  

Do you have some specific questions? 
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I'll get right to it. Do you have anything in particular that you're interested in seeing? Styles, characters, etc?