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We’re s- so very small, in the end. 

Against my better judgement, posting this now. Otherwise I will probably spend the rest of tomorrow nitpicking. Especially since I was working from memory, ehehe...  

Taylor's character progression from a bullied civilian through Skitter, Weaver, and Khepri.

Skitter/Khepri's costume is a nod to :iconcrashlegacy:'s excellent concept art. 
As always, link back here if you share this. 
Worm and its protagonist belongs to Wildbow, go read it already.
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taylor died a long time go
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nice, i started worm a couple of weeks ago, just finished the first slaughterhouse nine arc
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You're in for a fun time! Be careful, though, a lot of Worm fanart has spoilers.
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i know, i stopped after she turned herself in, taking a small break. You know i still keep wondering why she didn't start using crabs after the noelle arc.
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That's a good spot to take a break, actually. 
(Probably lack of easy proximity. It's easy to be stealthy with bugs, but an army of crabs marching across town is pretty noticeable.)
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I feel it too. 
Lol I dont know if you read manga or watch anime but i can't help but wonder what would happen if taylor had some JOJO powers like Soft and Wet, or The Hand, or one that has me the most interested, If she had Hermit purple and could use Hamon like joseph joestar and later be nudge to use Spin. 
No i mean she had Lisa's power at her disposal, economically, or even before then, she could have ordered a bunch of fresh crabs use her power to pack them into semitruck, i know noticeable but if she wanted to do damage or bybass certain tinker defences against bugs it could be pretty cool. Also getting scorpions, or using her silk string to hear thing like phone cups. 
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the Weaver outfit is the only 1 u c an eye, and she appears tired
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Sounds about accurate to the plot, then :D (Big Grin) 
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ok awesome but what are those blade things in her back in weaver khepri costume? or is it just her jet-pack thingie
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It's the jet-pack thingy's wings
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one of the best written female protagonists i've read yet! great work portraying her transformations! :D
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If so I think you'll like Paksenarrion, if you haven't read it already.

It's the only fantasy story I've read where the main character consciously chooses, of their own free will, to go adventuring, rather than being forced by circumstance or dragged off by a crazy wizard and [insert minions of choice].
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Thanks! Yeah, Taylor is definitely my favorite female literary protagonist. She just makes a lot of sense to me, for some reason? 
nice.  final armor was black bodysuit white armor and lenses iirc?
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Yeah, I just forgot. (all the comments by the other characters about her dressing in Skitter's gear confused me)
She looks short and stocky instead of freakishly tall and skinny.
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Meh. She's wearing baggy clothes/layered body armor, there was a limit to how skinny I could go and be believable. Probably could have given her scrawnier legs, though. 
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Just finished this and I can truly appreciate how awesome this piece is.
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This is fantastic. I love the depiction of Khepri looked up to the stars through her cracked lenses!
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Thank you!
uuuugh I miss drawing fanart. Semester's almost over, though...
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The quote you chose is so perfect for this. It brings you back to her broken state of mind. Gives me chills.
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