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Bonesaw's PSA

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I have a confession to make. Whenever Worm depresses me, I start drawing the Slaughterhouse Nine. The more depressing the chapter, the more over-the-top cutesy it becomes.

The following are ideas for later posters, thanks to a conversation with a friend. Sam, I blaaame you.
Jack Slash: Join The S9 - Change The World!
Hackjob: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Grey Boy: If At First You Don't Succeed...
Crawler: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!
Mannequin: Never Be Afraid To Change Your Look!
Chuckles: Laugh, and the World Laughs With You!
Burnscar: Do What You Love!
Siberian: People - The Other White Meat!
Cherish: Love Makes the World Go Round! <3
Shatterbird: Sing Like No One's Listening!

As always, please remember to link back here if you share this picture.
Worm (and Bonesaw) is owned by Wildbow, and can be read here:…
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Bonesaw: Y'know don't say swears. 
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TiancumHobbyist Digital Artist
ahahaha! she was my favorite villain. so creepy and joyfully sadistic! (but for science of course) :nod:
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
*tsktsk* Bonesaw is an artist! 
(Possibly because "I wonder what happens if I do THIS?" is not worded properly as a hypothesis. Would never get past the review board)
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 I think for Jack I would have put "Follow your dreams, no matter what other people or the law says."
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Yeah, that sounds about right. Although that could work for Crawler, too. It's not his fault his dream is to be the best horror-movie monster he can be!
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Ah, but Jack is the one that tells _other_people_ to follow their dreams.
Their crazy, illegal, murderous dreams.
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Please do more of these.  Crawler's is spot on.  Shatterbird's too.  
For Mannequin, may I also suggest something along the lines of it being what's on the inside that matters?
For Jack, something about being a person who reaches out to others.
Nice Guy- theme of everyone you meet being a possible new friend, perhaps.
Grey Boy- the importance of a consistent routine.
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Workin' on it! Kinda on my final semester, so I'm not allowed to have a life. But I haven't given up on these!
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LordSiaHobbyist Artist
Riley's such a nice girl!
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Bonesaw scares me more than just about anyone else in Worm.  It's just terrifying how she can look this cute and be so... nuts.
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Ahaha, fun fact: pre-Bonesaw, I thought I was immune to the 'creepy little girl' trope. 
Turns out this is not, in fact, the case. 
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she looks like alice C: wonderful, i want to cosplay this so hard. love riley forever. <33
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Worm Cosplay! That sounds so awesome. 
Seriously, if you do, put the pictures up in the Undersiders Group :D (Big Grin) 
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Bonesaw... oh Bonesaw. I want to cut her head off, but at the same time I wanna protect her.
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Bonesaw just needs hugs! Riiiight Blasto? heh.
Decapitation might not even slow her down. Freakin' Biotinkers are super hax.
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How'd she do with a highly dangerous yet somewhat heroic guy like Deadpool around?
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
oooh, that's a nice fic idea. Reilly rehabilitated by Deadpool...
Caesar9999's avatar
A Heel-Face Turn caused by Deadpool could only really go half-way though :)

Just think Deadpool as Doctor Jerk who while maybe caring about his patients is a douche to them and does stuff that borders on Comedic Sociopathy.

Man I wonder how fucked Jack Slash would be if Deadpool were in the Wormverse. He gets along with Bullseye, but he's not always there for Bullseye's complete monster level antics that would well normally result in Deadpool going either into Tranquil Fury, (serious)Unstoppable Rage or a combination of both because they're well things even he wouldn't do.
RespicePostTe's avatar
RespicePostTe Digital Artist
And you know she'd be constantly sewing extra arms on him or whatever... He's basically the perfect patient: immortal, constantly changing, and insane enough to let her experiment! 

Eh. I could see him being kinda like Harbinger and having a weird almost-friendship-for-old-times-sake going. DP as a former (King's) S9 member? Of course, every couple months he might drop by to try and off Jack out of boredom and obligation.
Caesar9999's avatar
Though Jack would most definitely have to be very careful on what he does near Deadpool. There are some things that can easily lead to Deadpool to becoming extremely determined to kill you. Make sure not to cross those lines in front of him and you're maybe safe.

But I to be honest have a very hard time seeing him as a serial killer. Mercenary who targets both people who he thinks may deserve it to certain degrees and the occasional hero. But serial He most definitely didn't get along with his old Weapon X teammate Slayback

Plus if she were a Doctor Jerk influenced into doing said Heel-Face Turn by Deadpool, some "patients" who are stupid/desperate enough for help would find they have chimichanga making machines inside them. Among other crazy yet funny stuff
RespicePostTe's avatar
RespicePostTe Digital Artist
Strictly speaking, King's S9 were more of a mercenary group (the worst possible kind, granted).
Jack's really, really good at juggling crazy people. I could see him pulling it off for quite some time.
...stupid cheating broadcast shard. 
You gonna write a fic?
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hermafroditeHobbyist Photographer
no swearing dude fuck that shit!
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It'd be funny if Hidan from Naruto were there
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RespicePostTe Digital Artist
*edges slowly away from hermafrodite, keeping an eye out for mechanical spiders*
Dude I wouldn't say that if I were you.
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