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Hey guys :D

So not a lot new stuff since my last update here. I've class-changed to supervisor at work, which means I'm the adult of the department (lol) and generally means I'm doing a lot less technical work and a lot more paperwork. I also learned that in a job interview, the interviewer is probably as nervous as the interviewee. I'm still pretty much in that stage where I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and surely I'm going to get fired/demoted any second, but I'm working on it.

I also got engaged, like officially, to Gamer-Minstrel. We've been dating since December 2012 (The first Hobbit movie was our first date) and it got to the point where it was like, "Eh, might as well, we basically already are married." We don't have a date set or anything, we're pretty much just taking things as they come and at the speed we feel like. It's nice and relaxed, which I like :D

Also coming up is my trip to Salt Lake City :D! Gamer-Minstrel and I will both be doing to Comic Con in September. We'll be doing a little early to visit family and such, but Comic Con's the main part of the trip. Without a doubt my parents will be pointing out all of the tech jobs I could be working at in Utah in an effort to get me to move back (someday). If I could do my current job remote I would probably move back west.

Anyway, here's the real point of this journal entry: I would like to recruit some characters!

With the story of Galebound progressing as it is, my estimates have Conan and Din arriving in a city in early October at the latest (barring sudden double updates). (Oh webcomic time, where travelling 40 miles takes a month and a half.) Cities mean people, which means I need to draw a crowd (*cries*). Now I probably have enough of my own characters to cameo in there, but that's no fun, so I'd like to cameo some other people's characters as well :D

  • Must be human or easily altered into a human appearance that would fit into an 1830's-like period.
  • Preference given to characters that already have an outfit that fits in the time period (saves me the headache of clothing design xD)
    • If you don't have clothing for them that fits in the period, no worries, I'll let them raid Din's closet or something :3
  • Doesn't have to be colored, but a color scheme would be nice
  • Brief personality snippet (or link to their origin so I can find out for myself :3)
  • If submitting more than one character, are they related somehow (i.e. how would they act together)
  • Galebound will be turned into a physical copy someday, so be aware that this character will appear in something that I plan to sell copies of, indie-like (like etsy or something).
    • Your preferred name and a link to your dA/comic/site/whatever in the credits of course
When I upload the pages that contain your characters you'll be linked of course, so let me know how you'd like me to credit you.

There's going to be several city scenes (lord help me) so if your character doesn't appear in this round they may appear later (like chapter 5-ish).

Thanks in advance! :D

And now for the obligatory plugs:

Galebound on SmackJeeves, Tapastic, Comic Fury, and Twitter
Ah snap fanart <3 Fanart and random extras/doodles
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Long story short, Noblesse, as a novel, isn't going to work out. Not that the concept makes for a bad novel idea, but years of working on a job where passive, cold language was the norm and a general lack of practice have murdered any skill I may have had at writing and I'm not sure I want to pick it up again. Basically lots and lots of work, very little reward, and it was getting to me. I also realize that people don't really have a lot of time to commit to reading nowadays.

Anyway, some will have already heard (mostly because I just can't shut up about it), but I'm converting Noblesse Oblige into a webcomic: Galebound. (Noblesse is already a popular webcomic, change!) "Galebound" has two meanings: one referring to bound as in "heading in that direction" and the other referring to "obligated". I thought it was pretty fitting :D

I started publishing it a few weeks ago on Smackjeeves. I didn't want to really broadcast that it was published until I was done with the prologue......which I am now! You guys can check it out here:

Galebound Prologue - Page 1 by Respheal Galebound Prologue - Page 2 by Respheal Galebound Prologue - Page 3 by Respheal Galebound Prologue - Page 4 by Respheal

I'm only going to post the prologue on dA (unless otherwise convinced). Continuing updates will happen here:

I'm going to be updating every Saturday, barring cataclysm or early updates. I'm actually making the pages at a slightly faster rate than one per week so I should be able to make a fairly significant buffer to dodge any missed updates and eventually I'll bump up the right to 3 updates every 2 weeks (and maybe further if I get fast enough). I'm also going to take the novel form of Galebound off dA because I guard my spoilers jealously (okay no I don't but shh).

A million thanks to Mirrasae who's read more of it than anyone :heart: and to Gamer-Minstrel for not shooting down the idea of turning it into a webcomic and for being honest when my writing or art suck and need work, which is often.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
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I am so, so tired.


So I finally have a good excuse for my general lack of productivity: I'm renovating a house! One of Mike's and my friends needed some roommates so, with the promise of lower rent, we're all moving in with him. The problem is that the house is kind of a wreck so we made a deal with the owner of the house (another friend's dad) that we would work on fixing it up while we lived there. So, we've spent the last four weekends painting and cleaning and prepping. This weekend we're looking at installing new flooring, and carrying it into the house...ouchies my legs. I am not a strong person and there was a lot of heavy wood to carry.


I've also been adjusting to second shift and the stress that comes with the new position. The main problem is I'm actually training my replacement, which means that while he's getting trained up I'm basically doing my old position's work as well as new position's work AND training people and good golly am I wiped out. I used to do some writing during lunch breaks, but nowadays...ha...lunch breaks. Funny.  After the new guys are trained up and the moving and renovating stuff is done I'm so gonna take a vacation.

Sooo that's what's going on now. Been crazy busy and hoping to get back to normalcy soon.
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I feel better. I beat off the depression with complete-and-total-disregard-for-responsibility as my weapon, which has resulted in a less-stressed me but a wreck of a house, no progress in Noblesse, and I prolly gained like a stone or ten. Had a marathon of FMA: Brotherhood with the boyfriend, started on Soul Eater, picked up Xenoblade (by proxy)...Yeah. Vacation time and such. :V (actually did go on Vacation, too, although I fell ill on the second day, possibly from stress....I do the whole "bottling up and then exploding/dying" thing.)

Anyway, news from work: Got promoted! Woo! I'm in a semi-managerial position now, but mostly I'm the "adult" of the Systems team; advising about policy, helping with issues, unbreaking tools, that sort of stuff. Honestly it was kinda what I was already doing, the only real difference is now I'm on second shift. Sleeping in every morning is glorious. (Staying up until 2am, not so much. I'm gettin' old.)

On the art and writing front...I have a confession to make. I have a drawing I finished back in September, but I don't want to submit it yet because it contains some heavy spoilers for the next chapter of Noblesse. For one, we finally get to meet (in person, anyway *cough cough*) the last actor in the play, and of course I had to draw her. She's pretty~...and scary. Mostly scary. Well. You'll see. Also have another drawing I'm working on just for fun, inspired by Lapis Lazuli since LiaLumay got me into listening to it. I should finish that :V I'll work on it tonight.

As for writing, it's...difficult. I've hit a hurdle where it turns out I didn't know what was going on quite as well as I had hoped for this one scene so I'm dealing with the logistical issues there. Everything after this point should be smooth sailing, I just gotta get Conan out of an extremely tricky situation without glossing over what's going on in Evenheim too much, as well as explain all the unexplained bits that lead towards the climax. I may have to retcon in an explanation about the magic of artifacts since one important feature of them hasn't been explained yet (no good opportunity for it), but then again there will be an opportun.........Yeah okay, there's an idea. And this is how it happens. I run into an issue, start writing about the fact that the issue exists, and poof--there's a solution.

Hi. I'm rambling.

Have an officer dancing the panic dance:

Anyway, Noblesse is currently one hundred pages long, which is quite a milestone, and 58,438 words. It's also intimidating, looking at what's been done and how much stuff is left. Finishing it has been feeling like an impossible undertaking, but...welp, it's gotta be done. Supposedly there are things that can only be learned from a completed story, so...yeah.

I also should get it done with because there's another idea that's been creeping up on me. Back, foul idea-beasts!
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