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Memoria Magnus



How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with the past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me
~Infinity - Amaranthe

A Memoria Magnus (lit. great memory) is a person who has passed through Raven's domain (read: died), therefore merging their memories with those of the deceased, but through some trick of fate or circumstance came back to life. The result: someone with the memories of everyone to ever live. Shay is one such person, but there's a problem: his fall through Izzy's barn and resulting head trauma wiped his memories, all of them.

As he recovers, Shay's lost memories manifest as visions of the future, but that's backwards, isn't it? How can one "remember" the future?

Memory is the story of Shay's quest to regain those memories, as within them lie the secret to saving his world...or is it? :evillaugh: You know how I roll; it's not gonna be as simple as all that.

I've been wanting to do a picture like this for Memory for a long, long time, but previous attempts were...ehhhhh...I finally got a proper idea and just had to draw it. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out :D I'll probably write Memory someday, after other obligations (lol). Didn't have a lot of time to write this month what with the moving, but drawing is a little easier to do when interruptions are frequent.

Raven, the god of death and memories, one of the five gods who blessed the world with magic.
Syne, the god and guardian of time, a man of many faces and names whose very existence is synonymous with causality.
Izzy, a girl who loves stargazing, without whom Memory would be a very different story.
Shay, the hero of the story, sent on a quest to save the world...if he can remember how, or from what.
Shiki, a mysterious young wizard who somehow knows about the Memoria Magnus, and brings his own demons to the party.
Eisenzeit, Syne's sword. Literally the hour hand of a huge clocktower that once stood at the center of the world. A heavy and rough monstrosity of a sword.

Look! I drew shoes! See?! *never draws shoes ever again*
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One year old drawing huh? ;3 Those are some great boots on your kid Shay there. You know I was swooning over this. This is great. <333 I look forward to it's future ^w~ <3