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Art Trade: Rewriting the Future

By Respheal
Note to self: shade with purple more often.

So, I've titled this as an art trade, but in truth it's more fanart. I've had this idea rolling around for a bit, just needed an excuse to get it down on paper.

In Paradise, I think Chas and Lon are my favorite characters because they're both oozing with hidden depths and secrets.........well, I mean, Crenen is, too, but he gets plenty of love as it is, being the charismatic megalomaniac of the bunch. Anyway, some concepts taken from the book so uh...bit spoilery here :D

Anyway, here's (from left to right) Chasym, Key, and Lon of Mirrasae and MikoKa's Liars go to Paradise, which you can read in comic form here or in novel form here.

I liked the brush I used for the rough sketch so much that I ended up using it for the completed drawing :V
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It's perfect, truly. Itreallytouchestheheartofthestoryandthatmakesmehappybeyondwords. ehEh33[p[awr[[]af;;

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Oh no I seem to have broken you D: *pokes*

Yay I'm happy you like it! xD :heart:
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*shock!* :O

:heart: :heart: :heart:!!!!!!

This looks so amazing. Mira-chan and I just sat here staring at it... and then staring some more...

You obviously took a lot of time with getting designs right and I just love the perspective! I'm so looking forward to Chasym coming back into things (one more chapter!!!!), and this just pumps me up!

Thank you! This is just awesome! :giggle:
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Ehehehehe! x3 :heart:

See, it was a bit tricky because you guys don't have a lot of stuff of Chas online anymore and I had to be sneaky in requesting refs of him xD And yay, I'm excited to see him back! (and Key's reaction :excited:)

You're welcome! :heart: