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Welcome to Respect A Woman! Population: Ladies

Hi and welcome to respectawoman, a group dedicated to ladyzombies from Left 4 Dead. I'm Zar. A few people urged me to make this and here we are!

Anyway, I'll just cover some basics I guess, I'm not the best at this mod thing, haha.

What IS this?

Do you have a female original character for Left 4 Dead? Then WE WANT TO SEE HER. Do you have a lot of them? EVEN BETTER. We want to see all the lady zombies. While me and jazaaboo got our own ladyzombies, this group isn't just for them. IT CAN BE FOR YOU TOO, IF YOU WANT IT TO BE. BRING THEM IN AND PERHAPS OUR LADIES WILL MINGLE WITH YOURS, AND IT WILL BE FUN!

Also they don't have to be zombies, they can also be Survivors! Or they can be your zombies before they became zombies! There is flexibility here.

We are also cool with female canon characters. Especially Rochelle :heart:.

How I join?!?!

Membership should be automatic, and that probably won't change unless circumstances force it to, haha.

How I show you my ladies?!

There's a bunch of folders set up just for that! When you submit art, check the top bar for "Submitting to: Featured" and then pick a folder from the drop down menu. Submit your lady zombie to the appropriate folder (or we'll just move it to one later, you can just save us some time. If you don't know where to put it we'll figure something out!). The folder names should be fairly self-explanatory, I think. Then we will probably approve it and you will see it right here in this club and it will be exciting!!!

What about the men!?!?!?!

This is a group focused on female characters, and as such we do not want dude zombies. Does your lady zombie have a brother, or a boyfriend, or a dad, or a husband, or a dude friend, and you drew them together? That is fine! Does your lady smooch men? That is also fine! But the general rule of thumb though is that a lady must be in your art somewhere. And it should preferably focus on that lady to a degree.
Yes, this means no guyslash/yaoi. But there are other groups for that though! I'm sure they can't be that hard to find.

Femslash/yuri is A+++++ though.

(There are rare exceptions to this rule if it involves fanart of me and Jaz's ladies because it's our club and we're biased, but that really shouldn't happen very often)

Can I draw/cosplay/write fic about you and jazaaboo's ladies?!


Wait who are your ladies again?!/

You can read about them here!

I think that should probably cover it, haha. Oh, there's also an LJ community that you can post to if you want. |D
Hey guys! I was just wondering if you guys would be interested if me and Jaz set up a contest of some sort! I'm not entirely sure on the specifics of it yet, although ideally it'd be focused on developing your ladyzombies/survivors or fun survivor/zombie interactions or what have you. Stuff in line with the community basically!
I'm not really sure what to offer up for prizes, aside from me drawing you up something, haha.

I KNOW THIS IS SUPER VAGUE RIGHT NOW WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT HELPFUL but mostly what I want to know is - would you guys enter such a contest? Does it interest you? Is it worth doing? :0 Let me know!
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WHO LIKES LADY ZOMBIES? WE LIKE LADY ZOMBIES! Or survivors. Or preinfected ladies. We're not picky. BULLETPOINT: MORE LADIES.
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