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WAYS TO PROMOTE THE GROUP | and the artists

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 18, 2009, 9:26 PM

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Group Promotion
With the Group system on DA deviants amongst the general DA community are able to search for Groups in the browse section by category and keyword to find the various kinds of Groups they may want to join or just devWATCH for the art and the artists

Gallery Submissions are sent out to the devWATCHers and Members of the Group. The quickest and most effective way to expand the devWATCH base and Member base of the Group is for us the Artists and devWATCHers to spread the word about the Group

If you follow the quick mathematics:
More than 50 Members of the Group
Even if the members have only have 500 devWATCHers each (drastic under estimation of numbers)
That’s a pool of 25,000 potential new devWATCHers at absolute minimum
If all the members put a one line entry in their next journal about the Group and even if only 10% of those total devWATCHers then come to the Group as well
Then that’s more than 2,500 new devWATCHers for the Group straight away

So to promote the Group, the art and its artists very simple and very quick:
*Put a one line entry in your next journal about the Group
*Put the Groups icon in your journal
*Submit your best works to the Group Gallery

If you are really keen then put the Group icon in the artists comments section of all your Nude and Fetish deviations from here on and include the "Groups" widget on your profile page so that people can see all the Groups your involved with

And remember the Group belongs to its Members

Also see these Blogs for further ways to promote the Group and the Art:
Image Donations To Promote The Group and its Artists
Image Donations To Promote The Group

If you have any questions and or suggestions please feel free to “Send a Note”

Daily Deviation Suggestions
Always remember that should you be impressed with an image and or with an artist and believe that more recognition is deserved recommend a daily deviation. Here is the FAQ link to the information on how to recommend DD’s

Group Founder and Chief Admin: PolarExtremesStudio

Group Moderators: johntisbury existentialdefiance and wynnesome

Super Group Membership Donated By: PolarExtremesStudio

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Original Club Founders

The “Respect Us” Nudes and Fetish Artists Club founded in 2007 by the lovely talents of StarKissedSapphire and Serenity-Falls was built on the Principle that ALL “Nude and Fetish Artists Deserve Respect”

StarKissedSapphire and Serenity-Falls worked very hard for a long time to promote that principle and the work of Nude and Fetish Artists

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