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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 15, 2009, 4:46 AM

Joining and Watching | Submissions | Promoting The Group | Suggesting Faves

Joining "Respect Us" Group
If you want to be a submitting member first add the Group to your “+deviantwatch”
Artists applying for membership must first become devWATCHers and all Member applications are evaluated for artistic merit and intent. After adding the Group to your devWATCH simply click the button in the left hand side bar that say “Join Our Group”

Art Lovers and Group Supporters
If you are a fan and connoisseur of Artistic Nude and Fetish Photography then adding Respect Us Group is the thing for you. No need to join for fans and art collectors just add Respect Us Group to your “Watch List” and you are there.

Do I have to be a watcher to get my Join application approved ?

Yes you do, its Group Policy and there will be important info disseminated via Journal Blogs especially while the group system is still in beta test phase

Do I have to the Group icon in my journal ?

No you don’t. But then why wouldn’t you ?
Premium members now have a “Groups” widget available on their page to display the Groups they are in and we will appear there. The best way to promote the Group is if everyone does it. An icon or a quick journal mention will bring watchers to the Group and expand the base of people who see all the artwork so its in every members interest to publicise the Group

Will everybody automatically be approved for membership ?

No they won’t. Join requests will be subject to a level of scrutiny and if you don’t have Art Nudes and or Fetish Images in your gallery or the best you can offer is a mobile phone cam shot of your erect penis then you likely wont be accepted as a member of the Group

Daily Deviation Suggestions
Always remember that should you be impressed with an image and or with an artist and believe that more recognition is deserved recommend a daily deviation. Here is the FAQ link to the information on how to recommend DD’s

Group Founder and Chief Admin: PolarExtremesStudio

Group Moderators: johntisbury existentialdefiance and wynnesome

Super Group Membership Donated By: PolarExtremesStudio

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Journal Writers

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Group Stamps

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Original Club Founders

The “Respect Us” Nudes and Fetish Artists Club founded in 2007 by the lovely talents of StarKissedSapphire and Serenity-Falls was built on the Principle that ALL “Nude and Fetish Artists Deserve Respect”

StarKissedSapphire and Serenity-Falls worked very hard for a long time to promote that principle and the work of Nude and Fetish Artists

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Respect Stamp 001 by Respect-Us Respect Stamp 002 by Respect-Us

Latest Favourite Artists