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Base Rules
THESE RULES APPLY TO ALL BASES POSTED BY ME AFTER 22/5/2018. Please respect and follow these rules, or you will be blacklisted from using any of my bases.
- Provide credit by using either the mentions system (@ SaltedSunsetShimmer without the space), or link back my profile in your Deviantion's description and link your work in the comments of the original base. 
- If you are to post off DeviantArt, make sure to credit me by linking back my page or the original base.
- These can used for trade and point adoptables and commissions/YCHs, but do not sell for real money. 
- These can be frankendolled, on the condition the other base owner has explicitly stated it is OK too. 
- Do not reupload blank versions of my bases in any way. 
- My bases can be frankendolled, on the condition the other base owner has explicitly stated they are fine with their bases being frankendolled too. 
- Do not ask permission to use these, they are free to use. 
:iconsaltedsunsetshimmer:SaltedSunsetShimmer 1 0
Md 5ac46bd759750 by pngtree Md 5ac46bd759750 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0
MBS Logo Pack by MickeyFan123 MBS Logo Pack :iconmickeyfan123:MickeyFan123 1 0 FIRST TIME CALLER. || by magnificans FIRST TIME CALLER. || :iconmagnificans:magnificans 0 0 Custom Box Example by RoseAyePuff Custom Box Example :iconroseayepuff:RoseAyePuff 0 0

Charlie's Inferno
That Handsome Devil
:iconclowncrime:Clowncrime 1 0
Md 5a4db201200c8 by pngtree Md 5a4db201200c8 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0 Md 5abdae320db53 by pngtree Md 5abdae320db53 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0 Md 5add2dd52d4ed by pngtree Md 5add2dd52d4ed :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5abde747065a8 by pngtree Md 5abde747065a8 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ad010dd5b678 by pngtree Md 5ad010dd5b678 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ad7fe0920a45 by pngtree Md 5ad7fe0920a45 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ac4a0a6a1ad7 by pngtree Md 5ac4a0a6a1ad7 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5acd70099a15f by pngtree Md 5acd70099a15f :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0 Md 5a9fac5b8d72d by pngtree Md 5a9fac5b8d72d :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5add2da6bade8 by pngtree Md 5add2da6bade8 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ab84c9fc3102 by pngtree Md 5ab84c9fc3102 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0 Md 5a9d176304d17 by pngtree Md 5a9d176304d17 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ab22e335a99e by pngtree Md 5ab22e335a99e :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 Md 5ab8c924b55e8 by pngtree Md 5ab8c924b55e8 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0 Md 5ab0b73a169c3 by pngtree Md 5ab0b73a169c3 :iconpngtree:pngtree 0 0 1 by pngtree 1 :iconpngtree:pngtree 1 0