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Basics : RP Types
Distinguishing RP types
Roleplayers make up a large part of the community here on deviantArt. It's an ever-growing community, and new members join it every day. Thirsty for adventure, these new members leap into the large world of roleplay, blissfully simplistic, filled with hopes and anticipations. They expect a rich roleplay experience full of excitement, and they want it to be delivered!
New members, however, also means less experience, and less experience means less knowledge. That knowledge which new roleplayers need to acquire may be earned in the long run, by partaking in several satisfying and unsatisfying roleplays and learning through trial and error what is right and what is wrong to include in one. I have taken that path, and I can say that it's a hard place. Some people, even after several years, haven't even made as much progress as would have been expected; they just can't get the hang of it. I have decided to let anyone who so desires take an alternate path, a sh
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Creating A Species: A guide and helpful tips.
Creating a species isn't the easiest thing to do, and I know. I've made multiple species before. You may not know it, but design isn't the only thing that matters in creating a species. Just like humans, and fairies, and dragons: there's a lot more to a them than what they look like. What they eat, and maybe even what they believe in plays a big role on the species' life style. This guide/tutorial here is for fantasy creatures, but I guess this guide/tutorial can help you out anyway. I hope this guide/tutorial can help you out on creating a species!
Making the species.
The Name.
    Now, I have to say, this is the hardest part of creating a species. I'm not going to get too much in detail with this, but it's rare that I use random letters, or well, to an extent at least. It's nice to have a name that "rolls off the tongue", or sounds nice when one says it. Which means that it wouldn't be good to have somethi
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Character Profile Outline
Okay, before anybody starts to think this is some weird idea, let me explain.
For anyone who knows how to write (and I mean, REALLY knows how to write), you understand that a good story has everything written out on paper first.  You know, stuff like Outlines, Plot Triangles, Character Profiles.  This might be of a challenge to some of you and tie you down, but unless you are capable of keeping every piece of information in your mind, this is a good resource to fall back on.  If you do not need this, then fine—you aren’t required to use it.  According to Science Fiction Writers of America, do character sketches and plot summaries but “do not let yourself be locked in by your planning documents.”
In time, I will devise a website that will help more than just creating your character.  On said site, I will post other outlines that will help YOU with YOUR writing, along with some very useful information. 
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Fan Fiction Basics: Canon, Fanon and Headcanon
           Fan authors have a completely different set of problems from original fiction authors. Unique vocabulary is something every fan author has to tackle. While all of the standard things (plot, characters, etc.) still apply, there are three terms that original authors never have to deal with: canon, fanon and headcanon.
           I'll explain the differences between these three things. However, please be aware that not everyone agrees on the definitions. The definitions that I am handing you are those that apply in the strictest sense. They may be slightly different depending on your fandom. Ready? Here we go.
           Canon is facts, information and events presented in the source material your story is based on.
           Generally speaking, canon is information which is shown or explicitly told to the reading or viewing audience. This can include d
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Describing an Action
Ways to Say It
"He opened the door."
He burst into the room.
He felt the door give way.
He watched his own hands struggle against the door as they pushed it open.
He saw a group of people pan into view as the door eased open.
He couldn't remember pushing his way through the door after he had stumbled into the room.
He was barely aware of himself opening the door.
He couldn't stop himself from nudging the door open.
He might as well wear a friendly countenance now that he was opening the door.
The door opened.
The door swung open.
The door was opening.
The door was being opened.
The door creaked when he pushed it open.
The door led him into a warm, crowded room.
The heavy wooden door finally gave way, and he was soon easing himself past it.
His hand found the door, and he turned the knob and walked through.
The handle felt icy in his fingers as he opened the door.
The sound of a door swinging open caused her to jump.
Before he knew it, he was already pushing aside the door.
A war
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Warrior cat names
How to Make a Warrior name that does not FAIL
Things to remember.
Warriors are named at birth. That is they are given a prefix based on tarts apparent when they are born. Some things to think of are. What colour is my cat? What size are they? What gender are they? What sort of fur do they have? Once you have taken these into account you give your kitten a kit name.
Things to keep in mind.
1) Naming a kit for their eyes. Kits are born with their eyes shut. They cannot see, and when their eyes do open a few weeks later they are blue. So naming a kit after their eyes is not done.
2) Naming a Star, Paw or kit. This goes without saying. These are saved for prefixes to indicate rank.
3) Remmeber, the mother does not know what the kit will do in life. So naming it after skills should be avoided. Say a mother named her kit Healingkit and be became a jerks warrior? He'd look pretty foolish. Nor does she know a kit's future personality. Gentlekit is not a good idea. However this is not a hard an
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Writing for Webcomics Tutorial by shingworks Writing for Webcomics Tutorial :iconshingworks:shingworks 1,163 15
Rules for Naruto OC Creation
Rules for Naruto Original Character Creation
by Naruto-Fan-Ratings
The following is a set of general rules and guidelines that will help you in the creation of original characters for the Naruto Universe.  These are intended to prevent or reduce the instance of "Mary Sue" characters in the fandom by providing helpful tips at avoiding the common habits that give rise to them.
1. Know your canon.
If you are unfamiliar or just aren't certain about some of the series information (such as jutsu names, families, history, etc), look it up. Resist the urge to go running headfirst into creating a character without actually knowing what's going on.  Do some research first.  This prevents you from looking like an idiot when someone points out that your character is doing something that should be impossible in the Naruto Universe.  Claiming ignorance is no excuse, when answers to your questions are no more than a five-second google search away.
:iconnaruto-fan-ratings:Naruto-Fan-Ratings 408 101
Character Cliches to Avoid
Character Cliches to Avoid (Like the Plague)
This tutorial-suggestion love child will be split into two parts :: 1 for cliches that should NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVUR be done by anyone, and the second part being ones that shouldn't be done by beginning writers.
Section One: The Black Plague
These are character cliches that are so overdone that they should NEVER be done anymore.  EVER.
Underdeveloped Characters
Not a lot to say on this one.  There's nothing worse than reading a piece of writing though with a main character or side character that never got the character development that they deserved.
"Stone" Characters
This is my name for characters that never change through the series/work.  Your character should always grow with each obstacle they're faced with.
Characters with Atrociously-Spelled Names
Let's just say that if I have to get out the pronounciation guide to get through the first half of your character's name, it shouldn't be done. 
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Tips for creating Pokemon OC's
When reading this, please realize that this is for fully human OC’s in modern times only.
No more than six Pokemon on a battle team. Why can’t people realize this? Seriously, have you ever seen anyone battle with more than six Pokemon? No? Then why are their OC’s battling with 15 freakin Pokemon a piece? It’s perfectly fine for a gym leader or professor to have a bunch of Pokemon that live with them, or for a trainer to have a ton of stored Pokemon as long as they aren’t constantly using more than six.
Starters as starters never go out of style. There are way too many fics where the OC has Pikachu or Eevee as a starter for no reason. Try to use starters as starter Pokemon (don’t give the trainer a bunch of starters or starters from foreign regions). When a new Pokemon is released before its generation (this happened with Munchlax), and is not a starter Pokemon, don’t use it as a starter until the rest are released.
Your starter
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Cat Warriors Naming Guide
Suggestions and Tips for Naming Clan Cats, version 2.0
written by the Lady Ten
last updated July 26th, 2010
Important Note:  These suggestions refer to ordinary circumstances.  This page does not concur with all of Erin Hunter's names.  The mere usage of a certain prefix or suffix in the books is not proof that it works.
In the role play universe inspired by Erin Hunter's Warriors, a warrior name describes the basic, obvious qualities of the cat.  That means no history, no commemoration, and nothing that requires explanation or backstory.  The name should give you an image of the cat all by itself, using straightforward terms that the clan cats would be familiar with.  It should neither exalt nor degrade.
Warrior names have a prefix, given by the mother within the first few days of the cat's life, and a suffix, given by the leader after the cat completes warrior training.
Prefix = beginning pa
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Creating a New World
Please copy and paste this into a Word document or deviation. Then highlight the information after the colons and type over it.
Time/Era: Exact year or approximate time
Name of Country: For fun, you could alter the name of an old country to amuse more educated readers. For example, I altered the Assyrian Empire's name for a conquering people to evoke images of brutality and Mesopotamia.
Geography: Keep track of all the places you mention and their approximate locations. I find it handy to draw a rough map of the area.
Landscape: Trees, soil, water, buildings... Imagine you were flying over the place in an airplane. What would you see down below? (And no, you can't write "screaming people who have never seen airplanes before and think the apocalypse has come.")
Housing: How big are the houses that the people live in, and what are they made of? If they're members of a migrant tribe, what do they use for shelter, and how do they
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Hoja de personaje literario by Eliand Hoja de personaje literario :iconeliand:Eliand 100 52
Writing a Warriors Fanfiction: The Complete Guide
Warriors is a massive and amazing series. Its stories have inspired some of us in the fandom to write our own adventures in this universe. If you're reading this, you're probably one of these people. But how do you go about writing a Warriors fanficiton? Hopefully this guide can help.
PLEASE NOTE: I'm not some kind of professional writer, storyteller, etc. This is just knowledge I've picked up from reading some of these fanfictions and other things. Take this guide however you may. I'm just looking to help out some people who don't know what to do.
Are You Ready?
Before we start doing anything, you might need to consider if you're up for making a fanfiction. Considering that the standard Warriors story is 20-30 chapters long, this project will be a big undertaking. Do you have the self-discipline to write regularly? Can you take on writing a lot at one time? If you realize you don't like writing but still have an idea you want to get out th
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So You Want to Join an RP Group
So You Want to Join an RP Group
A Guide to Creating and Playing Original Group RP Characters
Disclaimer: People have different styles of roleplaying. This centers around the style that I and my friends use. When reading instructional manuals for creative endeavors, always take suggestions with the knowledge that everyone likes different things.
RP groups are a lot of fun. After having exclusively done single one on one roleplays for the last nine or ten years, I only recently discovered the world of the deviantArt RP group. Many -- sometimes even hundreds! -- people gather in one location, all interested in the same base concept, and all hungry for roleplaying! It sounds like a writer's fantasy.
You almost always end up hitting it off with a couple of people whose style of writing compliments yours. The bonds you forge and the friendships that come with them are immensely strong, and you'll find people there for
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How to Avoid Creating a Mary Sue Tutorial
While reading manymanymany fan fictions and original stories with varying levels, it popped into my mind a few tricks to decrease the Mary Sue aspects from characters. I've sorted the tricks to different categories, hope they are useful! The categories are,
- What is a Mary Sue anyway? And why people create them?
- Before creating him/her, aka General attitude
- When creating him/her
- When writing about him/her
- Notes about fan characters
- Notes about original characters
- Links to other Anti Mary Sue tutorials
Most the tricks I've mentioned in this guide are good to remember all the time. However, the tricks I've marked with a star symbol (*) are optional, kind of extra tricks. I use quite harsh examples in the guide to make stuff clear, but remember that the flaws that are smaller than the ones that I mentioned can be bad, too!
On the other hand: Generally, NONE of mentioned flaws are ABSOLUTELY bad, so you don't necessarily have to throw your character into recycling bin or
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How to Plot Character Arc by illuminara How to Plot Character Arc :iconilluminara:illuminara 917 50 Character Motivation Sheet by AnikaandAj Character Motivation Sheet :iconanikaandaj:AnikaandAj 723 15 Guide for writers working with artists by mayshing Guide for writers working with artists :iconmayshing:mayshing 471 34
Synonyms for Said
Brought Forth
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Writing Lesson: Your Character's Parents
    While I am not a professional by any means, I have been writing for many years and, more recently, beta-reading as well. In all of my experience, I've noticed that a lot of to-be authors follow the easy trends and miss out on some great story telling opportunities. Hopefully this guide will help you improve your story and learn that the easy way out isn't always the best! If you would like more writing guides and tutorials, check out the description below.
    For this "Quick Tips" entry, I'm going to focus on an important part of back story: parents.
    *Please note! I understand that, unfortunately, not everyone reading this has parents. If your parents have passed away or are otherwise absent, please forgive anything written here that might be considered upsetting. These scenarios are for fictional parents only and when I say "dead", I do not mean it to sound nearly as insensitive as it
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Worldbuilding sheet: Magic systems - v2
Revised and translated version of this.
So, this sheet is meant to help fantasy world-builders (for any media, not just writing) create the magic systems for their worlds. It is inspired from some character sheets that ask you a series of questions. This sheet may be helpful for you at any stage of the worldbuilding process: whether you're just starting out and need ideas, or you're nearly done and want to make sure everything is consistent. Keep in mind that I'm not technically giving you ideas, just raising questions. This revised version puts more emphasis on definitions than the original.
So, let's start with the term "magic system". A system is a bunch of concepts that work together. Basically, I'll define a magic system as a set of laws for magic. If your world has several kinds of magic that have completely different possibilities (for instance, one kind of magic can do what is completely impossi
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