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How to THINK when you draw STRANSKI GIRL'S HAIR! by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to THINK when you draw STRANSKI GIRL'S HAIR! :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 24 0
Painting Steps! by IroPagis Painting Steps! :iconiropagis:IroPagis 5 1 Snow Mountain by MrJ-Jalius Snow Mountain :iconmrj-jalius:MrJ-Jalius 1 0 [MMD-FNaFSLxUTAU] Bubbled Funtime Teto +POSE DL by Zebracorn-chan [MMD-FNaFSLxUTAU] Bubbled Funtime Teto +POSE DL :iconzebracorn-chan:Zebracorn-chan 21 7 Zac + Tickle Chair = Pure Gold by GIANTXXX2 Zac + Tickle Chair = Pure Gold :icongiantxxx2:GIANTXXX2 14 7 Batgirl (Meadow Wayne) - Step by Step + Video by LadyKraken Batgirl (Meadow Wayne) - Step by Step + Video :iconladykraken:LadyKraken 10 0
Nightly Water Sprouts!
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 0 5
TDVI Ep13 | The Blind Brawlers
Alice : Last time on Total Drama : Volcanic Island!
Tea was spilt! Sunny and Ron headed to the hidden great grape tree grotto, only to find no Laurence.
Sunny and Ron then said they would head to the mess hall, yet Ron ran for a pitstop and encountered Bella and Kaitlyn eavesdropping on Laurence and Kim’s argument because of Garroth. The troublesome trio took to the mess hall, where Sunny,Jason,and Kestin joined the convo, and they later got Laurence on their tail. The challenge was a scavenger hunt underwater! Bonnie and Laurence found there objects rather quickly, after they found it, Jason and Kaitlyn found there objects, but it was too late. Everyone except Kim voted for her, yet Kim manipulated the votes, over in Sunny’s ballpark. Then, the episode ended on quite ze cliffhanger! What will happen now? Let us see! Here on Total Drama : Volcanic Island!
Kim : Hmph, finally.
Bella : Hey! Kim!
Kim : Huh?! *gets knocked out*
Kaitlyn : I really hope that changes
:icontotallyfrostytd:TotallyFrostyTD 1 0
Marco transparente by DaniellaBieber Marco transparente :icondaniellabieber:DaniellaBieber 0 0 Justin Timberlake Facebook Cover by Stannavy Justin Timberlake Facebook Cover :iconstannavy:Stannavy 0 0 Social Media by RobWelain Social Media :iconrobwelain:RobWelain 0 0 Te encontre by ClementineTankian Te encontre :iconclementinetankian:ClementineTankian 0 0 Eye steps by leialle Eye steps :iconleialle:leialle 40 1 Moises by RitmoMusical Moises :iconritmomusical:RitmoMusical 0 0 Corazon  Kronno Zomber by Moonlighdesingofc Corazon Kronno Zomber :iconmoonlighdesingofc:Moonlighdesingofc 0 0 City Skyline Tutorial by BlueishRai City Skyline Tutorial :iconblueishrai:BlueishRai 0 0

[elliott smith]
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reds and blues in shading by JuiceChan reds and blues in shading :iconjuicechan:JuiceChan 6 0 Help us get a super group! by TwinkleMoonBear Help us get a super group! :icontwinklemoonbear:TwinkleMoonBear 0 0
Dragonia Abilities Listing
This is my head canon for my dragons in Neopia. (yes, I play Neopets, and no other sim-games.)
My dragons are a combination of mostly Neopian lore, Dungeons and Dragons, and a little bit of pokemon/dragcave mixed in.
Please credit me if you use this information anywhere; I'd love to see it <3
Italic means every dragon has it under normal circumstances.
The basics of the information below is compiled from different sources.
Shapeshifitng (or metamorphosis) 
the ability of a being or creature to completely transform its physical form or shape.
Frightful Presence 
the mere appearance of a dragon can send pack animals fleeing in terror and shake the resolve of the most stalwart soldier. Usually, a dragon must be of at least young adult age to have this power.
the use of rituals, symbols, actio
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Niall Horan's Baby Soft Feet by GIANTXXX2 Niall Horan's Baby Soft Feet :icongiantxxx2:GIANTXXX2 2 1 Blood Moon and Mountain by MrJ-Jalius Blood Moon and Mountain :iconmrj-jalius:MrJ-Jalius 1 0 Sunset by MrJ-Jalius Sunset :iconmrj-jalius:MrJ-Jalius 0 0 Moon light and city by MrJ-Jalius Moon light and city :iconmrj-jalius:MrJ-Jalius 0 0