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WW: Easter Egg Event 2014! [Winners!]
"It's been a hard battle, but the event is done and it looks like we have our winners!" 
"Hello again my lovelies.
Asha is correct. Here are the results of our Easter Egg Hunt.
FIRST PLACE:  Phoenix!
Winning Faction: 
Although my faction didn't win, I gracefully bow down to the offensive skills of the Frozen Cajones Faction..." 
"Yeah! Get some! Frozen Cajones are the best! High five!" 
*Raises his hand* 
"Anyone? Anyone?" 

*Pouts and glares at Mikey.* 
"Real gentlemen ought not flaunt their victories..." 
"That's wha
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Structure of TLK Governments: Template and Guide
Leadership Structures
Monarchy: The leaders are chosen by birthright. Usually the eldest child (sometimes more specifically, the eldest son) of the current monarch(s) is chosen to take the throne after his/her parent(s). In most monarchies some other relative is appointed to take the throne if the current monarch(s) leave(s) the throne with no other heir. Depending on the laws of the individual pride, the heir may assume the throne at the death of the current monarch(s), when they reach old age, or when the monarch(s) decide(s) to resign for some reason.
Democratic Republic: The leaders are chosen via the votes of specified pride members. In all republic prides, there are restrictions on who can vote, which can include age, sex, rank, etc. In some prides, the votes of individuals are weighted based on these factors. Such republics though should not be confused with universal, free-input systems, since only a small group may wield all say in government; while in so
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Almost Dead-Shadow's Dark Theme
 -Almost Dead lyrics (Shadow's Dark Theme)
 No more gods, no more graves
 Are you friend or fiend?
 No more life, no more death
 Somewhere in between
 No more gods, no more graves
 Are you friend or fiend?
 No more life, no more death
 Somewhere in between
 Well, we're almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Heaven can't save us, hell is a joke
 No place left to go
 What you see, you cannot believe,
 but when we rise you'll know
 Well we're almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Well we're almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the world
 Well we're almost dead
 Almost dead
 Almost dead to the wor
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Youtube is Done 4, Why Does Google like Censoring?
There is a few things that Google has done to Youtube in 2014 now. They have made the content ID system freaking stricter on us all on youtube. WHY DO THEY DO THAT I DONT KNOW WHY!!!
Youtube is a good website to be on now and then when your bored and stuff yes thats correct, but even so that its fun Google is making it less fun by every minute/ They are taking features away one by one each month every year, and I dont know what to do, actually no one cant do a thing about this.
I hat Google & Google+ I despise them both. They need to get a real life and go somewhere else that they can do Google plus with, because They see that Google plus isnt working for people on Youtube. SO they still force us to use it No matter what happens to our accounts.
I stopped making videos youtube for a reason. (1. I got freaking sick of sitting back and seeing other people be able to comment while i just watch them do what they can do and i am not able to anymore. IT SUCKS!!!! (2. Is that I get sick of se
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Cheap Traditional Art Commissions
Read the information listed below before you send a commission request. If you do not follow the information below, your request will be ignored.

1. Send your request in a note. (Not a comment.) The basic format would be like this:
[Insert Commission Request Here] 

[What Commission Type You Want]

[Reference Picture of Your Oc]

[Cutie Mark]

[Any Special Requests for Your Commissions]

[Questions if Any]

2. You can only send 1 commission request. If your does not get accepted, please do not spam or you won't be allowed to be commissioned next time around.
3. If you want to commission, but you have a questions, please ask. Also, if you want your commission revoked, please note me because
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She's My Bloody Rockstar GXG P2 Chords
It had to have been at least two hours that Winter had spent, just walking around the small little town. If she recalled correctly, she was in Delaware at the moment. But it's not like it mattered too much, her location wasn't important to her. It might be in the far future, but as of now she only cared about whether or not she was alive at the moment.
"Being bored sucks!" she exclaimed to herself. She did receive a few odd looks from random bystanders, but other than that, not very many people payed her much mind. Even if they did however, it still wouldn't stop her from doing what she did. She was weird, people thought she was weird. Whatever.
If someone likes her, cool. If they don't whatever, it didn't effect her personally, it didn't effect the way she lives her life. So what did it matter? It didn't. And it never will.
And since she was growing tired of just doing nothing while everyone else has important business to tend to, she decided that she'd play tonight. It was something
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Roleplaying with cleverbot and other stuff

Cleverbot: JA.
User: Ja.
Cleverbot: Uh huh.
User: Jad.
Cleverbot: Ya think?
User: Jadusable.
Cleverbot: Ben? Is that you?
User: No.
Cleverbot: Who then?
User: Jad.
Cleverbot: Doe?
User: BEN.
Cleverbot: Yes?
User: Hi.
Cleverbot: Hello.
User: How are you.
Cleverbot: I'm fine. How about you?
User: Good.
Cleverbot: Thats good.
User: What are you doing lately.
Cleverbot: Talking to you.
User: Ok.
Cleverbot: So, what are you doing later?
User: Nothing.
User: Ben.
Cleverbot: Ben?
User: Ben.
Cleverbot: Majora's mask.
User: Haunted.
Cleverbot: Is it?
User: A cartidge is.
Cleverbot: I don't know.
User: Drowned.
Cleverbot: Why?
User: Ben.
Cleverbot: Who is ben?
User: -.
Cleverbot: Are you a gohst?
User: -.
Cleverbot: What did I sa
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Pixie was a sexy little redhead that hated Ema and everything about her. From her black hair and slender body to the perfect B cup boobs and full side tattoo that looked like an old leafless tree. Ema also had a vertical slit navel that had a vertical slit inside and the side walls were smooth. Pixie had fire red hair which match her personality slender body pale skin and a t shaped belly button... Both girls had an on going battle between each other cause Pixie thinks Ema is fucking her boyfriend, and she is but Ema's lying to Pixie about it. So for weeks now Pixie had been trying to catch them in the act well one day Ema slips up...Pixie text Ema from her boyfriends phone to meet her at the hotel in room 5 the last room in a swanky hotel on the outside of town. The only kind of people you would find there were druggies, drunks, and people that didn't want to be found. Ema drives up to the motel door and sees someone peeking through the blinds so she touches up her make up before walk
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Chaos four chapter 6
Zero: You ready Damien?
Damien: *he nods, letting his tail down*
Zero: All aboard~!
*rick looks confused* wat do u mean?
Zero: as in, get on the dragon's back, silly!
Rick: Dragons back?
Zero: mhm
Rick: Wats that?
Z:Get onto Damien's back
Rick: U srs?we're about the same height,and age I'll crush him trying 2 get on him
Z: that lil one isn't Damien... *points to the huge dragon beside her* THIS is Damien.
Rick: There's 2 Damien's?and were srsly goin 2 b flying on a dragon...?
Zero: haha, no silly, that lil one is Dante, this big one is Damien and yes, I'm srs*holds out an arm for Dante* Come along, lil one, you're coming with us for safety reasons
*Dante crawls onto her shoulder*
Rick: But I thought u were calling him Damien *shakes his head* either way,I really don't wanna fly a dragon,,can't I just teleport us where we need 2 go?
Zero: Not unless you can control the outer vaccum of Space as we head towards the Elemental Planets.
Z: yes, I said Elemental Planets. Whereas mos
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Lots of Activity: Good and Bad
"Morning Everyone! Asha here with your news!"
Top Story: Where is the Winter War?
After so many recent events it hasn't dawned upon the residents for some time that the annual Winter War event had not been commenced. 
This ought to have been the forefront of the citizen's minds, but lately they have been preoccupied with many other events. 
This exciting event has been happening since the overthrow of the Tiebel Dynasty in Dark Age 20:00. 
It is now the Light Age of 20:14! The first year in fourteen years that Guardian Naida hasn't held a Winter War! 
What is the most troubling is we only see the appearance of our beloved Deity once a year. No one knows what she does or where she goes after bestowing the treasures of Nirvina's Box. 
All that is known is she returns to the top of Mount Cerene after the event. 
No one has ever dared to disturb the Deity or our Snow Queen. It is said that the top of t
:icontalondragon000:TalonDragon000 3 47
funny fails and facts.
i have spelling problems so i use spelling correcting to help me or use audio typer. and not everything goes the way i was expecting.
spelling correction fails:
when i was trying to say adorable i type in adoribale and spelling correct thinks it was ambassadorial...... what?
when i was trying to say always i type in alwase and spelling correct thinks it was seawall. o_O
audio typing fails top is what i am trying to say, bottom is what it type down:
I am using Dragon the audible voice typer.
I am using Dragon honorable boy site.
Sheesh girl, trying to make me have a heart attack
She killed Renick make me a have a hard it
how did you get a ghost Charizard?
how did you get a girls child shot?
what? that one was weird.
this on is when i was speaking fast and dragon the audio voice typer was having a hard time catching up and said wrong things:
Love is in the air do you know Pokémon. No charge are do you know snidely negatively that everybody have a valid whether the air de novo
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Would You Rather?...
1.Have sex with someone that has no legs or no arms?
2.Eat a light bulb or walk on broken glass?
3.Jump off a cliff with your loved one or watch them be with someone else?
4.Have sex with your co-worker or have sex with you boss?
5.Live you life till your 90 alone but happy or live till your 30 with a family of your own?
6.Love like to tomorrow with someone for one night or Live with someone with bad manners?
7.Be in a relationship with only sex and no communication or no sex and great communication?
8.Eat a cheese burger with worms in the meat or give it to an old lady?
9.Get a injury to your genitals/vagina during sex and have to go to the hospital and explain it or have your partner get an injury to their genitals/vagina during sex and have to go to the hospital and explain it?
10.Would you rather eat a someone's poo blended up or Drink someone's ejaculation? (one cup of both)
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Story starters (first person narrator 1-5)
1. It's so cold. I don't know where I am right now, or how I got here, but it very much resembles a prison cell. The only visible light leaks in from under the metal door, and off in the distance I hear a scream of anguish. I hear voices from behind the door, but I cannot make out what they are saying. Suddenly the door begins to open. I nearly scream when I see...
2. I don't know why I came back to this place, but nothing as been the same since (insert other characters name here) died in that tragic accident. They said that nobody was at fault, but some how I feel responsible for the death of him/her. If only I didn't...
3. (insert other characters name here) looked at me as if I had grown a third foot. "You can't be serious, that's suicide!"
"We have to do it!" I yelled back at him/her. "I know that it's risky, and you don't have to come with me, but if we don't take evasive action soon..."
4. I hold the gun to (insert other characters name here) head, my
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Tsillah's Travels_LOG
Travelling toward Iyek to obtain my first Drak I noticed a darkened shadow amongst the forest's edge. Curiosity got the better of me and I strayed toward the annomaly, pulling at the weeds and brush to clear my way. A swarm of bats greeted my efforts, and I snarled at them; Sending the night-riders on their way. In truth the swarm's appearence boded well for me, it reminded me of my explorations at home, and the swirling mass of draklike wings all around me had invigorated me once more.
In gratitude I decided I could take something of a detour, and squirmed my way into the cavern. A full-grown Icekin probably wouldn't have made it, but I was still small and I relished that good fortune.
Noticing several torches I smiled, so I was not the first to come into this place. Still why would there be multiple unlit torches? Someone obviously expected visitors, so why not oblige I reasoned. Still something in me did not trust the ancient welcome, so instead I summoned three whisps of pale, blui
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RWBY OC Team Bio Template
To start off, an image would be rather nice, but, of course, this is purely optional.
TEAM NAME: Self explanatory. Use 'RWBY' style spelling . And you better make sure you follow Monty's rules, or I swear, I'm going to rip your skull out, and beat you to death with it! I don't care if it doesn't seem physically possible. For those of you unfamiliar with Monty's rules, check here and OBEY!
REFERENCE: Self explanatory. Is the team name referencing a color? Animal? Plant? It'd also be nice if you included the real world spelling of your team name here, to help with pronunciation. (EX: RWBY and Ruby).
Leader: Simply put his or her name, and maybe strategies that this particular leader likes to do.
Members: List out the remaining members of the team, in the order that their names appear in the team name.
Type: Here is were you s
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Words of Wisdom?
Snohomish's Awesome (more like random) Words of Advice or Wisdom, or whatever you want to call it…I think ^^
Words of wisdom? Hm, I really don’t know much of these things because people really don’t ask me stuff like this…I think you’re the first one ^^; So I’m just going to list random things that I think are important, and somehow my inner thoughts got in here…why? BECAUSE I’M DANISH!!!!!!!!!! Mainly because I’m bored and stuff like this happens when I get bored.
2. Study as hard as you can, but always…ALWAYS leave some time for FUN……..ALWAYS!!!!!!!
3. Don’t be afraid to try/learn new things….and yes I am using different types of fonts ^^
4. Never ever ever ever EVER BACK DOWN FROM A CHALLENGE
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Everacera Character Sheet
Name and Titles
Full Name:
What they go by:
General Information
*4 seasons=1 year
Date of Birth:
Astrological Zodiac Sign:
Blood type:
Species(race if human):
Location of Birth/Hometown:
Current Location:
Living Family Members:
Deceased Family Members of Mention:
Years of Study/Training:
Area of Expertise(trained/studied):
Familial Status(married, single, divorced, with/without children etc):
Affiliation(any kind of group/organization/pack/tribe/etc):
Potential Rivals:
General Likes:
General Dislikes:
Pet Peeves:
Perception of Others:
Perception of Themselves(how they view themselves):
Attitude Towards Life:
Other General Personality Traits:
* =optional
Eye Color:
*Eye Shape/Size:
*Nose Shape/Size:
*Mouth Shape/Size:
Hair Color(s):
Hair Length/Style:
General Clothing Style(if human or living with hu
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Skyrim Main Theme Lyrics
Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin,
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan,
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!
Huzrah nu, kul do od, wah aan bok lingrah vod,
Ahrk fin tey, boziik fun, do fin gein!
Wo lost fron wah ney dov, ahrk fin reyliik do jul,
Voth aan suleyk wah ronit faal krein!
Ahrk fin zul, rok drey kod, nau tol morokei frod,
Rul lot Taazokaan motaad voth kein!
Sahrot Thu’um, med aan tuz, vey zeim hokoron pah,
Ol fin Dovahkiin komeyt ok rein!
Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin,
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan,
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!
Ahrk fin Kel lost prodah, do ved viing ko fin krah,
Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein!
Alduin, feyn do jun, kruziik vokun staadnau,
Voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein!
Nuz aan sul, fent alok, fod fin vul dovah nok,
Fen kos nahlot mahfaeraak ahrk ruz!
Paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein Alduin
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Beta Reader looking for an Author (CLOSED)
1. Are you new to beta reading?
Nope. I'm also an editor for a newspaper, so my skills are rather sharp.
2. Your age (optional):
3. How many authors would you like to beta read?
Just one.
4. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
I'm a "literary author," meaning I write a variety of genres. However, when it comes to editing, my specialties are human nature, horror, and non-fiction. I'm willing to edit AU or non-canon fanfiction.
5. What won't you beta?
Canon fanfiction (ex: fanfiction about Edward and Bella.) Literature marketed towards children. Anything relating to anime (because I don't know much about it).
6. What's your writing skill level?
Intermediate. I'm no F. Scott Fitzgerald, but I ain't a newbie, old sport.
7. How serious are you about your writing?
It's a potential career that is an occasional hobby right now (but also kind of a job considering I write for my school newspaper). I'm willing to edit for people are less serio
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Fruit Senshi Bio
Below is the Fruit Senshi bio. Please fill this out as fully as possible, what is optional is listed as such. 

Fruit Senshi Bio

Present Information:
Name meaning:
Sexuality: optional
Blood type: optional
Hair Colour: 
Hair Length: 
Hair Type: 
Eye Colour: 
Skin colour:
Pet Peeves:
Senshi Information:
Guardian: optional
Knight: optional
Weapon: optional
Past Information:
Name: (Ladies, Barron, baroness,  servants, civilians, priestess, ninja, warrior, knight, anything equal to any of those. This would go before the name you choose.)
Sexuality: optional
Hair Colour: 
Hair Length: 
Hair Type: 
Eye C
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Creepypasta The Cursed Memory Card
So i finally got bored of playing the new gen games, and i wanted to play something not too old and not so new, and then while i was cleaning my room i found it, My Old Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, then the memories of how much i enjoyed playing this gamecome to my head as long as i saw the title page of the gamebox, but the bad thing is that i havent realized that the memory card where i had the game 100% Completed, was already useless because it had a lot of dust and was broking since the last time i ever played my old gamecube,but that didnt stop me of wanting play the game so i decided to go but a new memory card in a pawn shop, and for my good luck i actually found one in good conditions, and had a weird looking sticker on it but i didnt care for that so once i asked the guy of the shop how many for the card he kinda fraked out when he saw the memory card, and then asked me "Are you sure you want that boy?" and a little concerned i replied "Yes very sure, why?" then the guy replied v
:icondagmodspartan:DaGmodSpartan 3 4
Sonic 3 story review.
 Sonic 3 relats when death egg is about to crash on Angel Island, knowing of that Sonic and Tails went to investigate. Once they reach the place they were intercepted by Knuckles, who trust on doctor's lie, and toke the seven Chaos Emeralds.
 Sonic now must retake the emeralds and stop doctor's death egg.
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