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Welcome on Resources-Corner!

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[ You can find in the gallery of the group ]

Featured: you are allowed to submit your artworks in the folder "Featured". The limit is 1 per week and it can be any kind of resource.

Brushes: brushes (or brush settings) for SAI, Photoshop (.abr), Gimp (.gbr), etc.

Vectors - Custom shapes: for every vectors stuff, it can be icons, Photoshop custom shapes and any vectorial files.

Tutorials - Walkthrough: every tutorial are accepted, downloadable, pictures or text... For tutorial related to customization of profile/Journal on DA please submit them in the "Custom box resources" and "Journals - Gallery skins" folders. Walkthrough belong to this folder too.

References: references can be large stock of pics, poses or colors references, animals comparison and morphology studies.

Palettes - Swatches: colors palettes and swatches (for any software).

Linearts - Bases: well, linearts and bases to help to draw.

3D Models - Materials: 3D models and materials but also any resources that can be used on a 3D software.

Journals - Gallery skins: for every galleries and journals skins, CSS which can be used on DA. Stuff commissioned by people are not accepted unless it can be purchased.

Custom box resources: everything related to custom box and widgets : backgrounds, tutorials to customize custom box, CSS and HTML coding etc.

DA Profile - Gallery decorations: only stuff allowed to be used on DA can be submit to this folder, dividers, gallery folders, icons... ect. Everything related to custom box/widget goes to "Custom box resources" folder.

Art status related: you can submit in this folder art status stamps (commissions, art trade etc.) or other art which is related to art status (buttons "Paid", progress bar etc.), status stamps set are allowed.

Patterns - Textures: every kind of textures or pattern can be submit in this folder, photographs are allowed.

Stocks images - PNG Files: only pictures with a transparent or white background in this folder. It can be a part of a photograph.

Stocks photos: you can submit in this folder every kind of photographs as long they are free to use (stock). Premade backgrounds have their own folder.

Styles: styles can be used on texts or other things... Usually Photoshop files but not only.

Stamps: every size ans shape of stamps are now allowed.

Gradients: this folder is for every gradients files (most of the time .grd).

Fonts: for downloadable fonts (.ttf , .otf ... files).

Actions - Colorations - Presets : this folder is for every kind of resources used to change the colors and/or apply a specific style on an image.

Templates - Mockups: flyers templates, mockups, buisness cards & other customizable stuffs...

Premade background: for photo-manipulated stock backgrounds.

Other stuff: for every kind of resources which can't go in the others folders.

If you are not sure in which folder your resource(s) belong(s), you can submit it in the Other stuff folder. I will usually accept it and move it in the right folder (with a little comment to tell you where it should go).

[ Others information ]

You can join this group, the join requests are automatically accepted !
Please, submit your artwork in the right folder.
Free and paying resources are both accepted.
Affiliation requests are open.
You can submit up to 10 deviations per folder per day if you are a member (1 per week for the Featured folder). Non-members can submit up to 5 depending on the folder.