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I accidentally submitted this as a literature. True blonde moment lol. Hi guys~ I know I haven't advertised it here too much, but I do accept art trades with folks, as you can probably tell how many I submit lol. I just haven't told the general public how to go about getting trades from me. Oops.

Let's fix that.

Skill level is a somewhat important factor when it comes to requesting trades from me. If we haven't traded before and I'm a bit hesitant about your art / writing style, I'll offer a smaller trade to see if it meshes well with my characters and / or ideas. ^^;

On the flip side, if I think your style will go well with my ideas and characters, I'll offer something larger. c:

Here's what I offer!

1000 Words for a Singular Bust.

1500 Words for a Bust Couple.

2000 Words for a Half Body.

And so on.

I almost never do trades larger than 2000 words (with the special exception of friends), but if I really like your art or writing, I may be willing to do bigger word counts. The absolute max I'll do for regular folks is 2500 words. x'D

Regarding writing trades, I ask for the same amount of words in return, to keep the trade fair on both ends. Wouldn't be great if I wrote you 1500 words and you sent me 500 back, right? .w.

Also, regarding the art equivalent, I ask for a fully colored piece. It can be sketchy lines, since I do like my colored sketches. uwu But I mostly prefer full rendered, full colored art. c:

Now, my rules regarding trades. That's the fun stuff. lol.

  1. I'm fine with starting my part before you, but I won't finish my half if you haven't, at least, started your part and sent me a WIP.

  2. I'm flexible when it comes to when you finish your part. But please don't take, say, a year to complete it. u.u

  3. Totally cool to write fandom, ocs, or a mix of both (Canon x OC), but I prefer to write fandoms I'm familiar with (which you can see on my FanFiction profile at ResonantCrimson).

  4. Please don't be offended if I ask to do a smaller trade if we haven't traded before. I don't try to insult artists or writers by offering a smaller word count - it's just that with some styles, I'm not sure if it'll mesh with my characters and ideas.

  5. I tend to take, at max, a month to complete my half. I will keep you updated if I take longer, but please respect that if I have commission work to do, that will take priority over any trades.

  6. Please do not rush me. I strive to create quality work, and quality takes time to create. I am usually quite quick, but there may be some instances where I take longer (health issues, lack of internet, etc). I ask that you respect that.

  7. I write in google documents, and will send you a link when I have a chunk of your trade done, to see if you like it or want any fixes.

  8. I will not make major fixes after the trade is complete. I leave that responsibility to you to tell me if you need major changes, as the google documents link will be updated as I write.

On a parting note, if you'd like to see my characters and what you'd be getting into for a trade, check my TH (

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to doing some exchanges with y'all~ >w< <3

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Hi guys! Hope your 2022 is treating you all well so far. uwu

If you're looking for an artist to commission, I can't recommend my friend @kingxlink enough. He's done multiple pieces for me (both commissioned and art trades) and I've loved each and every one. c:

To see his prices and such, check out his commission website!

If you do decide to commission him, tell him Resonant sent you. ;D

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Hi guys! uwu I'm offering a flash sale on my Discord server with savings up to 45 USD on Short (1500) commissions! If you wish to join, you can follow this link to check out all the fun. uwu And maybe a snag a little holiday gift for yourself? >w>

Look forward to seeing you there! <3

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Welcome my literature commission journal! Here you'll find all information you need pertaining to my writing commissions. If you have any further questions after reading this journal in its entirety, you can comment here or note me with your questions. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to see more of my writing, to keep up with me in general, or snag some discord exclusive sales, you can join my commission discord server! Here's a link to join if you'd like to partake in the fun. uwu


Short (1500) - 105 USD

Medium (3000) - 200 USD

Standard (5000) - 320 USD

In between word counts are done by a case by case basis. However, they're available to Trusted Clients at all times. More on those later!

Extra Fees

Research - 10 USD

Extra info: The research fee is applied when extensive research must be conducted to write your story properly and to the best of my ability. It’s generally applied to fandom work where I’m unfamiliar with the source material. This fee may be waived if heavy detail is not a requirement, but it is up to me whether I choose to do so.

Extensive Editing - 12 USD per edit

Extra info: Editing during the writing process is free - I provide a google documents link as soon as I start, and any edits you need done during this process are free of charge. However, after the story is completed, if you need more than three edits on the final piece, this charge is applied to each edit after the third.

Privacy - 50% of agreed final price

Extra info: Need your piece for your eyes only for any reason? This fee applies to the agreed final price of any commission. Privacy is ideal for folks who have private characters or wish for their piece to not be published on public platforms for any reason.

NSFW - Starts at 15 USD

Extra info: NSFW is only available under the following circumstances. 1. You're a Trusted Client.

2. You've commissioned NSFW before this policy.

3. You commission SFW first.

I rarely charge more than the base price for NSFW, but if you’re curious about whether your fetish(es) will incur a higher price, note me with your concerns and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Will & Won't Write

o Will Write

x Will Not Write


o Most Fetishes and Kinks

o Original Content & FanFiction

o BL & GL & Hetero

o Polyamorous Couples

o Incest (siblings / cousins only)

o Age Gaps (min. age of 18, max. 15 years)

o Teacher / Student

x Shota & Pedophilia

x Beastiality

x Scat, Watersports, and Farts

x Weight Gain

Anything not listed? Feel free to inquire!

Payment Policy

Full payment is required for Short and Medium stories. Standard pieces can be done with payment plans - half now, half in a week. Longer time will be given to Trusted Clients if need be.

Commissions are conducted through PayPal. A link will be given for quick, easy payment.

If ordering NSFW, please do not mention NSFW in the payment note. This will result in the payment being held and the possibility of my account being frozen. If you wish to include a payment note, From Username is sufficient.

Please note: I am unable to refund any payment sent, including half payments. Why? I always start work as soon as I’m paid. I do half of the commission with half payment, and complete it once the second half is sent. For this reason, please ensure you’re able to pay the full amount before commissioning.

Trusted Clients

Now we get to the fun part, Trusted Clients! What are these? Trusted folks are those who have commissioned me multiple times, have been pleasant to work with, and have paid in a reasonable amount of time.

Trusted Clients receive discounts that apply to all future commissions, the ability to commission in between word counts at any time, priority when I have a queue, free commissions (at my discretion), as well as a custom role on my Discord server!

It is my discretion who I give this role to, so please don’t be offended if you feel you meet the criteria and I don’t give Trusted status to you.

Final Comments

To view samples of previous commission work, please visit my commission gallery.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you! uwu

~ Resonant

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;; Thank you to whoever gifted me a month of Core!! I really appreciate it. ❤️
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