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AT: Broken Souls

All Vanitas knows is pain, despair, and suffering. He’s never felt a positive emotion in his existence. The only reason he’s going along with the old coot’s plan is to finally put an end to the pain, to put an end to the suffering. If he was destroyed by those pesky little light wielders, then it wouldn’t be a loss. It would be an end to pain. That’s all Vanitas really wants. Xehanort sends him on little escapades every now and again to check on the wielders of light. There’s one who catches his eye - Ienzo. He putters around, trying so desperately to find a way to restore Roxas to himself, and, at the same time, carries a deep burden and sadness within his heart. How does Vanitas know this? He can see it in Ienzo’s eyes. After all, battered souls can tell each other apart from a mile away. Vanitas keeps a close eye on Ienzo, ensuring Xehanort doesn’t know of his little trips to check up on the slate haired researcher. Vanitas feels a strange pang of something in his heart


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R: First Encounter

She isn’t sure why she woke up at such an ungodly hour, but something felt amiss. Rubbing her eyes, Ewa swings her legs over the bed and stands, smoothing out her nightdress as she grabs her flashlight. Hoping nothing too serious is going on, the blonde walks through the halls, hearing the sounds of something strange. Ewa can’t place what it is, but it hastens her steps as she makes her way to the kitchen. Flicking the light on, she lets out a scream at what she sees. There’s… something by the counter, eating bread like it’s a delicacy. What… what the hell is that thing?! The thing looks at her, pupils g


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[CE] [Lelouch x Reader] Shadows in his Eyes

    The first thing you noticed about Lelouch was his eyes.    They were bright amethyst, often filled with irritation toward his classmates. However, if there's one thing you are, it's observant. You saw he looked at Shirley with fondness and affection, and this annoyed you to no end. Why? Lelouch isn't anything too special. He's one of those dime a dozen kids who are smart, but don't apply themselves to their schoolwork. They're everywhere.    Something about him sparked your interest. You weren't exactly sure what it was, but maybe it was the way those purple orbs darkened when someone mentioned the injustice going on between the eleve

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Writing Tutorial: Commas

    Doesn't everyone love commas? ...I can hear the boos already. Commas are definitely something some writers struggle with, so I thought to write a little tutorial to explain where to put commas in different sequences and why. My hope is the knowledge I've acquired in almost twenty years of writing will help writers who need help, so this is the first of my writing tutorials!    There are two big rules of commas, and I'll list them in a (hopefully) easy manner. Always use a comma before SOFAB (so, or, for, and, but). o I... think that was the acronym they used in my creative writing class. (And I think I'm forgetting a word, curse my gold

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