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Antikythera Mechanism

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It forecasts our history, our destination.
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The Mechanism was designed to be portable. this appears stationary.
cool pic tho.
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This is a neat concept. I see birds but it also looks like its underwater. I wonder if the "history"(past) is our destination with that mechanism or that we are going backwards? Eh, I think I just hurt my brain. :XD:

Great job on the background composition and colors! They are really nice hues. :nod:
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just awesome.
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:love: :love: :love: :love: It's wonderful! :D :D :D :D
CrescentMoonDemon's avatar
Wow... Too beautiful for words...
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This is such a gorgeous piece! :heart:
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The image itself is amazing but what I really think is astonishing is that you took the Antikythera mechanism and made it into you're own interpretation.

Beautiful Concept, beautiful image, overall a beautiful piece of art.
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Wonderful landscape,with awesome colors and shadows effects! :love: Congratulations! :clap:
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oh, the antikythera. :)

i saw a picture of it the other day.

this is a marvelous interpretation.
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this is amazing..
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In the background under the arch, for some reason i see it painted as a skull. If it's a mistake, it's a good 'un! :-)
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That's... a sunfish back there, isn't it...

Very interesting image.
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I love the colour schemes you use. Your backgrounds are truly stupendous - very well done ^ ^
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That's just epic! I always think massive caverns are totally awesome. Even more so than massive ships.
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Great scene! I like how the white human figures stand out.
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reminds me of crisis core
Chronos-Kun's avatar
damn. pretty fricken sweet. the detail is so amazing.
this reminds me of a game I played.
masterful work.
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I love the concept, details, and colours :)
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I love the mystery of your pictures~ and the little figures surrounded by such a big and breathtaking background, it looks so good!
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There's such a wonderful sense of depth and space in this, it's breathtaking
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