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Sabretooth Tiger

Character  Sabretooth TigerCharacter  CavegirlLocation  Prehistoric
Cavegirl riding Sabretooth tiger. A variant of a Frank Frazetta piece I made come alive.
Too bad his daughters turned out to be jealous cunts. Such a sad way to end the legacy.

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Cavewoman is enjoying the way the sabretooth feels in between her legs!:D fabulous animation! Frank Frazetta was One of my fave artists - the detail and colour plus viewpoints were superb.:D

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Indeed. Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo. Are the other two biggies. I've animated both of their stuff.

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Yep - you could find all their work on an old site ‘Imaginetion’ which unfortunately disappeared:( so not sure where their galleries can Be found now.. Is their work in your gallery too?!

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I had it up on YT but got b4nned remember? All the toxic nutterz.

Will reupload sometime. Probz need to rework the pieces though. They were early works.

One was of a dinosaur biting a cavewoman on the bootay while she was tangle don some vines while a pterodactyl flew just outside the canopy of the trees. It was a rather enjoyable piece, but since she is nude. I worry the act of a dino biting might violate the fascist n4zi DA's bs policy.

And the other piece by Luis Royo..

Oh actually I do have a portion of Boris Vallejo. It's mostly a black and gray piece. Of a woman in bondage struggling. The original animation featured the entire painting .

Captive struggling animated
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I must say, "that is one rather happy tiger ;) ."
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hey hey you didn't even like boi *whips*

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lol wouldn't you be mah boi

Jons are you in character why do you talk in quotes. =p

I still owe you one super lewd animation don't i?

It has been long in coming.

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