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Power Girl bouncy in Space

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Bouncy, bounce Power Girl.

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Amazing! Really makes the art work! :D

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This was a test shot. The idea was to have Superman grab her top and rip it open. It is still in the works. Whether I end up getting around to it who knows.

Btw, did you know Power Girl is Supergirl from Earth-2? No one ever explains why the boobs in Earth-2 are so much bigger haha B cup vs. Double Dees.

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Thanks for the comment! The idea of Superman grabbing her top and ripping it open ... does sound fun ... ! :)but is probably harder to put together..

I didn’t know that Powergirl is Supergirl from Earth-2 ... but the end result of Double Dees is definitely worth it! Perhaps we need to have an alternate version of Wonderwoman too!:D so we get bigger boobs ... also!:D

the brunette nun has double dees!

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Oh that is very beautiful indeed.

I've also always wondered about that. If Earth-2 WW also has DDs. haha It'd be a funny inside joke if everyone from Earth-2 was like that.

Back the brunette. It is epic. But here is what I am thinking for effect. I'm going to dress her up and then peel away the layers.

I find the allure tends to work best that way. But what do I know. =p

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Thank you!:D

Perhaps you could take a look at this one with Blonde & Brunette having a tussle at their soccer match ... and make the image come alive? (I’m still working on the new Blonde story... might be a few days)

the thinking was that maybe Blonde could rip off Brunettes top ?! But don’t know how tricky that may be?!

btw my version of WW has double dees! Perhaps she’s visited Earth-2 accidentally!

it would be fun if the super heroines from Marvel went to Earth-2 also! Would love to see the results!:)

Wonderwoman: It's better without these..
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It can be done in 3 shots I think. Her pulling the top off. I did one similar with Daphne from ScoobyDoo. I forgot what the monster it was but he is tugging on her bra as her top is ripped. Trying to yank it off while she screams and dangles a flashlight. Then after a few attempts it pops off. It was just a bit of fun but worked quite well.

I'll have to redraw her to make her naked obviously. If you have one nude. It is probably easier to put the clothes on than to take them off. I mean both ways is doable. But the artstyle may not match. I do not mind I am used to it.

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haha and all male superheroes have female versions in Earth-2 instead. haha Legendary SCREW Earth-1 then. Earth-2 is where it's at. =p

Oh, yeah I saw that Wonder Woman. It is wayyyy appealing. Maybe she is pulling them off and saying Krypto come here.

Wouldn't be too hard to animate.

But let me try with the first Brunette one just because I like it and I was already brainstorming it.

Can't stop this train once it starts.

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Agreed! we should focus on Earth-2 ... sounds like the place to be! :D :)

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For the Brunette vs. Blonde. I'd need another shot. One of Blonde still on her feet. Maybe fumbling like about to fall with a shocked face. Then her grabbing the skirt. Well, that is two shots ain't it? From that we transition into what you have now.

So, scene 1: Brunette fully clothed (with skirt) with Blonde fumbling about to grab her skirt.

Scene 2: Shot of Blonde (maybe just arm) grabbing skirt (close up on Brunette's skirt).

Scene 3: the one you have of Blonde on the ground with Brunette bottom less.

Scene 4: Angry Brunette ripping Blondes top off.

Scene 5; Blondes top flying off (close up of her jewels).

And with some dialogue.

Like Brunette Scene 2 (My skirt! Oh no! Ahhh!)

Etc. You get the idea.

I don't know these characters or their manner of speaking. So I'd leave it up to you since you know their personalities. Otherwise, if I did it, I'd end up just winging it based on my likes.

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It's very cool )

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Thank you, brother. Really appreciate it.

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