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Barmaid gif

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Really lovely :D

I love it. Really well done :D

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Yes, indeed. So that is what she was trying to do all this time. Trying to get some morning breakfast.

I'm afraid we are going to go up 3 cup sizes.

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Đó chỉ là một con số. Bạn có thể nói bằng ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ của mình.

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Looks amazing to me.

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Thanks very much. Greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks so much! For stopping by and for liking.

I'll see about making one of your comic strips come alive. haha but no promises! I tend to get distracted easily.

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It was great to see your gallery! :D It’s really superb!

it would be amazing if you could make one of my comic strips come alive! Perhaps I could suggest one... that would be easy to do ... I have one that’s work in progress...?! But ... no pressure ... only take a look when you can! I’ll send you a note tomorrow! :D


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Of course feel free to suggest the piece. Your artwork is brilliant. And the names of the characters are brilliant too. "Brunette" and "Blonde" lol

Really mesmerized by your art. That bear tackling Blonde and ready to have himself a treat. Man, oh, man. Good stuff! haha

I was thinking of what I could do with Brunette like give her subtle motion. Never know what it will be like 'til it is done.

So for what I do. It is usually best if they have clothes and then the art is the clothes coming off.

I did do two pieces or was it Gil Elvgren. Dratz. Why do I keep thinking it is two.

Let me show it to you. Let me see if I have time to recut and upload. The problem is the file size limit.

Okay, here it is. This one is by Gil Elvgren or a variant of, I should say. Try to notice the scratch marks. I had to shrink it or it wouldn't upload. So not sure if they will be visible. Click to enlarge. The preview ending it making a small pinhole view.

Cat Surfing Down the Stairs
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