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I make art come alive
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Artist // Film & Animation
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Fakk DA. Bunch of fascist feminazi c0cksuckers. I am out.

She is back
Tifa Lockhart
The New World of Warcraft 2

Hago sueños realidad! I make paintings come alive. I am Resist Reality and I bring paintings to life

()() (O.o)

Dark Druid painting comes alive

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Should Superman and supergirl get married?

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    Hell yes! Krypton needs to be repopulated! Sweet home alabamy!
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    Hell no! Krypto has something to say about that.
  • Supergirl Marry Batman
    She should marry Batman.

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Who is hotter Misty or Jessie?

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It would appear things aren't currently going as well as they could for you, friend.

But I'm confident you'll find a way to get through or around it.

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Prepare to be destroyed, mortal.

*lightsaber ignite*

Haven't been here in awhile, but I love your new pics friend. Keep up the great work as always. :headbang:

Thanks, brother. *pats* Your continued encouragement has meant a lot ^^

there is some bs going on with my substar i think it got deactivated for inactivity

@vladen13 anyway that's besides the point I think I am splitting the photorealism from the animated cartoon anime stuff.

The photo realistic sh!t never seems to get the likes but then again neither does the cartoony sh!t so maybe I'm just crazy.

But that disney sht >.< gets wayyyyyyy more likes

when I get to 10,000 that's when I'll star doing premium content

until then i'll just keep learning and doing what i do!

I'm offering commissions!
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