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i haven't told you yet
but that dreamhome you're planning
the one with the pool, the hottub and the sauna
the one with the tower room library
the one with the solid granite kitchen floor
the one with the bathroom with shower tiles on all the walls

i haven't told you yet
but none of that matters to me
not the pool or the library
not the cabinets that go all the way to the floor
not the grand piano in the front room
not the bathroom off the master bedroom

i haven't told you yet
but to me it's just a place
a place to pet the cat when it's feeling friendly
a place to be held and watch the sunset
a place to wake up next to the one i love
a place to be yours

and for you to be mine
for the one i love.

who doesn't read deviantart, so he'll get this tomorrow.

shh! don't tell :D
TheBloodWriter Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Very sweet. I shall not tell. Very classic romance over materialism, me like.

Also: Haven't seen your poetry in forever.
resiliantpewter Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
thanks for the note (and the fav). it's a little late to spoil it for him at this point though =p
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February 13, 2009
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