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me by residesinflames me :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 5
walking in you
Walking for the first time with out that guiding hand
fragile pillars crumble soon after the introduction
of independence
what I once depended on to get by
is now obsolete
standing for the first time
all the text book equations and answers seem so far away
hollow and worthless
hearing them tumble from my mouth
without realizing it
for the first time i realized how small i am
seeing the world for the first time
depraved and corrupt as it is
in all it's perverse beauty
for the first time i knew what i had to do
with no book telling me what has happened now
or what will happen in the future
how do you grow up now?
when did the force feeding end?
was it in june? was it the year before?
when do you learn to walk?
when do you really become you?
have you ever been you?
:iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 15
a different me by residesinflames a different me :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 8 my sidenote by residesinflames my sidenote :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 2
I have fallen to my knees just so you would see me
I have given in to giving to you
you don't love me
you could never love me
I see what I have become
full of hate and desperately looking for love and attention
I became jaded and numb
when awoke to the whore I had become I couldn't believe it
I was bruised broke and still stuck on you
my knees still bleed
my soul is black and blue
but all in all I still love you
looking down on it letters I wrote that I never gave to you,
looking back on all the stupid things I had done and things I become so you would see me
it never worked
nothing worked
so much for a new hope
so much for trying
so much for the nights I lied in bed dreaming
it never will happen
ill just find my knife and wipe the slate clean
I wonder would you even notice me then?
:iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 9
arron again by residesinflames arron again :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 12 mr arron by residesinflames mr arron :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 1 martin by residesinflames martin :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 4 resonating light by residesinflames resonating light :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 2 9
Realizations of sheer stupidity and pride
unjustly, i crucified you...
beat you and spat at your dying body
you where the whipping boy
stppping back i never saw it,
reflecting now, i was a fool
none of my appologies are good enogh
my actions have been rash and in passion,
but why should you forgive me?
you don't need to,
I've dug my self a hole
as far as i can see i deserve to stay here
for what it's worth
i'm sorry
i really am
for what its worth
i wish we were friends
but to you it means nothing,
to you i mean nothing
:iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 9
thornlord by residesinflames thornlord :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 4 aaron by residesinflames aaron :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 4
my goodbye
All the saddest songs in the world don't do justice to what I'm feeling
Simple words need not be spoken
Just the same is my descent into the darkest corner
My soul weeps, cries out and screams,
But everything I do goes unnoticed
Trapped in a moment condemned to relive,
Playing non-stop in my head
Each time more painful then the last
Sitting up night after night suppressing the tears that just aren't coming
Comforting with empty promises
Everything went wrong since school began,
The classic tales but always the sad endings
Jaded early by repeating scenarios
Hurt by those whom I once held close
I ask myself,
Why won't it stop?
Tonight's the night it's all over and done
A few drinks numbs my senses while I stumble for the razor
This is the night it ends,
I crawl out of my hole
Into the light
Tonight the cycle ends
:iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 2 8
kipahulu by residesinflames kipahulu :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 7
slow death
The pit within my stomach swells with every breath
Each inhale grows shorter, asphyxiating me slowly
And yet I do nothing
With sprit broken and will gone I give into death
So undeserved
My patience was tried time and time again
Your menacing presence is looming over my breathless body
Do you take comfort in your actions?
Do you remember that dead cannot forgive nor condemn,
Only your convictions can do that
so what are your convitions?
:iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 7
face by residesinflames face :iconresidesinflames:residesinflames 0 5


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is a my chem head
Current Residence: corruption and decadence
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Personal Quote: Que?
ok well its been a while huh? my life is really too busy to be active lately...

so much for comming back and up dating huh well hopefull at the end of this term i will have some free time and will update untill then



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you have to aim me sometime. i want an update of your life
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Oh man, I haven't heard from you in a while!! I'm pretty good. And you?
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Thanks for letting me support you here on this growing site
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Thanks for stopping by as well when you do
we'll talk on aim when I"m available. But I'll try my best for you
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