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June 13, 2018
Green Hill Zone by ResidentEvilffs
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by SavageFrog
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Green Hill Zone

THIS... took me long.
I mean, it took me long to paint, yeah, but that's no what I'm talking about.

If you follow my work here on DeviantArt, you might have seen a sketch of Sonic and Lilac I posted a while ago. Do you recognize the background?

Yeah, this painting was supposed to be a Sonic and Freedom Planet crossover... but it didn't work. Well, at least I did not like as much as I thought I would, which led me to stop working on it and leaving it unfinished.

However, back then I drew classic sonic, and I really liked him there, but I could not translate Lilac to classic sonic style, so that's another reason why I pretty much abandoned this (I might try it out again later).

So these days, I promised myself: "I'll finish this illustration"... and so I did, but as a Sonic only illustration.
I'm proud of the result. Specially because of the background, which believe me or not, was the easiest and most fun part for me! I played a lot with composition and the golden ratio on this one, so that's why it looks so neat :P

If you want to check out the process of this illustration in Time Lapse, here's the link:…

ALSO, IF YOU CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON, YOU'LL HAVE ACCESS TO THE BREAKDOWN IMAGES OF SONIC!! I broke down his painting process in different steps, so if you want to have a closer look at it at your own pace, just hit that button. Don't worry, it's 100% free of charge :P


Speaking of charge, I do this kind of illustration as COMMISSIONS, did you know!?

Well, they're not free of charge, unfortunately, but this month (June 2018) I'm making a pretty nice sale. ALL COMMISSION TYPES 20% OFF! FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH!!

So if you would like to commission me, just check out these links down here. You'll have all the information you need there :P


Cheers :D
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DianaArtyukh's avatar
Wow! cool job.
? Question mark (Symbols) I wonder how much time you had to spend on this work?:baffled: Colon Question Mark + plz Bear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2] 
ResidentEvilffs's avatar

Thank you, Diana!! Glad you liked it :D

It took me around a week I'd say. The background definitely took longer than Sonic himself XD.

There is a link for a speed paint in the description. It's time-lapsed, but feel free to check it out :p

DianaArtyukh's avatar
laptop pixel by svnoku  Thank you for the answer! Seriously! Sonic Bruh by Yoshifan1219   Work on this drawing gave an excellent result. You accurately displayed all the details. You probably spent a lot of patience on this.
trade mistakes by inkuu  
Very beautiful! Emoji13 by Emoji-icon  
ResidentEvilffs's avatar

I`d say it is more a matter of loving painting and spending time on it! I don't know, it is quite relaxing and fun for me...

Time flies and I do not even notice.

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This came out very well, I'm glad you put in so much time and effort on not only the execution but the concept as well. It looks like official concept art for Generations or something. This piece is really amazing, you should feel proud for finishing this. :icontheydiditplz:
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Running fast to the 90's.
RanchBerryCrunch's avatar
This is beautiful!🌟
Przylga's avatar
CromwellInnovations's avatar
Simply beautiful. Amazing Sonic fan art that doesn't relate to OCs or fetishes.  
DatEmoboy's avatar
This Art is freaking amazing!
LostGryphin's avatar
Love this so much - the details are incredible
lydia-san's avatar
the colors, perspective, composition, dynamics :iconbegplz:
Estonius's avatar
Beautiful scene, colours, and style!
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
This is way past cool!! :D
NEX-EXE's avatar
Nicely done! Always more room for sonic art. :)
Pinkingtonarmoury's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!!

Excellent work Added to my devWatch! 
Grace-Zed's avatar
Congratulations on the DD~!!! :clap: 
ResidentEvilffs's avatar
Thank you very much, Grace-Zed :D
Iduna-Haya's avatar

Congratulations on your Daily Deviation! Wonderful work :)

ResidentEvilffs's avatar
Thanks, Iduna-Haya!!

Funny, I just found out that I was on Daily Deviation when I read the comments here. You guys were aware of it before I was hahahaha
But yeah... I'm pretty happy!

Thanks once again for spending some time to leave a comment.
Reddude15's avatar
Omg this actually fucking amazing holly shit I can't even describe it, your time and effort I can actually FEEL that shit I really can imagjne
ResidentEvilffs's avatar
Hahaha Thanks, Reddude15!!! XD

It took me a pretty long time indeed, even if you desconsider the period of time I did not work on it and left it unfinished. However, the process was tons of fun :P
My reward is to see people really enjoy it, so thanks for taking some time to leave a comment!

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