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Commissions open v2 by ResidentEvilffs

I am opening 2 slots for any commission type below

--------------------------------------------------COMMISSION OFFERED-------------------------------------------------

Detailed Painting:

Highly rendered and detailed illustrations! Characters look awesome in this way!

Full Body: USD$130,00
Waist: USD$80,00
Bust: USD$65,00

Price may increase due to:
- Extra character: 2x
- Detailed Backgrounds: + USD$80,00

Examples of work:
Green Hill Zone by ResidentEvilffs
Freedom Planet 2 Heroes by ResidentEvilffsJenny Wakeman by ResidentEvilffs
At Freedom Planet by ResidentEvilffs  
Barbara by ResidentEvilffs  Lechie by ResidentEvilffs  Shantae by ResidentEvilffs


Simple shading. Mostly hard cast shadows and only a few soft ones. Looks good for comics and animations!

Full Body: USD$60,00
Waist: USD$45,00
Bust: USD$35,00

Price may increase due to:
- Extra character: 2x
- Detailed Backgrounds: + USD$50,00

Examples of work:
  Shadow and Maria by ResidentEvilffs Space Pirate by ResidentEvilffs Freneza Kuracisto Comic Book Cover by ResidentEvilffs 


Rough drawings/paintings. Quicker to do and no so refined, but it certainly has a charm!

Full Body: USD$35,00
Waist: USD$25,00

+ USD$20 for background
- Extra character: 2x

Examples of work:
Commission - Ria and Emery by ResidentEvilffs Skylar and Plux by ResidentEvilffs
Sketches of Freneza by ResidentEvilffs Shadow the Hedgehog Sketches by ResidentEvilffs

Classic Sonic Style:

I'll draw you Sonic OC, Classic Sonic Style! Fool your friends saying that it made it to Sonic Mania.

Universal Price: USD$60,00
Note: It has to be a sonic OC

 Classic Rouge by ResidentEvilffs Classic Blaze by ResidentEvilffs

If you want to know if I can do a different type of commission that is not listed above, do not hesitate to ask! The worst that could happen is me saying no :p


If you're considering commissioning me, you must agree with these terms:

  1. Commission payment is only done by PayPal. I do not take points;
  2. 40% of the whole value will be charged before I start working on the commission (you will not be charged to get a slot);
  3. I will only start working on the commission once I receive that percentage;
  4. You can contact me through the options on the next section, but all communication will be done via e-mail. When you contact me, I will ask for your e-mail so we can get in touch.
  5. The WIPs I send during the process will always have watermark and will be at a lower resolution than the final one. Once finished, the high-resolution version without the watermark will be sent only after I receive the rest of the payment (along with other files).
  6. If big changes are required after the commission completion, an extra amount will be charged according to how much is going to be changed.
  7. I have the right to decline a commission.
  8. If you, for some reason, gives up on a commission and want to cancel it, please inform me right away. The second part of the payment will be charged according to how close to completion the commission is and the files will be sent to you.
  9. If I have to cancel a commission for whatever reason, I will send what was done so far and I will not charge the second part of the payment.
  10. If you need to cancel a commission before I start working on it, I will refund you the 40% you paid upfront.
  11. If I need to cancel a commission before I start working on it, I will notify you and refund the percentage.
  12. If a commission is cancelled, the files of what has been done so far will be sent to you.
  13. I will contact you to show the progress of the commission at least once a week, although I may contact you more often than that.
  14. If I get in contact with you and after a week I receive no single response, your commission will be considered cancelled and the initial 40% will not be refunded! Just give me some sign of life!
  15. If I need more time to work on the commission or push the deadline forward for some reason, I will let you know. You will not be charged for that.

Stuff I Won't Do:
- Offensive themes, such as homophobia, racism, rape or drugs apology, and more...
- Fetishes
- Gore
- Some NSFW stuff

Stuff I Will Do:
- Some NSFW stuff (if I feel comfortable with it)
- Honestly, I'm fine with most of stuff. Just ask me and I will see what I can do


You can get a slot by:

- Sending me an e-mail (
Please send it with the subject "Commission - [Your Name] - [Subject]"

- Sending me a note on DeviantArt

- DM on Twitter (@suehtamsatierf)

- DM on Discord (SuehtamSatierf#8980)

Sending me a message does not guarantee that you will have that slot.

SLOT 1. Zketcherz
SLOT 2. ...

Once your slot is granted, I'll get in contact with you to get PayPal information.


ResidentEvilffs's Profile Picture
Matheus Freitas
Artist | Student | Digital Art
My name is Matheus, and I'm an art student from Rio de Janeiro.

I remember liking cartoons and games since forever! I would play a lot those plug and play video games when I was around 3 to 5 years old. That's before getting my first actual gaming console: a PlayStation One! Some years after that I got the PS2, and that must be my favorite console of all times! I had a blast with it back when I was a kid. I would gather my friends at my place and we would spend hours and hours playing that!

The same for cartoons! I always loved it, and I still love it! More than I do love series, that I barely watch to be honest. I remember getting back from school everyday and watching Cartoon Network. I liked Ed, Edd n Eddy, but I watched many other stuff! I also remember enjoying Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, MLAATR, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, MLAATR, Johnny Bravo... there are so many I could make pages of this!

Around when I was 12, I decided I wanted to make games. I started to learn many different things, like using Adobe softwares and when I was around 14-15 years old I started to study in a Game school around here in Rio. However, most of its content was more art oriented, and I ended up falling in love with it.

Today, I'm down for anything: working on games, animations, whatever!!


Sonic Pencil Sketches 2
Second page of pencil sketches of Sonic. For a more in-depth description check page 1

Page 1:…
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!! And I still gotta pay a bill this month, so I really could use a couple of sketch commissions at least XD

25% OFF in all commission types until the end of this year!!

Check the links for more info:

Cheers!! And Merry Christmas!
Sonic Pencil Sketches
I am currently in a school break for the holidays so I am spending some time doing pencil sketches around.

These are some I did trying out a different style for Sonic, which so far I really like!! I am definitely going to play around with it a little more.

Also, It's being great for me to spend some time away from the drawing monitor and doing some traditional stuff. Life drawing classes and some practice really helped me improve my draftsmanship and skills with the pencil, helping me to do cleaner sketches.

This is the first page of sketches. Here's the link for the second page:…

Also, my COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!! And I really could use a couple right now as I need to pay a bill here :p

If you are interested in commissionsing me, please check out my commission journal and/or sheet.


Cheers! Happy Holidays :D
Heeey, I just reached 500 watchers!!!! That's halfway through to 1000!!

Thanks y'all for the watches and I apologize that I haven't been uploading stuff lately. I have been busy with college stuff, but I'
ll post them once they're ready.

Anyway, thanks again!!
Mario Sketch
I did this sketch of Mario in college after I finished all my assignments. I have realized that I've never really drawn him before... It's easier to draw him than to draw Sonic!! I am actually surprised in finding that out.

Anyway, it was just something I did while I did not have anything to do (or wanted to).

By the way, I have re-opened COMMISSIONS!

If you are interested in commissioning me, everything you need to know is down below?

P.S.: Some changes have happened to the commission sheet and journal, so even if you are already familiarized with my stuff, I encourage you to take a look again at the journal and read the terms.

Cat Sketches
I found in my phone's gallery these sketches I did a while ago those year that I have never posted!! So I'm doing it now.

Actually, there are so many things that I did that I haven't ever posted! Maybe I'll upload some.



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