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Chapter 4 Lost City of the Past

Raccoon City, USA
September 29 1998

(A flashback began to trigger their memory. It first starts off as T-virus infected zombies walking around Raccoon City. As the city was overrun by zombies, young Bill Masaki, who is an agent working for the US government called the NEST-CIA. His mission was to find information about the incident and collect valuable information needed for the agency. But, his main objective is finding his two sisters. However, his mission went out of plan causing him to believe he was killed by zombies which the NEST-CIA pronounced him dead. Unfortunately, young Bill didn't succumb to the zombie virus and began to find a way to escape. This is his story.)

Bill *runs and hides from the zombies* Damn, these zombies sure know how to treat a US agent like me to this hellhole. Raccoon City sure became a city that I never thought it would. 

(Just then a zombie approaches him from behind and Bill aimed his Type 54 Black Star pistol[Chinese Tokorev TT-33] at it and killed the zombie.)

Bill: Sorry there friend, but I'm not really hungry. Maybe next time, we'll grab a bite, but not me as your main course.

(Bill continues on to the streets only to find the streets surrounded by zombies.)

Bill: This place is surrounded by these walking deads. I hope Shirley and Sana are alright. I'm coming for you my dear sisters. *runs to the back side of a cafe.* Hehe...might want to get a nice cup of Joe. 

(Bill walks to the counter to make him a nice cup of hot coffee.)

Bill *drinks the coffee* Ah...fresh, hot Vietnamese milk coffee. Just like how momma made it for me. 

(Suddenly, he sees zombies coming in the cafe and he began to exit out. He aims his handgun and fires at a bunch of zombies killing them for good. Bill then hear voices coming from behind. He believes it to be survivors, but wasn't sure if they are friend or foe. He began to hide behind the car. As he hid behind the car, he found an assault rifle, M-16A2, next to a dead US soldier. He checks if the weapon was still functional. He was happy that it was still working; unfortunately, he was disappointed to find there are no ammo left in the gun or the ammo pouches on the dead soldier. He dropped it to the floor and saw two people coming to him. He check his pistol to only find 5 rounds left. Bill peeked out and fired a round on the two survivors.)

Man: *ducks and hide to hear gun fire* Look out!

Woman: *follows him* W-What is that? Who is shooting?!

Man: I don't know who ever it is, but he sure wants us to be dead. *fires back*

Bill: *hears them fire back* So they know...good, I'll see to it first they die before me. *fires couple of rounds back until his gun clicked*

Woman: Looks like he's out. We might want to know if they are friendly or not. That person is probably scared as us.

Man *tries to communicate with him* Hey, don't shoot! We are just survivors trying to find a way out! We are not here to hurt anyone! Please don't be scared!

Bill: Are you friendly or foe?!

Man: We are friends. We come in peace. Look, we all know what we want. All three of us wants to escape, right?

Bill: Who are you?

Man: My name is Leon S. Kennedy. I'm just a rookie for the Raccoon City Police Department. 

Bill *in his head* Raccoon PD? He can probably help me find Sana. *backs to talking to him* Are you with anyone else?!

Leon: Yes, I'm with another survivor. Her name is Claire Redfield. She is just here to find her brother. 

Bill: *in head* I these aren't assassins or anyone trying to murder me. *backs to talking to them* Alright! I'm coming out right now. I'm putting away my gun back in my holster.

(Bill began to pop out of the car. Leon and Claire did the same. Leon aimed his gun at Bill while he raised his handed up as they walked to each other. Leon and Claire examined him.)

Leon: are working with the US government?

Bill: Yes, I'm an agent for the NEST-CIA who is supposed to find information and collect data about what is going on.

Claire: don't really know what is going on?

Bill: No...I just got here like you guys. When I got here, all I see is hell and these dead people reanimated as zombies. It's like a horror movie.

Leon: I see...and you are?

Bill: Oh, please forgive me. My name is Bill. Bill Masaki. It's nice to meet you, Leon?

Leon: Yes, that's me.

Bill: And this lovely girl here is Claire right?

Claire *blushes* Aww...thanks, Bill. And you are right.

Bill: Well, I'm glad I found survivors. I thought I was alone. 

Claire: So did we.

Bill: Is there a way out or something? Anyone or survivors holding up?

Leon: Well...*points to the Raccoon City Police Department building* We believed some survivors are held in there. We heard broadcast from the stations on our way here. 

(We then hear the broadcast being made again.)

Bill: I see...well, let's get going then. We now know each other. Let's hurry before more comes in.

Claire: Right.

(As the three began to make their way to the police department, Bill began to ask Leon about his little sister.)

Bill: Leon?

Leon: Yeah?

Bill: Have you've met or heard of a girl by the name of Sana Masaki?

Leon: Hmmm...I don't think so. I just got here.

Bill: Right. Sorry for asking.

Claire: Is...s-she like your girlfriend, sister, or someone you know?

Bill: She was my...little sister. She was part of the RPD SWAT team. She was the only youngest girl to be in that unit. 

Claire: you are looking for your sister as I'm looking for my brother.

Bill: Yeah, kind of. 

Claire: What happened to her?

Bill: Right before the incident happened, my little sister and I were on our way to pick up my big sister, Shirley, from her school at Raccoon University. However, the attack began and we got separated by the crowd of panicking people. I was scared and didn't know what is going on. Until a man...I believe to be a US government agent...saved me from the first wave of attack. I then see that the city was slowly being turned into a nightmare. After he rescued me, he took me under his wing and trained me to be a government agent. During some training, I received letters sent by a random young girl who I found out to be my little sister who just graduated from the RPD SWAT academy. I believed my sisters are still in Raccoon City scared as the zombie outbreak began. The US agency, NEST-CIA, decided to put me to the test and sent me back to Raccoon City to collect and find intels about the incident. However, the agency believed that I was dead after I gave them one last call before losing communication and pronounced me killed in action. There were many zombies surrounding the city and was hoping I can get out and find my sisters. I end up finding her SWAT team dead and pray to god she wasn't dead like them. It turns out she went missing after I found a picture of our family that we all kept and I hinted she probably escaped when the zombies attacked her team. She might have dropped it, but I probably believe she is dead.

Claire: Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

Bill: Don't be, Claire. As long as we work together, we will get out alive.

Leon: Yeah, but don't give up hope yet. Your little sister is probably one tough girl to be in the SWAT team. She's probably hiding in the police station right now.

Bill: Hope you are right, Leon. Hope you are right. 

Claire: Besides, my brother, Chris Redfield, is part of the S.T.A.R.S unit. If we find my brother, he can help find your sister. Maybe she's with him now! 

Bill: Yeah, possibly! Let's go!

(As they continue on, the trio were then surrounded by zombies. They looked around to see the zombies coming in closer.)

Bill: Sh*t, we are surrounded! What are we gonna do?

Leon: *sees an opening* Right there, run through them! Shoot them if you have too!

(They ran around them as they fired at the zombie killing some of them.)

Leon: Sh*t! the barricade has been broken *sees the Raccoon City Police Station* Right there! You see. That's the police station.

(The zombies began to head toward them.)

Bill: We're surrounded!

Claire: *sees a gas tank truck* Shoot the truck!

Bill: *aims* Get down!!! *shoots the truck and it exploded killing all the zombies,but more came.* You guys, alright?

Claire: We're fine.

Leon: C'mon, let's go. 

(They enter the station only to find it empty and eerie. Suddenly, Leon spotted an injured police officer by the fountain. They went to him, but he aimed his gun at us.)

Injured officer: Who the hell are you? *still aiming his gun*

Leon: Wait! Don't shoot! We aren't those things. My name is Leon. This is Claire and Bill.

Injured officer: Oh...okay. I would have shot you three if you are them. Anyways, my name is Marvin Branagh. I'm...well, was your boss, rookie.

Claire: What happened? Are there anymore survivors?

Marvin: Those zombies began to attack the city. The dead were infected by those things and now are turning into them. We took in as many survivor as we can, but we weren't careful enough that most are already zombies. This station is no longer a safe zones...those...zombies are everywhere.

Leon: Is there anyway to kill them faster?

Bill: The head.

(They all looked at him.) 

Leon: Wait...Bill, are you sure?

Bill: Yes, those things die if the head is destroyed. 

Marvin: He's right...Shoot them in the head will kill them instantly and save your ammunition.

Bill: Marvin, I have a question. Have you seen a little girl here? Her name is Sana Masaki. She was part of the RPD SWAT unit.

Marvin: Sana...Are you her boyfriend or...

Bill: I'm her older brother.

Marvin: Bill...right? Yes, she was here and told me if I have found you that I contact her. Unfortunately, I was too late when the stationed was over run. She might be still here or something...I'm not to sure. I went to go find her, but end up being attack by them.

Bill: I see.

Leon: Marvin, do you need help?

Marvin: I'm fine. Just find a way out and get out of this city.

Claire: But...

Marvin: Just go! Hurry!

Leon: Alright, but we will come back for you.

(Leon, Claire, and Bill began to search the station. They turned left and walked into a room. It looks like a lobby.)

Bill: So I guess, she is still here.

Claire: Who?

Bill: My sister. At least her training didn't get killed.

(They then made it to the door. Leon opened the door and something ran by fast.)

Bill: What the...?! *runs to the window*

Claire: What is it?!

Bill: I saw something sped by. Looks like we aren't alone. 

(Leon, Claire, and Bill goes into a dark hallway where they see blood on the floor. They slowly walked down the hallway.)

Bill: *shocked* What the hell? So many blood.

Leon: There's a door there. We must keep are guard up.

(They all began to move to the door. Suddenly, they heard something crawling really fast behind them. They turned around and saw a monster began to jump to them. They ducked down and the monster disappeared.)

Bill: WHAT THE!?

Leon: What was that?!

Claire: Where did it go?!

(They began to look around for the monster. A strand of blood began to drop from the ceiling above.)

Bill: From above!

(They all look up and saw a four-legged creature. It then fell down to the ground)

Leon: What is that?!

Claire: It's coming towards us! Run! 

(The three ran to the door, but it won't open!)

Leon: Damn it! It's locked!

Claire: It's coming this way! 

Bill: *aims his Type 54 handgun* We fight it! Come on, guys. There are 3 of us and one of him.

(Leon and Claire fired their handgun at the creature. It took so many damage that it was dead.)

Claire: We did it.

Leon: Yeah...for now.

Bill: *kicks opened the door* It's open. 

(The trio enter into the hallway of the police department.)

Bill: It's pretty quiet in here. We must be really cautious, guys.

Leon: Right.

(As they made their way through the hallway, a zombie burst out of a gap of the boarded window. It began to grab Claire.)

Claire: *trying to break free* No! Let me go! No!

Bill: CLAIRE!!! *take aim and fire killing the zombie*

(Leon and Bill went to Claire to check on here.)

Leon: You alright?

Claire: I'm okay. If it wasn't for Bill, I would have turn into one of them. Thanks for the help.

Bill: Anytime.

(Leon, Bill, and Claire continue down the hall. They encounter more undead and 4 legged BOW, Lickers, along the way. Fortunately, they manage to kill them all. At the end of the hall, there was a door. Leon opened it and there they saw a staircase.)

Leon: Look. Stairs.

Claire: We can try to find a way out or survivors up there.

Bill: Hopefully, Sana is there. 

(The trio began to move up the stairs slowly. As they got to the top. Gunshots can be heard along with a muffle female voice ahead.)

Unknown female voice: *gunshots from her MP5 submachine gun* *her voice is muffled out due to the distance heard between the female and the trio* Damn! Why won't you guys leave me alone! Die already! Die die die!!! *the female melee attack the stunned zombie* Kiyaaaa!!!!

Leon: Do you hear that?

Bill: Hear what?

Leon: Sshhh!

(The gunshots cease and the voice stopped. They heard a door closed.)

Leon: Did you hear that? Sounds like a person.

Claire: The voice was a girl. A survivor?

Bill: That sounds like Sana. 

Claire: Sana? Your sister?

Bill: Could be her. Marvin did say she was here. Anyways, let's keep going.

(The trio went up the second floor and into a hallway.)

Leon: Sure is quiet here.

Bill: *joking* typical Hollywood horror movies.

Leon: No kidding.

Claire: Well, we better not let our guard down.

(The three continue down the hall way and ended up in a room with statues and a door. Suddenly, zombies rose from the ground.)

Bill: Watch out!

Leon: Sh*t! Guess they weren't dead after all.

Claire: They're coming! 

(They killed all the zombies in the room and continued on. Leon opened the door as Claire and Bill enter. When Bill entered, he saw blood on the ground.)

Claire: What did you find, Bill?

Bill: Blood. *sees a trail of blood* and a trail of it. From the looks of it, blood is fresh. Someone must have come through here.

Leon: So that gunshot and voice we heard...must have been your sister, Sana. 

Bill: Yeah, it has to be. C'mon let's keep moving.

(They continued on through the hallway. As they turn, they see a little girl walking towards them.)

Claire: Is that a girl?

(The little girl was scared when she saw them and ran off. They began to run after her.)

Claire: Hey! Wait!

Bill: Why is there a lone little girl here?

Claire: I don't know, but we need to find her.

Leon: Yeah. Let's go. Hurry!

(The zombies began to come out of a corner space. Leon and Bill shot the zombies and killed them. They made it to a broken, but boarded up door.)

Leon: I'm going to break open the door. Stand back! *kicks open the door breaking it*

Bill: Look! There she is! 

Claire: *calls to her* Wait! It's too dangerous to go alone! Come back!

Leon: Why does she keep running away from us?

Claire: *to Leon* She's just scared. 

(The trio began to run down the stairs. The zombies began to go after her. Bill shot them all dead. The little girl continue to run away from us.)

Bill: If she keeps on running away like this, the likelihood of her getting eaten by these freaks are high. 

Claire: Don't say that! She's just can't cope with the incident here. 

(The trio went back down the first floor. The girl screamed as she ducked under to avoid the zombies reaching out the barricade windows. They continued to chase after the little girl killing zombies on their way. As they got to the bloody hallway where they met the Lickers, another one tripped him and he fell down the floor.)

Bill: Aaargh! *sees Licker coming towards him* Guys, little help!

(Leon and Claire opened fired on the Licker killing it. Leon helped Bill up.)

Leon: You okay?

Bill: Yeah, I would have been its dinner if you hadn't killed that thing.

Claire: Let's keep going, you two. That little girl is going to get hurt and still scared if we don't find her.

Bill: Right! Let's hurry.

(Claire, Leon, and Bill enter the room. They slowly search the room for her. Suddenly, two Lickers jumped in and began to attack them. Bill fired his handgun at one of the Licker as Claire and Leon simultaneously  fired at both. They manage to kill them all. The trio exit the room and enter the lobby where the injured Marvin was at.)

Claire: Marvin! Did you see a little girl run passed here?

(Leon notice something was odd about Marvin.)

Leon: Wait! Something is wrong with him. 

(They ran to check on him. Bill checked his pulse and there was none. They have come to the conclusion; Marvin was dead.)

Claire: Oh God, he is dead.

Bill: Damn it! He must have succumbed to his wounds.

(Suddenly, zombies began to sneak up on them. They opened fired and killed all the zombies in the lobby. The trio turn back to Marvin as they grief over his death.)

Leon: Damn it. I'm sorry, Marvin.

Bill: Yeah, I'm sorry that we couldn't make it back in time to save you.

Claire: I'm sorry too, but we are running out of time. Right now, we need to find that little, girl.

Leon: *unnoticed that zombified Marvin rises up and tries to attack him* You're right, let's go.

Bill: *noticed* Leon! Look out behind you!

(Claire and Leon looked and backed away.)

Leon: Marvin! No.

Claire: But...he was just...

(The zombified Marvin began to walked towards Bill. He aimed my gun at him, but all he heard was a click.)

Bill: *looked at the gun and saw a bullet stuck in the chamber of the gun* Damn it! Now is not a good time for my gun to jam on me. 

(The zombified Marvin continue to come after him as he is about to lunge to Bill.)

Bill: Little help guys.

(Leon aims and kills Marvin.)

Bill: Thanks.

Leon: *mourn for his death* I'm sorry that it had to turn out this way, Marvin.

(They all had a moment of silence for his death. After they were done, the trio continue on to find the little girl.)

Claire: We have to find that girl. Should we split up?

Leon: No, it's too dangerous to go alone. Let's just stick together.

Claire: Alright. Let's hurry and find her.

(They reach the door and enter into a hall way. Bill saw a dead police officer lying on the floor. Next to the officer was an assault rifle attached with a scope*.)

Bill: *examine the rifle* Well well...this might be useful. 

(Suddenly, a horde of zombies began to charge at them.)

Leon: Looks like our guests have arrived.

Bill: *sees a door* Quickly! In there!

(The trio enters, but the room was surrounded by zombies.)

Claire: What? In this room too?

Leon: Which way?

The three of them began to look for an opening. Bill then pointed at the right side.

Bill: Quickly! This way!

Claire, Leon, and Bill headed to the right side and exit the room. They back outside. 

Bill: *sarcastic tone* Great! We're back outside.

Leon: We shouldn't give up. Let's keep on moving. We need to find that little girl.

Bill: You're right. Where could she possibly be? 

Claire: Away from those undeads that's all I care. Hope she is safe and alive when we find her.

Bill: Little girl like her surviving all this way? I'm sure she's safe.

(The trio continue on going up a staircase as they saw more zombies outside. Luckily, there is a wired fence to keep them at bay. The trio can hear the same emergency being broadcast and sirens going off.)

Leon: This is like hell on Earth. No matter where you are at, it's all the same.

Bill: No kidding. Wish I could just wake up from this horrible nightmare.

(A flock of infected crows began to fly towards them.)

Bill: Damn birds! *takes out his government issued combat knife and slashes at the flock of crows*

(Bill killed them all, but there are still more flying.)

Leon: Get in quick!

(The trio enter the door which led them into another hallway.)

Claire: Which way?

Leon: Let's go right.

(They went to the right side of the hallway. As they got closer to the edge, they heard zombies. Leon, Bill, and Claire popped out as the zombies charged at them. They began to take them down. Suddenly after killing all of them, the trio heard what sounds like a helicopter?)

Claire: Wait?! What's that noise? Is that a rescue helicopter?

Bill: Yeah, I hear a helicopter. *thinks in head* Could it be that HQ finally cares about their agent now? Could they believe I'm still alive after all and sent in their guys to rescue survivors? *back to self* Come on, let's flag it down!

(As they began to move, they heard a crash and the whole building shook violently.)

Claire: *gets up* What was that?

Bill: No! It can't be...

Leon: Come on! let's go check it out.

(The three walked down the hallway as they turn, something was there on the ground and a hole in the roof. It was a Tyrant.)

Claire: What is that?

Bill: Holy sh*t! 

Leon: Did he just come from the roof?

(The Tyrant saw them. They began to retreat back down the hallway. Zombies appeared.)

Bill: Damn! These guys were waiting for us. *shoots at the zombies*

Claire: What do we do?

(The Tyrant got up and speed walked towards us.)

Leon: RUN!!!!

(They ran passed the zombies and looked back. The Tyrant began to smack the zombies out of its way.)

Bill: *jokingly* That dude just smack those zombies back to Japan!

Claire: Quickly! Run!

(The trio retreated back to where they were before. The Tyrant caught up to them. As they slowly moved back, Claire trips and falls to the ground.)

Claire: Ooof!

(The Tyrant was about to attack her.)

Bill: CLAIRE!!!!

(Bill ran to her and pushed her out of the way. The Tyrant's attack caused Bill to hit the floor really hard.)

Bill: *screams in pain* AAAUUUURRRRGGGHHHH!!! *bloods pours out of his mouth*

Leon: *fires at the Tyrant* BILL!!! *runs to grab him*

Claire: Oh my god! Is he alright?

Bill: *sharp pain hits* Arghh! I'm fine. I'll walk it off. 

Leon: We got to get you somewhere safe.

(The Tyrant slowly moves to them.)

Bill: Quickly! Keep moving! I'll keep you guys cover.

(They moved to the door and the Tyrant continued to follow them.)

Leon: Something tells me he's not gonna listen to reason.

Bill: *aims his assault rifle* Come get some, you giant freak! *fires at the Tyrant, but his body deflects the bullet* What the?! Even the rifle can't stop him.

Claire: *aims at his head which he became dazed* Got him! Quickly before he comes to.

(The trio enters into another hallway and looked back to see if he followed them. So far, he didn't.)

Claire: What the hell is that thing?!

Leon: He's a monster!

Bill: No kidding! Did you see the size of that guy? He's huge!

(They pressed on, but low and behold, the Tyrant broke throw the door.)

Bill: What the?!

Leon: Doesn't give up does he?

(They fight on shooting at his head which was the vulnerable spot until he was down again.)

Bill: Now is our chance!

(The trio ran down the hall to find rubble blocking the hallway and flames engulfing the entrance to a small hallway.)

Leon: Damn it! Fire's blocking our way.

(Bill turned around to see the Tyrant got up and walked towards us.)

Bill: Looks like our friend wants to follow us again.

Leon: Let's make sure he stays down this time!

(The trio, again, kept on fighting the Tyrant until he was dazed again.)

Leon *turns back to the fires* We need to put that fire out some how.

Claire: How?

Leon: We'll find a way.

Bill: *looks up to see a fire extinguisher in the ceiling* Up there! That fire extinguisher. Shoot it!

(Claire took aim and shot it. The fire extinguisher was activated and the fire was put out. We turn back to see the Tyrant is still dazed.)

Leon: Now is our chance! Let's move!

(The trio enter the small hallway and looked back to see if he followed. So far, he didn't. They then heard a little girl scream from the room. They ran in which the room was pitched dark. They turn on their flashlights and saw her about to be attacked by the zombie.)

Claire: *fires at the zombie* Get down!

(The zombie was killed. The girl continues to run away from them. Just then, more zombies began to come to us. We begin to fight back.)

Bill: Out of my way, creeps!

Claire: Watch out! Run!

(They all check the room and no zombies are around.)

Claire: *calls to the girl* Don't be afraid. We're here to help you.

Bill: *to Claire* Hopefully she knows we are humans and not those monsters to her.

Claire: *to Bill* I'm sure she knows once she see us.

Bill: Better be right.

(The trio continues on the room looking for her.)

Claire: *continues to talk to her* You can trust us.

(As they continue to search, Bill see her popped out and ran to the other side of the room.)

Bill: There she is! *to the little girl* Hey little girl! Don't run there! You'll get hurt!

(She screams as zombies appeared.)

Claire: We got to help her!

(They fight more zombies until they turn into a small storage space with an elevator. There, a zombie was attacking the little girl. She screams in fear. Claire shot the zombie attacking her and another zombie appeared from behind us.)

Bill: *roundhouse kicked the zombies* UUUUUUUAAAATAAAAAA*! *Shoots the zombie in the head* Got 'em!

(They began to comfort the little girl.)

Claire: It's all right now! Do I look like a monster to you? I'm Claire. What's your name?

Little Girl: Sherry...*looks at my patch on my right shoulder and points to it* have symbol of men in black suits and dark glasses.

Bill: *confuse* What? Men in black suits and dark glasses?

(Sherry freaks outs and runs to the elevator.)

Claire: Hey, wait. Where are you going? What do you mean men in black suits and dark sun glasses?

Sherry: My mommy and daddy's lab are in the basement. Men in black suits and dark glasses like him hurt me and try to get me to tell them where they are at. They want to find mommy and daddy.

Leon: Hmmm...*looks to me* What does she mean by men in black suits and dark glasses? Does the government want to hide this incident? 

Bill: I'm not sure, but whatever they are doing...this is not what I was ordered to do. *goes to Sherry* Listen...uh...Sherry, right? I may be working with them, but I am no bad guy. I would never hurt you or these two people here. Look, I know you probably won't trust me now...but once you see me protect you, you will see I'm not like those men who hurt you. I promise you. We'll get you out of here safe and sound. *lets out a pinky* promise?

Sherry: *makes a pinky promise* Promise.

Claire: Let's go!

(They enter the elevator and down they go. As they began to ascend down the basement. Bill began to wonder.)

Bill: *thinks in head* What does the NEST-CIA want to accomplish? Hurting a little girl like they really want to wipe out any trace of this incident to the public. Hmph...the bastards aren't going to get away with this. First, they want me they come to scare an innocent girl just so she can tell them where her parents are...but...her parents...she mention a lab. Her parents must be scientist or researchers for the Umbrella Corps. I'll soon find out what the hell is going on and make sure the public knows.

(They reach their destination. The elevator door opened and the 4 of them exit. They slowly walked down the hallway.)

Bill: Awful quiet here.

(Suddenly, a Licker appeared.)

Bill: *aimed his assault rifle* Spoke too soon!

Claire: Run!

(They retreated and Sherry fell.)

Claire: Sherry!

Bill: Claire, go watch over her! I'll take care of this freak. *fires my rifle at the Licker* Have a taste of 5.56 mm bullets you freak! 

(Bill fires at the Licker and killed it.)

Bill: Clear! Staaanding~! *turns back* You three alright?

Leon: Yeah.

Claire: Of course.

Sherry: Mhmm...

Bill: Good. Let's keep moving.

(As Bill turn to the hallway, a weird parasite began to crawl to them. One jumped on him.)

Bill: *fighting it to get off using his combat knife* Sh*t! What the hell is that?

(More began to attack all of them.)

Claire: I don't know!

Leon: Don't stop! Keep killing them.

(They began to keep attacking it until there were no more left.)

Claire: Sherry, are you okay?

Sherry: I'm okay.

(Leon heard something coming from that door.)

Leon: Shhhh...there's something behind there.

Bill: Here we go...

(The 4 enters the room. There, they see Chief Brian Irons of the Raccoon Police Department experimenting or something worse on the mayor's daughter.)

Chief Irons: Isn't she beautiful? *takes a deep breath* I was about to stuff her.

Leon: *recognize him* Chief Irons?

Claire: You know him?

Bill: Didn't expect this man to be my little sister's superior.

Chief Irons: Prowling around at a time like this...You're looking for G too, aren't you?

Leon: *confuse* G?

Bill: What's G?

Chief Irons: *turns to us* Don't play dumb with me? *looks to me* You there, boy...You look familiar.

Bill: Me?

Chief Irons:'re that little shrimp girl's brother, right?

Bill: *angers* Don't you call my little sister a shrimp! She may be small, but she's one tough girl and kickass to be the only girl in the RPD SWAT force!

Chief Irons: *Laughs hysterically* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just because she made it into my SWAT force division doesn't make her less of a shrimp. If she was not a shrimp, she would have survived this whole incident and you wouldn't have to rescued her now. 

Bill: Why you...

Leon: *stops him* Bill, no. It's not worth it.

Chief Irons: By the way, work for the government agency judging from the patch you wear. Hmph...looks like they sent more rats like you.

Bill: What do you mean?

(He points to the side and we see 2 dead bodies of NEST-CIA agents.)

Bill: *shocked* My god...

Chief Irons: They were trying to get information out from this incident...They force me to tell them what I know about this. I had to do what I had to do.

(We stood there silent. As Chief Irons turn to Claire, he saw Sherry behind her.)

Chief Irons: Aren't you Dr. Birkin's...Uaghh *feels pain*

Bill: Looks like trouble *aims his handgun*

Chief Irons: *vomits out green goop* My pain! That's not suppose to happen! AAARRRGHHHHHH!!!! 

(A monster began to form out of Chief Irons. His dead body falls flat and a giant mutated monster appeared. Sherry then ran away scared.)

Claire: Sherry!

Leon: Hold on...we gotta stop this thing first!

Bill: *cocks my handgun* This is for what you said about Sana, Chief Irons!

(The giant mutated monster knocks the stretcher out of its way. The three fired their weapons at it.)

Leon: Claire! Bill! Are you guys alright?!

Claire: I'm OK. Where's Sherry?

Leon: I don't know. Let's just take care of this thing first!

Bill: *fires his handgun* She should be fine! Keep on attacking it!

(The monster walks closer to Bill. It grabs him.)

Bill: ARRGGHHH!!!! *fires at him to let go* Why you...

(The monster sees a pit hole and began to throw him in. Leon and Claire falls in with him.)

Bill: UUUWAAAHHHHH *falls to the bottom of the hole* Ooooff! *looks around* What is this place?

Leon: Something's coming!

(The same parasite from before begins to fall in and attack them. They began to kill them all.)

Leon: Hurry, climb up!

(Claire, Leon, and Bill, climbed up and back to the room. The monster is still there waiting for them. The three continue to attack it until it began to vomit out the parasite.)

Claire: *in disgust* So that's where they're coming from!

(The monster continue to walk closer to them. It grabbed Leon. Bill and Claire tries to save him.)

Leon: Let go of me!

(Leon fires at the monster's face and Leon escape its grasp. The monster charged its strength and strung at them. However, they dodged it. The three continue to fire at it until they saw a giant red eyeball on its back.)

Claire: What is that...An eyeball.

(The monster was in quite a lot of pain after being hit from the eyeball.)

Bill: that's its weak spot.

Leon: *see the monster not giving up* I guess it wants some more!

(The monster continue to walk towards them. It strung its gigantic arm at them.)

Leon: Watch out for its arm!

(The three continue to attack it. Finally, the monster let out a last mighty roar and falls to the ground dead. The three slowly back away.)

Bill: Phew. Looks like we did it.

Leon: What's G? What does it stand for?

Claire: I have no idea.

Bill: G? Do I know it from somewhere? *thinks and shakes head* Whatever it is, it could be what is happening to the people here in Raccoon City. Wasn't like this when I was here before this whole mess happened. I'm still puzzled as to what the NEST-CIA want with this "G". But..."G"...where have I heard it from? Darn, this creates so many questions for me. Like why am I here in the first place? Why would the government want me dead after sending me here? My sister's whereabouts. What the NEST-CIA want with Sherry and her family...Damn it!

Leon: Well, don't think too much about it. You're head will explode and these hungry zombies will eat you. *chuckles* Anyways, if what Sherry said about these NEST-CIA men in black suits and dark glasses looking for her parents, maybe we will have our answers there.

Claire: But we should find Sherry first.

Leon: You're right. I'm pretty sure she's still around here somewhere.

Bill: Yeah, probably looking for her parents. She can lead us to them and we can ask them what the hell is going on here.

Claire: Let's go then.

Bill: Pray to God. We better find her fast before anything happens to her. I've got a bad feeling about this soon. 

(The trio continues on hoping to find Sherry and the truth behind the Raccoon City incident.)

*assault rifle is a hybrid. Body and hand guard is of an M16A2 while the stock, muzzle, and front sight is a G3 series. Scope is an Red Dot sight.*
*UUUUUUAAAATTTTAAAA - imagine it as a Bruce Lee battle cry or HnK Kenshiro's Atatatatatatatata scream.
Resident Evil The Soviet Conspiracies Ch.4
PHEW!!! Finally!!! I've been working on this chapter for so long until now. Resident Evil The Soviet Conspiracies Chapter 4 Lost City of the Past. Going back to the origins of how Bill and Claire first met.

Note: This chapter is heavily based on Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Memories of a Lost City arc Chapters 1-3.  
PeaceMakers Chapter 2 Kammy! Medic!
Another chapter of my manga project I did for class last year. I'm now continuing it into my own manga series. Here's Chapter 2 of it. New characters are introduce to this chapter.

Synopis: The Masubi Clan continues on their journey across the wasteland after defeating the Zaku Gang saving Hope Village from raiders. However, ruler of the wasteland King Vamp, aka Vladcula, send out one of his gang, 3 Souls, to go an defeat them. The 3 Souls Gang captured Cure City, a city where medications and healthcare professionals are living in. The Masubi Clan came to the city only to be ambushed by the 3 Souls thugs. They were manage to defeat a unit of them, but an elite squad of the gang outnumbered them. However, a mysterious girl, a nurse who knows martial artist, attacked the captain of the elite squad. Who is this nurse? Is she friend or foe?

Pg 1-2:…
Pg 3-4:…
Pg 5-6:…
Pg 7-8:…
Pg 9-10:…
Pg 11-12:…
Pg 13-14:…
Pg 15-16:…
Pg 17-18:…
Pg 19-20:…
Pg 21-22:…
Pg 23:…

(Complete Chapter 2 are up!)
Peacemakers Chapter 2 Kammy! Medic! pg. 23 (End)
When did Nurse Joy began to fight in an apoaclyptic world like this? Hmmm...I guess Pokemon Center wasn't enough for her. LOL

Page 23:
???: My name is Kammy. I am the leader of this village. Cure Village is and was never King Vamp's territory! If you want it, come and kill me!

Note: I will now go on hiatus with this manga project of mine. So don't expect Ch. 3 or any new chapters coming out soon. College life is a real struggle and I need to focus on that, internships, job hunting, and managing my savings. It's been really stressful in my life and I'm almost at a brink of giving up. However, I'm still working hard and not giving up! I will eventually get back to making more soon, but until then. I will end my production of PeaceMakers temporarily until all my things are balanced out.
Peacemakers Chapter 2 Kammy! Medic! pg. 21-22
A mysterious newcomver has appeared! Who is this nurse? I guess...Nicolai doesn't like shots at all...or...he just got AIDs from that attack???

Page 21: 
Nicolai: Ahahahahahaha!!! I like your guts, boy! Gloat all you want, but in reality. I AM the victor! You and your Clan will DIE!
Masaki: Well then...Bring it on!! Let's end this!
*syringe flies by and hits Nicolai's right arm*
Masaki: !
Nicolai: Что за?!(What the?!)

Page 22:
3 Souls Armor Division Thug #1: Captain!!! Sir!!!
3 Souls Armor Division Thug #2: !
Nicolai: W-Who threw this syringe at me?!
???: Hihi...must have hurt? You thugs always come to my village, steal, raid, and even kill my villagers. I too use martial arts. the arts of medicine. Come and fight me! Think you can't fight a girl?
Nicolai: W-Why you! You damn girl! I shall kill you!
Alec: Another martial artist?
Peacemakers Chapter 2 Kammy! Medic! pg. 19-20
T-The enemy captain...looks oddly familiar. Where have I've seen him before? Wait...HE'S A COMBINATION OF A RUSSIAN JUGGERNAUT AND THAT PUBG AVATAR WITH THE WELDER'S MASK! And Masaki be pulling out nunchuks out of nowhere like Bruce Lee.

???: Well well...the Masubi Clan. What a nice surprise.
Masaki:Ha...You're the one to talk. I've met with your men. Who are you guys? 3 Souls's elite group?
???: Hehehe...I'm a martial artist like you and your ninja friend. Name is Nicolai. Captian of the 3 Souls Armor Division. Now you all will die!
Masaki: The...stand. His posture...That must be...
Alec: 虎爪の術(Tiger Claw Art)...The art where the user concentrates his hands and feet like a tiger along with the nails as tiger's claws.
Nicolai: Hehe...Looks like you both know my martial arts. I have killed many with this.
Masaki: *pulls out nunchucks* Oh yeah? *Fighting stance with nunchucks* Try me. My ninjutsu against yours. We shall see who's victorious.
Tagged by :iconblueyean:

1. Capitalism and socialism, which one do you prefer?
None! Because all of them have flaws. 

2. One of your favorite OC, plz introduce himself/herself!
Masaki from my work-in-progress comic, PeaceMaker. Little brief background of it, PeaceMaker is a comic I made for my comic class in college that is heavily inspired by the anime Fist of the North Star(Japanese: Hokuto no Ken). I'm continuing it into my own series. 

3. Wanna go foriegn country someday? If you want, where?
*insert Animaniac Yakko's world naming song* Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, USA, England, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Mexico
4. What's your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?
Uhm...NANI?! My ideal girlfriend would be a girl whom doesn't have to feel insecure about her looks because I don't give an f if she looks like a hot mess or a model status. God sakes! I love her to death no matter what, but please! Don't put too much make-up on. Just be you, girl. If someone judge her looks, they better be ready for a fist full of Hokuto Shinken because she's beautiful always! BUT...she also would love me back as well the same way I love her. 

5. Do you proud of your homecountry or moved residence?
Vietnam is fine. It's progressing to a new start despite being still a communist nation. I still love the country of my birth.
On the other hand, USA is fine also. Despite the flaws it has, *cough* Trump and politics *cough*, it is still nevertheless my other home. 

6. Do you think World War III will happen?
With technologies advancing rapidly and proxy wars(Profit/Money Wars is what I call it)being made, it is likely to happen, but I wouldn't say exactly when. It's not happening now and I hope it doesn't. However, if the likelihood of WWIII were to occur, you bet I ain't no coward! Where do I signup?

7. What's the most serious problem in your country?
Vietnam: Alot of things, but I can list a few. Traffic, poor economy, dirty streets, high rates of robbing, looting, and other crimes
USA: I'm pretty sure I don't need to talk about it since you all know.  

8. Any song do you like?
80s songs, J-Pop, anime and game OST.

9. Have you ever love someone?

10. What's your favorite dessert?
chocolate ice cream

11. How's your opinion about colonized place by homecountry or who colonized by foriegn?
Vietnam has a history of invaders and colonialism. It was once part of Chinese dynastic empire and the Mongols when they ruled over China. France colonized Vietnam for the past 2 centuries. It wasn't until Japan during WWII claimed it as part of the empire for a short period of time. After Japanese surrendered in 1945, France reclaimed it until 1954(Vietnam became independent after fighting against French rule).

12. What will you do if you met the racist on the online or offline?
I ignore them. Unless they want to get lethal, they shall see the true power of Hokuto Shinken. I will not tolerate racism. Maybe they will think twice before an ignorant bigot racist,

I'm too lazy/busy/don't feel like to tag peeps. lol 
To my DA friends who is still here and reading this:

Hi friends,

I'm still active again and trying to balance both my life and DA together. How are y'all? Hope everything in life goes well for you guys. Miss you all so much since I've been on my 1-2 year hiatus. Just to let you all matter what in life that troubles you or have achieved, live it to the fullest and don't let anyone control how you live your life. You are loved by those you care and important to you. Don't waste your life and let it die out like a candle flame. Even though you won't get what you want in life, that's okay. Just live the life you have to the fullest with many joy, happiness, and fond memories of those you treasure the most. Something I learn from the bestest best friend in DA whose been helping me ever since I joined DA many years ago. She told this to me many years ago and I still retain it from now and future.

Please, don't hesitate to comment or send notes to me as I would love to hear from you guys again and would kindly share what I've been doing since I've been gone. Hope to catch up on things here in DA. Have a nice day and keeping being the beautiful, amazing person you guys are. :)


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Heritage Vietnamese, and Japanese
Born in:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Current City: ???
They call me Masubi. Because I eat alot Musubi...haha. I'm half Vietnamese and Japanese. I understand Vietnamese but can't write it. I also know little Japanese, but fluent in English. I am currently learning some more Vietnamese and Japanese. I will try to replie back in those languages. I am mainly an OC person. I only draw my OC or myself in games, movies and other stuff. Two dream goal: First, work for the United States Air Force then Video Game development.

Quote or motto: "Plants exist in the weather and light rays that surround them - waving in the wind, shimmering in the sunlight. I am always puzzling over how to draw such things."-Hayao Miyazaki

"I get inspiration from my everyday life."-Hayao Miyazaki

My Language Level:
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Comrades, Brothers in Arm, these soldiers are elite to the elites. They fight for their countries not just for freedom, but protecting their love ones. I'm a youth soldier and I will support these brave men and women for their honor and bravery.
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My other dream goal is to work for the United States Air Force after college
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