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The Resident Evil series is AWESOME!And since it is, it deserves a group page, So here it is! The group page for people who enjoy any of the Resident Evil games.
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FALL by MadBedlam
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Resident Evil OC: Johnathan Kennedy - BSAA [2006] by Setchman911
Resident Evil OC: Johnathan Kennedy - BSAA [2005] by Setchman911
Fan Fiction
DWOAH: Bill Overbeck vs Joe BakerDeadliest warriors of all historyBill Overbeck vs Joe BakerZombie killing Nam vetsWilliam ‘Bill’ Overbeck info:Height: 5 foot 10Weight: 180lbsWeapons: M16 Assault Rifle, Dual Pistols, Pipe BombStrengths: Is one of the first and most famous of the Survivors in the Left4Dead franchise, Above peak human strength (Possesses what could be considered ‘old man strength’, Can kill non special Infected with a couple strikes of his Firearms and with single blows of Melee Weapons, Killed an Infected with a single kick to the head whilst heavily drugged, Shoulder barged a locked door open whilst heavily drugged), Superhuman durability (Can tank dozens of attacks from non Special Infected, Can survive being mauled by a Hunter, Can survive being struck by Tanks or by the cars/hunks of cement thrown by them, It took three Tanks to finally kill him whilst he was already mortally wounded), Extreme stamina (Despite his old age and smokers lung Bill can fight for hours without tiring, Willed himself to stay awake and off an Infected Horde whilst under anesthesia), Is a veteran Soldier and as such is highly skilled in the use of Firearms and Explosives, Can heal via a Health Kit or Pills, Is completely immune to the Green Flu.Weaknesses: Thanks to his old age, his constant smoking and a pronounced limp Bill has slowed down a fair bit since his youth, His selfless nature compels him to put himself in harms way to protect innocent people, His ammo and healing supplies are finite.Joe Baker info:Height: 6 foot 3Weight: 209lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Throwing Spears, Stake Bomb, AMG-78 Power GauntletStrengths: Along with Zoe is the last surviving member of the Baker Family and the only one unaffected by Evelyn, Superhuman strength (Alongside Chris Redfield Joe can be considered the physically strongest non infected human character in the Resident Evil series, Can kill Moulded with his Bare Hands, Fought and killed his mutated brother Jack Baker with his Bare Hands), Above peak human durability (Can survive multiple attacks from Moulded and his brother Jack), Thanks to his Military training and general Hermit lifestyle Joe is a master survivalist and can survive near indefinitely off of the land (Can heal by consuming Insects and make Spears out of tree branches), Relies near entirely on Hand to Hand combat and only uses his Spears for ranged combat.Weaknesses: Thanks to his old age Joe has slowed down since his youth, He must find Insects to use them to heal.Battle begin!“Louis! Francis! ZOEY!!!” Bill cried out as he waded through the bayou near the Southern Town of Dulvey, his old bones aching as he forced himself to walk through the dark muddy water of the Bayou, his grasp on his M16 tightening at the sound of any movement in the water, catching sight of Alligators swimming around every few minutes or so.As he approached the shore of the Bayou Bill then heard movement in the trees and knowing better than to risk it fired a few shots in the direction of the noise “better not be a Hunter” he grunted as he heard most rustling from the tree line, the ex-Soldier raising his Assault Rifle again only to recoil in shock as what appeared to be a Spear was thrown from the tree line narrowly missing him “what the? Zombies can use Weapons now?!”.A second later a large man burst from the tree line, showing his strength by pushing through the water as if it wasn’t there to be upon Bill before he could fully react “god damn Military bastards! I won’t let you near Zoe!” Joe barked as he grabbed Bill’s M16 and tried to prise it from his grasp.“Zoey?” Bill gasped at the name, gripping his Rifle tighter before using it to shunt the larger man back “where is she? What have you done to her?!” he exclaimed having mistaken Zoe for Zoey.Staggering back in the water Joe quickly righted himself and threw a powerful right hook right at Bill’s face before he had the chance to ready his Rifle to shoot, the force he put behind the punch having been enough to kill many a Moulded in the hours beforehand but Bill stood firm, Joe’s Fist making his jaw ache but it was nothing compared to blows from Tanks he had taken before.Rolling with the punch Bill raised his Rifle to open fire only for Joe to grab the barrel of it with his left hand, holding the M16 to his side as Bill pulled the trigger causing him to waste half of the clip on the trees behind the Baker whilst Joe continued to slug at him with his right.Grunting with every punch Bill quickly decided ‘screw it’ before using his left hand to pull out the Pipe Bomb from his belt, bringing the wick of it to his lit cigarette that he stubbornly kept firmly held between his teeth to light it, the Veteran then holding the Explosive high in the air drawing Joe’s attention to it before he simply dropped it into the water between them.“You bas…!” Joe started to exclaim before being cut off by the Pipe Bomb going off under the surface, the murky water absorbing most of the blast whilst leaving just enough of it to knock both men off of their feet, Bill managing to grab hold of a low hanging tree hand to stop himself from going under the water and ruining his M16 whilst Joe disappeared under the surface.Coughing and wheezing as he pulled himself upright Bill cocked his Assault Rifle before turning and spraying the rest of the magazine into the water in short rapid bursts, scaring away the Gators that had started to approach before the magazine ran dry.Reloading the Assault Rifle Bill then holstered it before swapping to his Dual Pistols to save on ammo, beginning to scan the water waiting to see any movement that wasn’t Gators.Several metres away Joe slowly emerged from under the water, having swam beneath the surface to a safe distance pulling out a sunken tree branch as he did so, his strong grip stripping it of any protruding smaller branches before snapping off the end to make a jagged Spear point.Waiting for Bill to wade closer Joe emerged from behind a tree and hurled his Spear as hard as he could just as Bill began to shoot his Pistols, the Spear striking him in the left shoulder causing him to drop his left Pistol whilst the Spear shattered against the ex-Soldiers body rather than cutting through it.“Shit!” Bill exclaimed as his Pistol disappeared under the water, leaving him to just continue shooting his right Pistol landing several shots on Joe’s arms and abdomen before the larger man roughly tackled him sending both under the water.The water churned as bubbles rose for a few moments before both men burst through the surface, Joe behind Bill with his arms wrapped tight around his neck in a headlock whilst Bill struggled and trashed “son of a bitch...ruined my smoke!” Bill grunted having lost his cigarette in the water, the ex-Soldier still grasping his right Pistol tightly in his right hand shaking it as fast as he could to try to rid it off any water that might have gotten inside of it.Feeling Joe’s arms tighten around his neck as he tried to break it Bill pressed the barrel of his Pistol to the larger man's leg and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet straight through Joe’s thigh making him cry out in pain and release him.Clutching at his now heavily bleeding leg Joe backpedalled until he reached a tree noticing a Centipede scuttling along its trunk, the Wild man grabbing hold of the Insect and promptly eating it, the sudden rush of protein helping heal his leg up enough to stem most of the bleeding.Now able to feel his leg other than the pain of the gunshot wound Joe pulled out the Stake Bomb he had crafted earlier before hurrying behind the tree he was resting against as Bill reloaded his Pistol and opened fire again, bullets whizzing by him as he primed the Bomb before throwing it around the side of the tree, the Stakes sticking into the tree next to Bill before it beeped showing it was primed.“Ah damn!” Bill shouted as the Stake Bomb went off, sending the sharpened Stakes it contained spraying in every direction, some of them stabbing Bill in the leg and one in the side making him wince and nearly double over at the shallow stab wounds.Pulling out the Stakes Bill turned to see Joe donning his AMG-78 Power Gauntlet, the larger man clenching his Fist to charge the Gauntlet before charging at Bill who raised his Pistol to fire off a couple more shots, landing them in Joe’s chest before suffering a crushing left hook from the Power Gauntlet directly to the chest, the charge being so great that the impact sent Bill flying out of the water and threw the tree line to smash through the rotting door of a nearby shack and land in a heap on the floor.Gasping and wheezing as he clasped at his chest Bill slowly pulled himself up to sit against the wall, setting his Rifle on the floor before pulling out his Health Kit to tend to his wounds as best he could, stemming the blood flow from the Stake wounds whilst taking painkillers to numb the ache in his chest before pulling out his pack of smokes, thankfully finding one left that wasn’t ruined by the water.Placing the cigarette between his teeth Bill pulled out his lighter and started to spark it to try to get a light from it when he noticed Joe’s shadow being cast over him “hold yer horses, I’ll be with you in a minute” he deadpanned as he finally lit his cigarette, taking a deep drag of it before exhaling and picking up his M16 to cock it “alright, come on then!”With that Joe threw himself at Bill with his Gauntlet ready, Bill in turn raising and firing his M16 point blank into Joe’s body as the Power Gauntlet met his face, the punch having enough force to break the wall behind him causing Bill to fall out way out of it with Joe falling on top of him.A few moments passed before Bill started to move, groaning at his aching jaw as he then shifted to push Joe away “get offa me...heavy bastard…getting too old for this shit” he wheezed as he forced Joe’s corpse off of him, one of his bullets having pierced the larger man's heart killing him instantly before he could land another crushing blow on him.“Bill? Bill! You around here old man! You better not be dead!”.Lifting his head at the sound of Francis’s voice in the distance Bill forced himself to get up, ignoring the ache in his old bones as he got back onto his feet and headed out of the shack, he had to keep going, had to survive, for them.For Zoey.Winner: Bill OverbeckI will say that writing this has me wanting to replay Left4Dead all over again.So why does Bill beat Joe?Well it cannot be argued that both are tough old bastards that easily put men several decades their junior to shame but other than in sheer strength Bill simply has too many advantages over Joe, yes Joe is strong enough to kill a Moulded with his Bare Hands but even with the AMG-78 Power Gauntlet his blows barely compare to that of a Tank and Bill has been shown to walk off attacks from such Special Infected on several occasions and it took three of the huge freaks to finally put him down for good.So with his superhuman durability and access to greater ranged Weaponry it wasn’t long before Bill showed who was the greater old Zombie killer between them was.

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Jill and Claire by arion69
Creature of a Day N256 by etinflation


Not That Rebecca by art-germ
Mature content
Not That Rebecca :iconart-germ:art-germ 23 0
Milla Jovovich By RHENDER ART And.gsm by AndersonGSM Milla Jovovich By RHENDER ART And.gsm :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 38 9 Milla Jovovich as Alice Abernathy by AndersonGSM Milla Jovovich as Alice Abernathy :iconandersongsm:AndersonGSM 36 10 Chris Redfield Roleplay Graphic by vic-tis Chris Redfield Roleplay Graphic :iconvic-tis:vic-tis 0 0 The Doctor (USS Limited Edition) by IvanKing The Doctor (USS Limited Edition) :iconivanking:IvanKing 8 0 First day on the job by IvanKing First day on the job :iconivanking:IvanKing 10 4 Do the Wesker Dab! by Sheenah Do the Wesker Dab! :iconsheenah:Sheenah 35 13 MR.Baker by Aquamarin MR.Baker :iconaquamarin:Aquamarin 33 5 ZOE AND LUCAS by Aquamarin ZOE AND LUCAS :iconaquamarin:Aquamarin 7 0 Jill - Thinking pose by xUmbrellaCo Jill - Thinking pose :iconxumbrellaco:xUmbrellaCo 13 11 Leon S. Kennedy by AlphaWolf209x Leon S. Kennedy :iconalphawolf209x:AlphaWolf209x 14 3 RE: Jill Valentine by Narga-Lifestream RE: Jill Valentine :iconnarga-lifestream:Narga-Lifestream 449 31 Resident Evil VII:biohazard,Leon s kennedy. by peligronico Resident Evil VII:biohazard,Leon s kennedy. :iconpeligronico:peligronico 3 2 With no prey, no hunt by Tahariell With no prey, no hunt :icontahariell:Tahariell 1 0 Jill's Piano Lessons. by CentralRebecky Jill's Piano Lessons. :iconcentralrebecky:CentralRebecky 38 9




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Why hello there and welcome to the ResidentEvil-Fans group :'D
If you would like to join, just hit the join our group button. If there is any problem please tell us and we will try to fix it.
We allow any Resident Evil artwork, but we have some rules:

:bulletblue: Be nice! No bullying,threatening,or anything like that.If you start any drama, I will be as fair as possible when it comes to this, but if it gets out of control you will be removed.

:bulletgreen: We understand that with an M-Rated videogame, some of your pictures are gonna be mature. If so, use a filter.

:bulletred: NO STEALING!!! We don't care if you saw the best picture in the world on photobucket, if its not yours, don't post it. If we catch you stealing artwork and not giving credit you WILL be removed from the group.

:bulletpurple: Do NOT submit into the featured folder! That is reserved for art that we think should be featured. Submit into the right folder. If you have a problem, once again, ask us!

:bulletpink: You cannot upload more than 10 deviations a day. Its just because there are so many people in this group, and when there's about 50 messages to go through, it gets kinda annoying.

:bulletyellow: Writing is considered art, so it is definitively welcome, make sure to put it in the fan fiction folder ;P

:bulletorange: No hate art.

Well that's it for now, but don't forget the most important rule, HAVE FUN!
How did I not notice that we have over 1,000 members? Thanks you guys! I really hope you all enjoy the group!
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