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Snivy - Tsutaja Shimeji



20/01/2018 Update: The Dropbox 404 error has been fixed and has been relinked appropriately. Please let me know if you still encounter problems. The steps should be the same.

Windows 11 version here
Download the updated full English Snivy/Tsutaja shimeji here.
2) Open it up with WINRAR/WINZIP/7zip/another extractor and extract the files.
3) Open up the .exe file. If that doesn't work, try the .jar file instead.
4) You should have a screen popping up asking which Shimeji you'd like to use. Select 'Tsutaja' and press 'Use Selected'.
5) A Snivy should drop down. It behaves and duplicates on its own. Drag it around or right-click it to make it perform a selected action.
6) Have fun!
Try holding it in place for a few seconds or have your internet browser open and not fullscreen sized!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is an outdated version of the Snivy Shimeji program, and might not work as well with the most recent systems. This more recent version has a lot of added functions and fixed animations, but there currently is no shiny colored version of this update. I originally was planning to add a lot more functions, but they weren't necessary at all. I may post this newer version officially one day, but for now, try out the improved version here.

:star:This is the original version. For the shiny version, go here:… :star:

... That poll about Snivy was a serious hint, wasn't it?
This is what I've been doing the whole weekend.
It reminds me so much of Maple5tory, for some reason.

Made this after seeing :icondrill-tail:'s shimeji (… )

Ofcourse, there are a few questions.

What's a shimeji?

It's a little character that runs around your screen with no real meaning, started out as the little guy you see as the site, which many edited later.

What can Tsutaja Shimeji do?

It can do various things, for example:
- Scale walls, ceilings, your MSN or your Internet Explorer!
- Eat Pecha berries!
- Crawl like a real snake!
- Coil around!
- Throw away IE/MSN screens that aren't full screen!
( Don't worry, there's an option that returns them. )
- Making duplicates of itself!
( So don't leave it alone too long! There's a swarm of them if you do so! )
- And alot more things!

How do I get this Snivy and how do I activate it?

1) Hit the download button to the right.
2) Open it up with WINRAR/WINZIP and extract them.
3) Open up the .exe file! (The box with the little head in it)
4) Have fun!

There are too many of them! How do I make them disappear?!

Right-click the Tsutaja, and the only option it will give you is the one that makes it disappear.

If you need to remove alot of them, you need to right-click the little leaf on your toolbar. You should have 5 options:

-Spawn Tsutaja
-Call Tsutaja
-Remove all but one Tsutaja
-Return IE/MSN screens!

If you want to make your own Shimeji, just edit the images that are in the IMG map ( All the sprites are there ). But it sure isn't easy to do!

If there are any errors, please note me about it.
( Don't worry about reflected things, it depends on the direction Snivy's facing. )

Thank drill-tail for this as well, she motivated me to start this. ( And someone else told her as well. )

EDIT:I'm going to transfer this to the V1.03 version of the Shimeji, and I'll be submitting this as a new deviation along with the shiny version. This upgrade will make Snivy have new, fun actions, translated commands along with a list that shows the actions that Snivy is capable of, upgraded actions ( Eating, Snoozing, added blinking, etc ) and fixed errors that looked incorrect).

Snivy / Tsutaja ( Pokémon ) © Nintendo / GameFreak
Shimeji © Original shimeji site ( )
© 2010 - 2023 Reshidove
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This is a reference to alan becker's 5 stickfigures. lol