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ayy it's done

I really suck at keyblade designs but this turned out decent I think?? I kinda like it...

also yes the villain has a butterfly themed keyblade i have my reasons for that

I might give him out publicly at some point since Kohaku is also publicly out and it just makes sense since he is the big antagonist for her story.
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Love this keyblade theme.

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Deimos the dark lord.

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You did awesome work on this !!! (^~^)

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Yeah, the keyblades could be difficult to design, But you did a very good work. :heart:

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I absolutely love this keyblade design omg

Butterfly symbolism is my favoritee

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Amazing, Senpai! * ^ *

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Eyy that's a pretty cool looking keyblade

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How did you do your own Keyblade design in mmd? I'm working on my own OCs, and most of them have custom keyblade.

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I used Metasequoia to make it.

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