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OC Adoptable 12 (CLOSED)

Winner is :iconroxasvensoravanitas:!

I'm working on more adopts so there will always be more to win

Rules for if you win:
- You can edit the character all you want
- Share the model with whoever you want
- Take parts from it
- Transfer ownership to someone else
- You only have to credit me once
I made this one in like, October and she's been sitting in my ever since.
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can i Join ? she look so cute

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ooooo I like this design i'm interested never entered one of these before any rules i need to know besides what is stated to enter?

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Nope. No other rules

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I'd like to try!

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Sure I'll give it a go!
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I'm not optimistic about my chances, but I will give it a try.

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I'll give it a try :>

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I would love to join :3 good luck to who wins!

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I'm giving a shot and throwing my hat in for this adoptable.

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She looks adorable. I guess I like to try this raffle. :)

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