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KH3/MoM Kairi DOWNLOAD + base

Update: fixed glitch and added a version without the keyblade

Rules for the default model:
- You can edit and give out the edits, as long as they're MAJOR edits. Don't "make it higher poly and improve the textures" I want REAL edits, not thinly veiled model stealing.
- You can take parts and textures.
- Credit me when used so I can see what you made

Rules for the base model:
- Do NOT change the character. Don't remove the hair and make it a blank base. It stays as Kairi.
- You can give out the models made with the base.
- You just need to credit me once so I can see your model.

The physics aren't as good as the MoM Sora model, but they're okay
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great work! I did notice a strange glitch with her hair in mmd though. It has this long strand for whatever reason that goes through her back. it's somewhat noticeable in the regular version, but it's much more noticeable in the base.