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KH3 Kohaku DL

Bullet; Blue Update: Fixed an issue with the keyblade texture and included her new keyblade. The Ray of Hope keyblade has slots for makaihana975's materia

: Other outfits + base are on an ask-for-DL basis.


- Do NOT take parts or textures
- Do NOT use for VRchat
- Do NOT claim my character as your own
- Whatever you use her for just credit me so I can see

If any of these rules are broken, I'm gonna take it down (obviously). I've been like, REALLY hesitant to upload models to DA because people just take parts from my models. Like, that's ALL they do. I feel like my time is wasted making a whole model, which is why I've been posting mostly parts for awhile.
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Absolutely Astounding! Rikka Takanashi (Excited) [V1]

DarkShadowNin's avatar

Wow, I can see you've improved her design for her KH3 outing! She looks really good!

Koraxes765's avatar

She looks wonderful!

BritishMindslave's avatar

Yo I absolutely love her and her design. I'm just saying. Like, absolutely love. Gosh.

zefyr-exe's avatar

hm the /tex folder in the keyblade folder seems to be missing? suprised no one's pointed that out yet ;(

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NoobieCYPRESS's avatar

...Did Kohaku ALWAYS have two different colored eyes? I'm not sure if I recall that, or maybe my memory is just bad.

Reseliee's avatar

One of her eyes turns gold after she defeats and re-merges with Excorsene

NoobieCYPRESS's avatar

Oh, the Kohaku and Excorsene merged into one being!?

Reseliee's avatar

Kinda. Excorsene has originally part of Kohaku, and by the time Kohaku re-joined them, Excorsene was her own person, which is why her eye changes. Kohaku did this because Excorsene had to be stopped, but she couldn't bring herself to kill her completely.

NoobieCYPRESS's avatar

Did she have some kind of attachment to Excorsene? Is that why she couldn't bring herself to kill Excorsene? Or is there another reason?

Reseliee's avatar

Yes, she originally thought of Excorsene as a sister, but the more Excorsene did wrong, the more Kohaku realized she had to stop her no matter what. But she wasn't able to kill her.

NoobieCYPRESS's avatar

I gotcha now. Couldn't have been an easy decision. But Excorsene sorta still lives on, doesn't she? Inside of Kohaku?

Reseliee's avatar

Yeah. Kohaku sometimes hears Excorsene talking in her head. (I'm considering making Excorsene come back somehow since that would be a nicer ending)

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cowgirlspy's avatar

i've loved Kohaku and her story since i started mmd and deviantart. I'd love to have the other outfits to show her off proper. I won't redistribute her or her parts or edit her

Reseliee's avatar

Sure. I'll send a note ^^

cowgirlspy's avatar

Thank you lovely!

Calutenma's avatar

She is such a sweet character and has an awesome and unique design ! You really did well with her ! :heart:

XxSeaMaidenxX's avatar

Awww I missed Kohaku! She's still one of my favorite OCs! Having seen her development in design and your improvement in making models... it's amazing.

I'm happy to see an update version of her :love: Her design is absolutely beautiful.

I definitely would love her other outfits and base if it's ok. But of course if not, I understand.

I understand about not really being too happy when all people do is take parts. Your works are gorgeous and deserve appreciation. <3

Reseliee's avatar

Sure, I'll send you a note ^^

XxSeaMaidenxX's avatar

Thank you so much :glomp:

Chiyubelle's avatar

I need to make more stuff with her <3

Clark13j's avatar

Thank you for using the keyblade I made.

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