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Deimos (Bio)

Yeah so... Some of his bio contains things that link to other OCs of mine that I need to revise (Kohaku's bio, Viris' bio, a few characters I need to re-make, ect.) So if anything seems vague/weird it's because it's going to be elaborated on later through other OCs. And if the bio is crap... Well that's because I suck at making bios. I had an idea and built a half-assed story around it. Bio might change if I think of something better.
Name: Deimos
Alias: Keeper of the Keys
Homeworld: (Missing)
Weapons: Multiple keyblades, the Husks (See "other info")
Personality: Deimos is a determined man who has a goal, and will get rid of anyone in his way. To him, the ends justify the means. He also respects nature and has a habit of sometimes keeping small animals for a short time before letting them go.

Past: Deimos grew up during the early part of the Keyblade war, many, many years before the events of KHUX. He was non-violent in his earlier years, and he had wanted to be a gardener. He had no intention of fighting in the war, but was forced to. He hated war, and wanted nothing more than for it to stop.

During an intense battle, Deimos accidently stabbed his opponent in the heart. Instantly regretting this, he tried to stop the man from bleeding out. However, the man's heart accidently ended up in Deimos due to an open would on his hand. Scared at first, Deimos eventually realized that with another heart, he became stronger.

His original plan was to just survive the war, however, realizing that no matter what, there will always be selfish people in the world, he got an idea to end the war himself; If there was no light, there'd be nothing to fight about.

And his idea to end the war started with taking people's hearts. Any time he got the chance, he would take his enemy's heart and put it in his own body via a cut or injury (either already there or self-inflicted). This left him with several scars on his body. In his mind, people would die anyway, so it wasn't bad to take their hearts in their last moments.

One day he got caught by another wielder in the act. She was enraged, and after a short argument, they fought. However, the battle was cut short when the sky went pink and him and his opponent fainted.

When everything cleared, he was in an unfamiliar place. He found out he ended up in a place called Radiant Garden, about a hundred years after the war's end. Although this was ultimately what he wanted, after finding out as much as he could, he was convinced that there would be another war sooner or later. So his plans did not change and he still hunted down keyblade wielders for years.

While in the act of trying to kill a young keyblade wielder, encountered the same female keyblade wielder again, who had also gotten time warped like him. She tried to talk sense into him, but he refused to listen. This time when they fought, he won. But he was severely wounded by a spell the woman cast in her last moments, and ran off before the woman's friend arrived.

He spent years healing from that battle before resuming his hunt, now with a gummi ship to go further. The first world he came across was in bad shape, but that didn't matter to him. He still searched there, and came across Kohaku, a girl who had the same keyblade as the woman who nearly killed him. In a short battle, he tore out a piece of her heart and had gotten access to her memories. He discovered that due to an experiment, her heart was able to regenerate itself as long as there was at least 1 piece left in her. Of course, he was interested in this. For him, she was a potentially unlimited source of power. So, he let her live. With the piece of her heart that he took, he'd easily be able to find her anyway.

Currently he is still looking for keyblade wielders to take hearts from.

Other info:
- When he takes someone's heart, they turn into a "Husk". Husks are blank, humanoid creatures with no faces that he commands. The person's consciousness will sometimes come out and they will have some control (and can talk, despite not having a mouth), but this only lasts a short time.
- If Deimos is wounded in the right spot, someone's heart could be freed and would return to the Husk, making them whole again.
- Once Deimos has taken someone's heart, he has access to their keyblade along with his original one.
- He frequently cuts his left hand to absorb hearts, so he only wears a glove on his right.
- His eyes have always been like that. It's genetic.
- Would protect Kohaku if she was in danger, only because it's in his best interest to keep her alive and rip out pieces of her heart after it regenerates.
TL;DR: Nature loving guy with frog eyes literally rips out people's hearts and puts them into himself for power and thinks that destroying the light will make people stop fighting. Gets time-warped into the future but doesn't change his plan due to stubbornness. Girl who he thinks he can use for power constantly messes up his plans.
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very cool dood c:

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I absolutely love his story. I really strong villain with completely understandable motives!!

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Wishing to end a war, only to become a monster. Nomura, take notes from the fans, they seem to write better villains.

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I'd honestly would love to see him and my boy Vlad fight... XD

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What an interesting character, I mean you really did an excellent job on him !! :heart: we have been blessed with a little cutie , I want to protecc XD Hope that is not strange to say !

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Nice bio! I really like this character's concept. It's interesting in not only he takes people's hearts, but also their Keyblades. He is literally a walking key ring. XD

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