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DH Next Gen - Scorpius x Lily



I finished Deathly Hallows! IT WAS REALLY GOOD. This is Draco's son and Harry's daughter embarking on a little WINTERTIME ROMANCE?? He's in 6th year, she's in 4th. THEY BOTH PLAY QUIDDITCH AND ARE REALLY GOOD AT CHARMS.

Uhh, I don't understand why everyone wants Rose to be with Scorp. I think that's be like, the most boring relationship ever. @ least with Scorp/Lil there'd be CONFLICT! DRAMA! SIBLINGWAR! and comic relief via Harry and James and Al.

btw Scorpius is totally Ravenclaw cuz his dad never told him what he wanted to know and he consequently developed a curiousity complex

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I have conflicting Scorpius ships. I ship him with Lily and Rose. I don't know who to put him with in my headcanon.