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Da da da Daizengar -Karaoke-

By Resak
Oh good lord, I might get in trouble for this. Basically the creation of this relied on many people (I.E the ones in the credits), but I haven't asked their permission to put this online - or even create it. In other words, I might get attacked suddenly by angry people, and if so I'll take it offline.

Needless to say, thanks to each and every one of you for the content of this movie. :salute:


Thanks to my pal Shin Metzen :iconshin-metzen: for reminding me about this. I spent a day making it, then totally forgot. It was going to be an extra in SRW SWF II but I restarted that, and so this can be released now.

Any SRW fan will get this instantly. Please enjoy the work of those who helped create this song. :D


Note as of 2007:
This was made and uploaded many moons before the US localization of the SRT Original Generation games, a time when not many of us were sure what the characters' names were meant to be. In any case, please forgive the incorrect naming of the characters; you know who they are anyway! :D

I would go back and edit, but there was an incident and Ingram now has the .fla files.
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LoneGuy121's avatar
LOL this is awesome. Fits so well.
Beldarius's avatar
...All right. If we can't get Sänger and Rätsel themselves to sing this, just send the lyrics to Hironobu Kageyama and Masaaki Endo and ask them (since Masaaki sang the original).
carbonunderground2's avatar
Was Sanger just crying after screaming CHESTO?!
Raisen-kun's avatar
i'm the only one who heard Ono and Inada singing this in epic way???? XD
Beldarius's avatar
The only thing is neither of them can actually sing. XD I've heard both. (Granted, Furusawa/Ingram is worse.)
Raisen-kun's avatar
xD damm! but at least their voice still awesome in the badass departament
ValorTheFox's avatar
im the only one who hear the voices in her mind?
HalAbaren's avatar
I kinda want to actually sing both english and japanese versions with some buddys
Kurogane-Ookami's avatar
Best theme ever mixed with best duo ever. I salute to this epicness over and over!
It's much fun to actually sing this to too. X3
CollateralBraindamag's avatar
I-I sang along.

Is this bad?

Gai's probably wondering what all the noise is all about. XD
shahada's avatar
AWESOME!!! YOU MADE A SRW song with Gaogaigar music! AWESOME! LOVED IT!!!
SuperZoider's avatar
You have just won teh internetz.
Yu-Gi-Oh-Lover's avatar
as soon as the 4th DGG gets unveiled, make a second set with it and DaiRaiOh
H-Guderian's avatar
My evening is made complete. I may have to encourage my friends to get together to do this anthem...
mwong04's avatar
I tip my hat for you fine sir, go watch the new Super Robot Wars anime
Kraurion's avatar
I absolutely LOVE this. I try this song three days a week if i am bored XD
Sanatukai's avatar all we need us both engish and jap singers to do this song!
Darkof's avatar
Whatever Sanger does, it's always awesome!
xFrEAKk's avatar
Oh my, instant love! Lol Elzam --- oops I mean Retsel is amazing, xD ♥.

Poor Ingram... xD
painmongr539's avatar
wait wheres the trombe override? xD
carbonunderground2's avatar
I was waiting for it too... too bad... XD
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