Have you ever done Unexpected Artwork?

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Over the last five or six years, when I've rented a book from the library that I've really liked, I've drawn a simple, b&w bookmark for it, and left it in the book.  

There's not a lot of them out there, but at least five or six now.  I have no idea who will see them next, or what happens to them.  I usually add a note on the back to please leave them in the book, but who knows?  

It's just fun for me.  Plus I have a nice, themed bookmark while I read it, til I return it.

So, have any of you ever done this?  No?  Inspired to do it?  

Best wishes!
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dinaminzer's avatar
This Journal remembered me :pat:
the bookmark what gave me a friend years ago, thank! :D
dinaminzer's avatar
And i'll try to do that. :nod:
resa-challender's avatar
It's fun.
I always wonder what the person who finds my bookmarks think. :)
Leyna-art's avatar
I haven't done anything like this, but it sounds like a lovely idea.
resa-challender's avatar
If you ever do, the key is to keep it very quick and simple. I generally use a Sharpie and a Red Rose Tea insert.

Which, I only mention because if you tried to do YOUR NORMAL artwork on the thing ... it'd take hours! Be lovely, but yikes!
Leyna-art's avatar
Excellent advice - but first I'd have to wrap my brain around the concept of quick and simple art :D
Arcalian's avatar
Sounds cool. Can't draw to save my life. Sometimes a story idea grabs me, but I can't exactly leave it in a library, hah.
resa-challender's avatar
Heh. There is that.
bogmonster's avatar
what a great idea!
resa-challender's avatar
I've collected a bunch of Red Rose Tea inserts -- perfect size for bookmarks. I'm just going to have to rent another book, and get to it.
DonSimpson's avatar
I don't know if I,ll do this, but I really like the idea.
resa-challender's avatar
It's fun. I just do something really fast. Rarely do I take more than a half hour on them.
Caraphae's avatar
Oh my gosh, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Now I am indeed thus inspired. If only I ever went to the library anymore (housebound, mostly:P) I would be filling those tomes up!XD
resa-challender's avatar
It started because I was enjoying one book so much, it seemed shame to be using a strip of paper for the bookmark. So I made a proper one for it.

Then I just started leaving them inside the book, hidden in the first few pages.

The key is to do something quick but fun. I rarely take more than a half hour on them.
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