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favabeans TeriS Wood2021


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favabeans TeriS Wood2021


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Strange vs Fate Commission Pencil

Pencils: The Bones of Finished Artworks

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Working on next Rowrbrazzle submission

Furry Fandom

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PowerGirl #2 Teri Sue Wood

Fan ARt

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favabeans TeriS Wood2021


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My Take on the US Primaries ...


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Gray Toned, WANDERING STAR Omnibus Coverart

Comic Book Work

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Darklight Flier

Fantasy and Magic

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Yet Untitled 1 by Resa

Twilight Art

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Banichi Bookmark by Resa '08

My Book Marks

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Yet Untitled 11 by Resa

Yet Untitled

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Adventures of Nancy Girl! 0007

Adventures of Nancy Girl

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Snake Charmer - Clip from Pg2


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UNITY, Page 5 of 7


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Out of the Corner of My Eye

Out of the Corner of My Eye (30 Minute Writing Exercise) It began on a rainy day in June.  The world all a flutter with the sudden cooling of the warm day, and the fading of Spring.  The birds, particularly, seemed delighted.  The water soaking into the soil would surely bring up the worms, and a free and easy meal would soon be theirs. I stood, watching the Payne’s Gray world around me, moderately sheltered under the old Maple at the edge of our yard. I pulled up the collar of my jacket against the occasional wet blast from the branches above.  The tree was mischievous in a way, gathering rain in leafy nooks til they were full and

Misc Art Stories

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Carmilla (web series) WIP but close to done


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