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June 22, 2012
man and a cat by ~rerekina
Featured by mzzyarts
Suggested by effulgent-smile
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man and a cat

"Человек и кошка плачут у окошка
Серый дождик каплет прямо на стекло."

Песня не про них, и не про то. Но каждый раз, когда я мысленно возвращаюсь к Даниэлю и Малышке, именно она звучит в моей голове.
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It's been a long while since this was posted but I remember seeing it in 2012 when it got a DD and back then my english was too poor to allow me to comment
But the other day I found myself thinking of it, some 6 years later, and I am glad that I found it again ^^
It is so very soft and the atmosphere is so cozy/casual, it really stuck with me though I forgot how detailed it was! Love it
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Hope the cat isn't gonna ruin the nice dream he's probally having...
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this has been featured in my journal! [link] :)
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приятная цветовая гамма, приятная работа
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Somehow reminds me of beauty and the beast. Beautiful
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The detail is amazing, and the picture is adorable.
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very nice soft use of colors
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Отличная работа! :)
So cute...
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Kakoy krasivy risunok :D Kiska prosto prelest i on smotritsya schastilivim :)
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в каком редакторе ты такую няшность нарисовала?:3
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waaaaah!!! amazing drawing!!!
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как трогательно..
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Wow, stant's just stunning ! I fell in love with every detail! Especially curtains ♥
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Haha It's 'Marie' from 'Aristocats', yes? !!!
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