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This is a concept that I like to call a JAPANIMERICAMALGAM, an oh-so-very-much clever portmanteau of Japan, Animé, America and Amalgam. The idea is to make a fusion of one american cartoon character to one Japanese animé character, in order to create a new one.

This is my second creation, a mix of Yogi Bear and Yu-Gi-Oh.



Awww, crappo. Whenever I think I have an original idea... Then again, how original can one be when he's drawing other people's characters?

Anyhow, here some more Yogi Bear / Yu-Gi-Oh amalgams:

Yugi Bear by *wonchop [link]
Yogi-Oh by ~ivanev [link]
Yogi-Oh by *GhislainWildCat[link]
Yo-Gi-Oh by ~GarbageDraw [link]
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DallasNetworkHobbyist General Artist
The best thing I have seen on DeviantArt
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Uh no offense but the cartoon show MAD ripped you off.
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wow i like your arts, would u mind if i use some of them?
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Go ahead.  But if it's for merchandising, I want samples ;)
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huckandlil Interface Designer
yogi bear yu gi oh
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My image was submitted on December 14, 2007.  Mad TV's Yu-Gi-Bear aired September 20, 2010.

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Actually that sketch premiered on June 6 2011.
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Uranimated18 Traditional Artist
I saw this on an episode of MAD.
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Its a Japanese/American cartoon mash-up. 
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Lol! Nice job on that. Never would have thought of it myself
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I remember that from the show MAD. :laughing:
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[link] Here it is if you want to see it.
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snivy08Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very nice!
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i think MAD stole your idea....
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Erikjr21Hobbyist General Artist
cool presentation
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Maybe he'll play a spell card that gets picnic baskets for him
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que buena idea
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This is awesomeness he summons booboo to the field.
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AURA116Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I summon pic-a -nic basket!!!
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