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Popeye the Sailor Moon

(To the tune of "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man")

"Fight'n evil by moon light,
'cause I eat Spinach Lite,
I'm Popeye the Sailor Moon.
Toot! Toot!"

Let me present to you a concept that I like to call a JAPANIMERICAMALGAM, an oh-so-very-much clever portmanteau of Japan, Animé, America and Amalgam. The idea is to make a fusion of one american cartoon character to one Japanese animé character, in order to create a new one.

Of course, the more these two characters have in common, the smoother the fusion. In this case, Popeye and Sailor Moon both wear sailor uniforms, and, well, one is called Sailor Moon, the other is a Sailor Man.

Yeah, I made Bluto into Malachite. Scary!


EDIT, 12 house later:

Awww, crappo!

It would seem that I am not the first one to do a pic of Popeye the Sailor Moon

The Shadowed Angel [link]
Mysterious Swordman [link]
SeigneurRuei [link]
PaintdBlack13 [link]
Estranged-illusions [link]

It.s hard to be truly original these days.
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Blutio probably made fun of Popeye wearing a dress.
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Lmao! Glad I wasn't the only one who saw this connection. Great job!
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Bruno as Kunzite
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"I win love by daylight and fight evil by moonlight...I'm Popeye the Sailor Scout! *toot toot*"
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For some reason this makes me think of a Jackie Chan movie...City Hunter...where he and the other guy he was fighting became Street Fighter characters.... 
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I was REALLY hoping someone would do this XD
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Heh, this is very good.
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If it helps, you're the first one to portray Bluto as Malachite instead of Queen Beryl.
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wkwkwk... :D (LOL!)

I still remember Popeye. I'm used to watch it frequently.
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:rofl: :XD: i wondered when someone was going to do this :lol: good job :) 
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"I'M POPEYE THE SAILOR MOON! (toot-toot)!" :music:
i honestly want to know what the hell he's eating now.... oh wait no don't tell me i've heard enough fairy jokes today.
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they did get rid of don't ask don't tell so that's fine popeye
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That is funny yet kinda frightening haha
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Ole' Sailors' really let herself go.
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this is frecking hilarious XD
This is awesome.
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"An' now fer me titillatin' transfermation sequence, ah guh guh guh guh guh!"
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Did a quick image search of Popeye and when I saw this I just couldn't stop laughing! Great picture man!
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